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Bulbbul (2020)

Drama | Mystery 
Rayting:   6.5/10 9529 votes
Country: India
Language: English

A man returns home after years to find his brother's child bride now grown up and abandoned, and his ancestral village plagued by mysterious deaths.

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Fella_shibby 27 June 2020

Set during the colonial regime, men from a village who has history of female abuse turns up dead. An aristocratic man returns from London to the same village. One of his elder bro was also found dead like the rest of the men, his another elder bro moved outta the family's ancestral mansion. People claim that the murders r done by a witch as inverted footprints r found near the crime scenes.

I liked the film as it has the same vibe of The Hound of the Baskervilles. It has a creepy forest filled with year round fog, a chariot, old ruins, big mansion, swamps, etc. The climax is predictable but the story is thought provoking n very relevant. This ain't ur typical Bollywood film with the songs n unnecessary subplots. The drawback is the red color n lack of suspicious characters. Since it is a period film n a gothic horror story based on a folklore legend, the over indulgence of too much color ruined the feel of the movie. Everything is colorful from the peacock feathers to the paan leaf. They shud have aimed at the black n white cinematography for the atmosphere n tone.

One q. Where exactly did the elder bro moved out n why the hell did he come back later n why sleep alone in that mansion.

namannavineet 24 June 2020

7.5/10 Bulbbul is a unique story circling around a girl who's married to an older man and goes to a Haveli. 20 years later, she's a respected Thakurayan but what follows after is a well written but predictable mystery. The movie is great in all aspects. I loved the performances of all the actors. But I think the character of bulbbul could have been developed better and there'd have been twists in the tale.

Nevertheless a great watch!!!

sumitkar-03417 24 June 2020

This movie is what Netflix needed and infact what Our movie industry needed. Its intense, gripping and has a sense of purpose. The actors portray their roles exceedingly well. Mainstream movie industry in Bombay should take a cue from this.

sharonmahapure 24 June 2020

Loved the movie. Phoenomenal job by the whole cast especially the lead actress Tripti Dimra playing Bulbul. The story suits the modern era as instead of showing jump scares n gory faces, it actually shows the anguished soul and the pain behind it. It also sheds light on Child marriage, Gender inequality, Patriarchal society & dirty secrets in rich families. Watch it if you're interested in a good story, great acting, and perfect visuals. But if you just wanna see a typical horror movie, this is not the one for you. I'm taking 1 star off coz I was kinda disappointed by the ending. Other than that it's a well made movie.

Special mention to Rahul Bose, Paoli Dam, Parambratha, Avinash Tiwary for the fantastic & a very realistic portrayal of their respective characters. Kudos to writer for writing this brilliant story and last but not least congratulations to Anushka Sharma for bringing another gem under her production.

All in all it's a great one time watch movie.

pritambag 25 June 2020

A hard hitting social issue highlighted with the help of a folklore that too set in the early years of Bengal. One thing I must appreciate is Anushka Sharma's initiative as a producer to help in the making of such a content. Secondly, the narrative itself is much much realistic and matured. But it more over belongs to a revenge drama genre than a horror film. The writing of the film is remarkably done. Each and every character have their own shades to show and own ideology to follow. The performances were gold be it Rahul Bose in dual character, or Paoli Dam as a catalyst in every situation. But the showsteller was Tripti Dimri. Yes, there some issues with the screenplay and background score. But overall the film deals with some realistic approach of feminism. I personally loved the idea and will highly highly recommend it. Its a must watch.

doctorshahab-92283 24 June 2020

#Bulbbul(Netflix) is like everyfairytale needs a good old fashioned villain+incomplete story makes the story complete , that's how your journey started,go for it it will worth your time ,I lived it🙃

premmgor 25 June 2020

Bulbbul is a multilayered Story with not so linear but powerful storyline. Cinematography, CGI, and color palette (mostly Red) are spectacular. Performances are at Best; Tripti Dimri is Impactful and Gorgeous as always. And her chemistry with amazing Avinash Tiwari is the Highlight of the film. There are no Unexpected Jump scares or loud BGM but story tackles with issues like Child marriage, Gender Inequality, Sexual Assaults, Domestic Violence which make the tale itself scaring. it's my kinda horror. Highly recommended! ❤

shettymanish-88810 24 June 2020

I really don't understand why some people have rated it so bad, amazing performance by almost the entire cast, for a change it was nice to see Paoli been overshadowed, matching visuals and tempo keeps you latched on to your screen

babaisudipta 24 June 2020

First the cinematography is mind blowing. The location, color, costume, great set design creates a great visual experience.

The ensemble cast really did a great job. Rahul Bose and Avinash Tiwari they are brilliant. And most importantly Tripti Dimri and Paoli Dam... leaves great impression on the audience. Specially Tripti Dimri, after her Laila Majnu, she did a spectacular job. Her smile thats what explain a chudail(don't compare it with the storyline).

As the trailer shows it as a horror movie, but the movie is something like mystery crime, but its predictable, main drawback of the movie. Hope someone haven't watched the trailer before watching the movie. The story is dark, the secret of somewhat a society and its not everyone's cup of tea.

But still the story is fresh and it will engage the audience for 1hour and 34mins. Great effort by everyone related.👍

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