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Cadaver (2020)

Drama | Thriller 
IMDB Rayting:   5.1/10
Country: Norway
Language: English

In the starving aftermath of a nuclear disaster, a family of three attends a charitable event at a hotel, which takes a dark turn when people start to disappear.

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bjarnidk 24 October 2020

Acting, cinematography, effects and everything else was pretty good. What absolutely slaughtered this movie was the writing. This movie is so full of plot holes, obviously bad decisions by characters, badly scripted characters and a terribly predictable plot.

laudeus 27 October 2020

Leo (Leonora), her daughter Alice, and her husband Jacob are struggling to survive in a postapocalyptic city, when a man peddling a dream too good to be true cons Leo into buying tickets to a theater performance and a hot meal at a luxury hotel. As a former actress, Leo is drawn to the promise of nourishment for her daughter's body and soul, and Jacob reluctantly plays along.

Alice with her big eyes, silky curls and red dress is the epitome of innocence, and Leo admits to a foolish hope for something better for her and for the family - what other choice does she have?

As the dinner theater begins, the emcee warns the guests that whatever they see is an act - and only the golden masks the guests are given will distinguish them from the cast members, who are strewn about the hotel. A couple of lovers stage a dramatic quarrel and lead the audience through the stairs and hallways to the many rooms where the story plays out with a few quick glimpses of sex and violence.

An intriguing start to the plot quickly fizzles with little to no suspense or character development. There is some air of mystery as characters disappear, but it's a crowd disappearing, not people we know, so it's less like a game of cat and mouse and more like turning on the lights in the bathroom and watching cockroaches flee into the walls.

If you're hoping for some good blood and gore, there are a few moments of blades splitting veins, but unfortunately the attempt at getting the viewer to second guess whether it is real or all part of the act leads to special effects so pedestrian that you may ask "does it really matter?"

The film misses the opportunity to leverage the family dynamics of the film - Will their love for each other be strong enough to help them survive?! - by splitting up family members too early, and providing the wrong choices at the wrong times to really give us any empathy or feel torn by their circumstances.

If you somehow hadn't figured out what the real purpose of the dinner theater is, the movie wastes no time in confirming your suspicions, but does throw in a little bit of backstory to explain the motivation of the villain. But like most elements in the film, it's shoved in as if it was the first idea to pop into the writer's head and is given no space to grow. You'll probably nod and say to yourself "oh."

A few tiny glimpses of foreshadowing make their way to the end of the movie - notably Leo's acting background and a moment of comfort she provided to her daughter to ward off scary monsters in the beginning - but it almost seems like an afterthought rather than a critical part of the story, leading more to frustration at how a bit more effort in writing the script would have led to a much more satisfying conclusion.

Perhaps in another ten or twenty years someone will produce a remake that knocks this movie's socks off. I hope they do. Sadly, for a plot and setting that had so many easy opportunities at success, the execution of this drops the ball in almost every way.

lassevea 23 October 2020

As a fan of post apocalyptic stories this should have been a solid film for me, but when taking in to consideration the overall lackluster delivery i am rather disappointed.

A common problem with Norwegian films in my experience and a quite obvious issue with Cadaver, is that the acting was at best average. Apart from Thorbjørn Harr's portrayal of Mathias and Stig Frode Henriksen as Hans the robotically delivered dialogue from the actors gave the impression that they were merely reading the script in stead of actually performing.

The story itself is rather solid, but if you have any experience with post apocalyptic films, then you don't have to get far before figuring out what "the big secret" is. So i wouldn't recommend going in with an expectation of being surprised by any plottwists.

leonidasstathopoulos 5 November 2020

Not bad Don't wait to see a horror masterpiece... Such is so hard to find in our days It has an easy going plot, some surprising moment, without making any difference to the over production of only by the name calling horror movies

Pairic 22 October 2020

Cadaver: The aftermath of a nuclear disaster in Norway, likely war. Things are bleak food is short, the city looks bombed out, there's a const gloomy fog/mist. A strange man arrives offering people food and entertainment in a local hotel. People are fed and an interactive theatre ensues. That's when reality becomes difficult to separate from the performance. People start to disappear, strange things happen. Some really horrific scenes as what is really going on becomes all too obvious. Not a totally original story but the execution gives it a fresh flavour. Some heavy handed allegories though and the running time could have been pruned. Once again a horror film which might have worked better as an episode of The Twilight Zone. Written and Directed by Jarand Herdal in his feature debut. On Netflix. 6/10.

mjsreg 29 October 2020

I think this movie is one you will love or not. This isn't a slasher screaming teen movie - it takes watching and some ability to think a little.

The unusual story lends itself to the moody atmosphere of the production, with characters - excellently portrayed by the actors - that really suck you in to their world.

Well worth seeing.

fmaz008 26 October 2020

What a boring and predictable movie. The main characters are absolute idiots. And beyond the terrible scenario, the actors are just quite bad.

Skip this disaster of a movie.

jarlebf 26 October 2020

Im sad beeing Norwegian watching this shait. Dont Waste your time ! Acting is cringeworthy, plot is just predictable and boring.

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