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Capone (2020)

Biography | Drama 
Rayting:   4.7/10
Country: Canada | USA
Language: English

The 47 year old Al Capone, after 10 years in prison, starts suffering from dementia and comes to be haunted by his violent past.

Director: Josh Trank Writer:

Stars: Tom Hardy, Linda Cardellini and Matt Dillon

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User Reviews

matt-joseph-hopkins 12 May 2020

Can Tom Hardy just finish season 2 of Taboo already? This is a waste of his time and talent.

ripleyspussy 17 May 2020

I admired the film more than I enjoyed it, but it kept my interest throughout despite being a bit of slog at times. It's fascinating. The title 'Capone' invokes the expectation that this was a biopic of the famous gangster, but this isn't that at all. This is something very different, and very deliberately so, but due to the title it's going to confuse and disappoint most people (which is why Trank hated that he had to change it from the original title 'Fonzo' for marketing reasons). There's hardly a reference for this kind of film; it's not a traditional narrative in any sense.

What I keep thinking about is how even most gangster films who pretend to de-glamorize criminals and their lifestyle fail; it's the same problem with the "anti-" war movie that still depicts a rousing, exciting adventure next to the misery and the atrocities and thus defeats its own purpose. Rare is the war or gangster film that actually achieves to show the underlying emptiness; the ugly, banal, vulgar and sad reality that ultimately is what most lives of violence lead towards until the haunting memories are the only thing that remains.

The reason for that is obvious: nobody would watch that kind of film because it would be too bleak. But 'Capone' manages that rare feat: it's bleak - but not bleak enough to turn you off, and it's even often entertaining (in terms of its performances, the fantastic score, the beautiful cinematography). But even though this probably wasn't the film's intention, it still manages to be the ultimate deconstruction of the gangster as an "icon" - more so even than Scorsese's 'Irishman' (though it's nowhere near as good a film).

I liked Capone; it's weird (and I guess you shouldn't watch it unless you like profoundly weird little arthouse films) but this is definitely not a badly made film. I hope Trank continues on this path and makes more strange, personal films - although perhaps of the kind that are a little more accessible.

Lefteris-Anagnostopoulos 12 May 2020

I love gangster movies and I am a big fan of Tom Hardy, ok? So I had every reason in the universe to anticipate this movie. Aaand as you can see from my rating I didn't like it. Main reason? It was boring! It was aimless and boring!

I 'm only writing this review to praise Tom Hardy who (as per usual) gave his 100% and disappeared in the role of Capone. He's the brightest star in a pile of... well, you get it.

Check this movie for his performance if you have patience. If not... I don't know... go watch Boardwalk Empire? \_(0.0)_/

neverends 12 May 2020

Beautifully shot movie. That's the only plus. Wasted cast. Terrible script. Incoherent and slow as all hell.

pedroborges-90881 20 May 2020

Tom Hardy gives a good performance even with his voice been strange, but putting the fact that the character is suffering from dementia and i don't know Al Capone real voice, i can forgive the voice thing. If you ever saw a person with dementia or a similar disease you known that they don't sound normally.

Linda Cardellini also gives a good performance showing how much she is suffering whatching her husband going through all that and the weight she is carrying to stand there for him.

There are also some good sequences that makes you go deep into the insanity of Capone's mind, which is also congratulation to Hardy, but the rest of the history and characters are very, very empty.

Only good acting is not gonna make a good movie.

JHeez15 17 May 2020

If you watched the trailer, you knew going in that this film wasn't going to profile the heyday of Al Capone, but rather his cognitive decline at the end of this life. I am not sure if this is indicative of our times that people can't sit through a movie without all of the bells and whistles, but I thought this was a phenomenal portrayal of what dementia looks like. It just goes to show you that even the wealthy are just human and suffer like anyone else. I recommend this movie to everyone. It is not a gangster film but a portrayal of a violent criminal whose dementia haunts him.

waynegavin1 16 May 2020

BAD reviews here are not justified & must be based on the expectancy of a GANGSTER epic...this IS NOT a Prohibition era TOMMY GUN wielding SUICIDE DOOR swinging gangster movie so do not expect this...instead remember what you know about CAPONE from movies,books,documentaries or whatever and how it stops when he is defeated by the pen...then watch this to understand the aftermath and deconstruction of the mind of the worlds most notorious criminal.CAPONE is played brilliantly by TOM HARDY who never disappoints as we see the haunting of an insane mind projected through visions & illusions emotionally torturing the loved ones around him...on occasion when you try to look into the window of the soul you find yourself asking yourself - are you in there AL ? - and in a mirror scene CAPONE sees himself in his prime & I thought to myself WOW I would really love to see a movie with that AL ...this is an emotional drama with a mans mind being stripped away with every thought he processes & the movie metaphorically mirrors this through loss of possessions...the mind is powerful & when you dont have control of it dangerous it becomes especially in this case....WATCH IT FOR WHAT IT IS.

karamolegos_george 17 May 2020

If you are expecting shootings and Godfather alike you are watching the wrong movie and unfortunately people don't even read what this movie was about hence the low rating.The movie is esoteric.Is about his entrapment in his own mind and about the straggling with his own demons of the past.Hardy once again is just ridiculously amazing.

allanclarke 13 May 2020

Such a poor film - that's about all I can muster to describe this waste of time.

arranwilburt 13 May 2020

Those of you expecting a violent gangster flick or The Untouchables 2 don't bother you will be disappointed, if you want to see a dark grim tale about the last 12 months in Capone's life that doesn't pull any punches then this is a very rewarding film. Incredible performance from Hardy in a film that is more about declining mental health that gangster shoot outs.

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