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Captain Marvel (2019)

Action | SciFi 
Rayting:   7.0/10 454334 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe's most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.

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benjaminbminnich 30 June 2019

I have scrolled through 4 pages of 1 star reviews but IMDB has this movie at 7 out of 10 stars. This movie is the single worst marvel movie ever made. Terrible plot, lifeless hero, and garbage dialogue. We get it Hollywood you want a film and actress like this to be successful but the simple fact that your politics don't jive with people who just want entertainment otherwis show this film on CNN and not a theater.

Save your time and money and wait till End Game.

mtlabfall 25 March 2019

This film

  • ruins MCU continuity
  • fails to inspire a single goosebump
  • bores
  • exasperates
  • is far too glib
  • tries too hard to be a feminist PSA (*show*, don't preach plz)
  • has a horribly miscast lead hero who is also poorly written
  • made me groan when Nick Fury's eye injury was revealed
  • shows a ridiculously happy-go-lucky Nick Fury that doesn't mesh with his MCU personality AT ALL
  • is possibly the worst MCU film (Ant Man and the Wasp anyone?)
  • doesn't deserve a 7 on IMDB (especially if Wonder Woman, a far superior film, is only .4 ahead)
  • can and should be criticized without political insinuations (i.e, I want female superhero films, just not crappy ones like this).
  • has mediocre at best fight scenes
  • has a sidekick character that - given the circumstances - makes an insanely poor decision to "come along"
  • has a weak character arc, the hero doesn't struggle enough to discover her powers and then has totally OP powers and THEN doesn't fully use them against a certain person (who won't be named, Spoilers)
  • deflated the possibility of having Skrulls as villains for upcoming films
  • made me revise my opinion of Brie Larson as a good actress
  • is regrettably diminishing my interest in the next Avengers movie
  • is regrettably making me wonder if this movie is what we'll look back on and say "Marvel jumped the shark"

duongvietlinh 7 May 2019

Captain marvel doesn't have any impact in the Endgame movie. With or without her it won't change a bit. So... And it's not a good movie anyway.

deztron 7 March 2019

I've liked Brie Larson in other films, but she showed ZERO range in this. When your main character in a superhero movie is unwatchable, you already have a problem. In addition, Captain Marvel has no weaknesses, which kills the tension immediately. There is no point at which you feel she is in any danger of losing, or any danger at all for that matter.

It's an OK origin story, but it makes no sense as to WHY she's supposedly so powerful.

The cat was good.

shnicky-77497 9 March 2019

Over-hyped and very underwhelming and sadly ranks alongside "the Incredible Hulk" in the otherwise incredible MCU. Does not bode well for Avengers: Endgame and Phase 4 if this is the path Marvel is going down

k_roberts 10 March 2019

Like so many people, I WANTED so so bad to like this film. It's a Marvel film so I was hyped. I'll get the only things I like about the film out the way first. The CGI on Sam Jackson and Clark Gregg was amazing but expected. I also liked the costumes. Now the bad. They had no character development whatsoever. Whoever directed Brie Larson to be this bland of a character (and we know that she's a great actress) was just dumb.

They had 5 screenplay writers in this movie and it might be the reason why everything is just so badly paced and convoluted. It's cheesy, cringe worthy comedy and in my theater experience on Friday night as I watched the film, 90% percent of the audience did not laugh at all at the comedic bits.

I love Brie Larson as an actress but the controversy surrounding this film clearly added to its demise. When you inject political statements into a movie that not only don't make any sense in the premise of the movie, but when you put it in a film that is supposed to be a COMIC BOOK movie at its core, you already begin the demonization of your audience/fan base.This movie was political propaganda for the Left plain and simple. We didn't ask for this garbage dialogue that is so obvious in their agenda to politicize, not polarize the audience. NOBODY TALKS LIKE THAT IN REAL LIFE.

At least in comparison, Wonder Woman was subtle but effective. This film tries so hard to make these messages that don't belong in the film at all and hilariously tries to make it profound. I think what disappointed me as a fan also is the lore or lack thereof in the movie. It seems like the writers had the attitude of "this is the way it is; just cause; we don't need to further elaborate, they should get it." Without going into spoiler territory, you will simply feel really let down and cheated by the 'why' behind explanations into certain big things.

All in all, this should serve as lesson for the people at Marvel running things, leave your political propaganda at home before touching these films. It started with Black Panther (which was a great movie at the end for obvious reasons) but I didn't think the scope of promoting unneeded politics would have this kind of negative effect. It could've been a great first female lead role for the MCU but you just shot not only yourselves in the foot, but that of your fans' as well. Movie after movie, you people say "it's because of the fans that this is all possible". With this film, you clearly don't think that and slap the face your audience (that's smart enough to see) by taking advantage of your status as film makers in Hollywood to inject poison into these films that have no place. I just couldn't believe how much B.S. was just left for me to absorb. I am not a sexist privileged male, or whatever jargon you will try to justify against this review (I feel that's most likely going to disappear some how because of the lengths people will go to defend their bias), I am simply a comic book fan that wanted a great comic book movie and this film gave me none of that.

jdirteh 3 April 2019

Her performance was forced, uninspiring and flat! Not looking forward to the next movie with "her" in it....

bishopokullu 30 June 2019

Captain Marvel is so lousy and a weapon the avengers can use to bore Thanos to submission.

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