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Chaman Bahaar (2020)

IMDB Rayting:   7.0/10
Country: India
Language: English

A small town panwalla falls for a schoolgirl who lives opposite his shop. He experiences love, jealousy and betrayal without meeting her even once.

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pratapchaudhry 19 June 2020

Not for audience who like flashy cars, expensive sets, overacting from "bollywood stars"...etc etc.Simple and something a small town person can relate it.Thanks to OTT platform such underrated gems will make it to its target (mature and intelligent) audience. Thumbs up

drrajeevshukla 19 June 2020

Growing up in Chhattisgarh & remembering actual guys around Pan shop in 80s-90s. Story is simple yet Nostalgic. Enjoy. The daddys are like Shakespearean characters of Maqbool. Smart writing. Those finding faults like toxic one sided love & all simply don't get it. The small town delight is wonderfully captured & Jitu bhai as usual is fantastic & seems rooted. There are no idiotic slo-mo chases & silly action sequences or a moral jingoistic tale here. It's simplicity captured well. Enjoy & you won't regret.

cdildaralom 19 June 2020

It's such a refreshing movie,it lightens up your mood. Excellence of Jeetu bhaiya is beyond words. The music is so soothing and perfectly timed. The cinematography is impressive. Overall it's a really good watch.

rohitsovale 20 June 2020

Jitu is gem . After panchayat another stellar performance. It proves his verstality towards all kinds of roles. Storyline is good. Ending could have been better. Music is unique and have chattisgarhi touch. Over all a good watch.

syedalom-06493 19 June 2020

With respect to it's budget the movie is good...and during this pandemic condition they released this movie... just simply but Good movie with simple story.. the cast are also Good....

vikramj-39817 20 June 2020

This is a completely refreshing take on affection, love, struggles of life. If you are going in, with an expectation of seeing yet another twisted fairytale which bollywood keeps churning out every year, then please avoid this movie as this director has chosen realism and logic over, dreamy sequences. This is a tale rooted in ground reality, which encompasses the journey of "panwaadi". His dreams, affection, challenges and growth and masterfully portrayed. The music of the film could have been much better though. Overall it's a great watch.

sumitupandit 19 June 2020

Don't waste your time Watch this movie for jitu bhaiya amazing acting.....and story is unique and so simple...worth to watch this type of movie....

maiyankpl 19 June 2020

Jeetu fits really well in the role of small town paan wala who has a dream to do something on his own and make his name in the town. His luck started when a beautiful girl with her family shifted to a house in front of his paan shop. Romeo boys started to visit his shop and becomes Romeo adda of town. For full story please watch movie..😛

mamtamahi-38906 20 June 2020

Such a funny entertaining and refreshing movie. It describes exactly the same happenings when a sophisticated family lands in a small village and the guys of that village finds their love at first sight in the same girl. Ek anaar sau bimaar :)

vinaykr-75877 19 June 2020

A treat to watch. Jitender kumar did a good job. Regional background music keeps attached to the desi feel

rahul-lucky 20 June 2020

Sonu Nigam's melodious song fits perfectly. Jeetendra Kumar and 5-6 characters done great job. Although the performances and background is similar to Panchayat, the script sometimes looses its grip. The ending is realistic and not like typical bollywood masala which ends with happy or sad way but loopholes in script does not let story succeeded.

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