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Chaos Walking (2021)

Action | Fantasy 
Rayting:   5.7/10 12755 votes
Country: USA | Canada
Language: English

Two unlikely companions embark on a perilous adventure through the badlands of an unexplored planet as they try to escape a dangerous and disorienting reality, where all inner thoughts are seen and heard by everyone.

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DevinKJohnston 5 March 2021

*spoiler free* look, if you want to watch a film and be immersed in it's world, this is it. They're some things that could of been done better/explored more in this movie, but for the most part, it is a good movie! The cinematography, setting, acting was great!! (not a massive fan of Daisey Ridley or Tom Holland, but they did a great job!) I went in with low expectations and I came out thinking wow, that was a breath of fresh air and I'd recommend it!! Certainly needs more appreciation and less hate!!!

Thank you for reading, stay safe everyone :)

Kleighh 4 March 2021

I mean it wasn't great, but it doesn't deserve all the hate. It was an interesting premise that could have been executed better, but it was a good 2-hours distraction from everything that's going on in the world.

Argyll12 7 March 2021

This was filmed in 2017. Audience responses were so bad they decided to reshoot major parts of it in 2019. Now they are releasing it in 2021.

This kind of schedule gives an indication it didn't go well.

ryansalamence 4 March 2021

$125 million, dozens of rewrites and reshoots, tons of star power, and it hits the ground like wet cheese.

Stevensson 4 March 2021

On paper it looks good , Doug Liman who made great movies ( The edge of Tomorrow , The bourne Identity ) and a talented cast ( Mads Mikkelsen - Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland ) but what could wrong ???

Well , the script is messy ; the acting is bland ; The characters are one-dimensional and their motivations are not explained ; and the editing is one of the worst things i have ever seen , and how this film cost over 100M$ ????? we will never know .

All in All ; if you wanna a good sci-fi movie steer clear of this , and if you wanna see Tom Holland saying his name over and over agaiiiiiiin be my guest .

johncy 6 March 2021

I don't understand the bad reviews, but maybe it's because I didn't read the books. Or maybe it's because this is the first movie I've seen in theaters since the pandemic began! Holland, Ridley and Mikkelsen all do a good job in their roles and the story kept me interested until the credits.

ftonks 4 March 2021

One of the messiest movies I've seen in a long time. I'm a fan of the books and if you are too then don't even bother watching this dumpster fire. I saw an early screener and I could barely take this movie seriously. The villains goals are devoid of all logic, the humour is awful and dry, none of the events are really tied together, it feels like a bunch of scene strung together in a hope to come up with an actual plot. Daisy Ridley is fine, Tom Holland is fine, Mads Mikkelson as always is flawless but it would be good if they actually made his character have logical motivations or if they fleshed him out. These actors don't deserve this, Daisy was screwed over big time with the sequel trilogy and now this, I hope this isn't the end of her career. As for Tom, he needs a better agent. Cherry was a self indulgent disappointment, but not as bad as this. Do not watch this movie, it'll be a waste of time and money (if you're gonna buy or rent it) ESPECIALLY if you're a fan of the books. This movie massacres the books story and characters. Obviously Tom Holland stans or tasteless moviegoers will spam 10/10s which is almost more of a shame than the fact that they butchered the script so much.

rainfollower-95-646324 30 March 2021

This a very boring, straightforward story set in a strange, pointless and incoherent world. It will leave a lot of unanswered questions in the end unless you read all the books beforehand. What's worse, all these special properties of the world are pointless in terms of world and character development. All you see is just another Wild West with a bit of funny Noise effects and some (very little!) alien fauna, and all this never impacts the story in any meaningful way.

Tom Holland and Mads Mikkelsen are good, as expected. Even Daisy Ridley is more or less okay. Their characters are not. You can understand what drives the young Todd, he's the most developed one, still, there's a lot to reveal in his background, in his past, in his relations with the other settlers of his town. Others are worse than that. Most of them talk riddles all the time, just like in a teenager's fan fiction, and the Noise never helps there.

Another problem is the lack of reason, the lack of sense. There's just a lot of tiny little details that clearly make no sense, both in character's judgement, in their actions and in the world itself.

Overall. This is bad as a tale. This is bad science fiction. And this is also bad in terms of storytelling. What I liked: the new fresh world, and the beautiful visuals. But... that's all.

PS: No really, I've been looking at my wrist watch roughly at the middle, trying to recall how long the movie should be overall. If I had been alone, I would have probably walked out of the cinema then.

Badsharkmoviefan_118 5 March 2021

I dont even know where to start this whole film is a chaotic mess. The walking part of the title is also pretty accurate. The 2 main characters are pretty much walking thru the woods the whole movie.

The visible thoughts flying around just get annoying. This doesn't feel like $125m movie it feels more like a $25m one. It's just pointless, DONT BOTHER WASTING YOUR MONEY.

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