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Charlie's Angels (2019)

Action | Comedy   
IMDB Rayting:   4.0/10
Country: USA
Language: English

When a young systems engineer blows the whistle on a dangerous technology, Charlie's Angels are called into action, putting their lives on the line to protect us all.

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dannehh 18 November 2019

Elizabeth Banks said that men don't wanna watch female hero's on the big screen. It has nothing to do with that, and if you think so you are just blind. It's about quality, and good writing, acting.... If the movie is good it doesn't matter who is in it! But when you do something as cheap as this and think it will make the big bucks you can't be that smart! And to wast money on this franchise...anyone who thought this would be a good idea must be fired! Movies like this is exactly what's wrong with Hollywood! No love! Make a good movie, but love into it! And it should work out fine! But just to complain about that men don't wanna watch it because there are females in the lead role is just embarrassing....

meusvita 17 November 2019

Hated it. Felt like I was being spoon fed woke tropes. I love Elizabeth Banks, but felt talked down to and "at." That aside, I was surprised there wasn't more action. My husband fell asleep next to me in the theatre and a few people walked out. Really ruined a night out.

flybynight-96722 16 November 2019

Its not the worst movie I have ever seen but it comes close, a waste of talented stars with a bad boring script.

The action isn't that great and the comedy (if you can call it that) falls flat.

Men are treated like idiots / objects in the movie which is not equality, just makes it silly. Should have just been women good at being agents without disparaging men needlessly. The older Charlies Angels movies were far better in that regard.

willdidonna 15 November 2019

Felt like I ate a tide pod after seeing this movie

rorcanna 19 November 2019

If Hollywood wants to spread the message that women are capable, then they could do so by writing normal female characters rather than whatever this is supposed to be. It's trope-filled, predictable and did absolutely nothing to improve the franchise.

And no, I'm not a "basement dwelling guy hating on a movie featuring women"... I'm just beyond tired of having to roll my eyes until they hurt when watching movies such as this one. I want to see well-written characters in well-written stories, and if they happen to be female, then so be it.

thejonez 16 November 2019

Kristen Stewart doesn't have the talent nor the facial movement capabilities to to pull off this role. The movie is just all round bad. Elizabeth Banks how are you not embarrassed by this? This movie should skip "straight to DVD" and move onto "straight to VHS" so that it is never seen or heard from again.

louiethepitt 18 November 2019

I thought it was a passing of the torch an sequel to the awesome movies of charlie's angels...but it is not... for an action movie there is barely action in it, the acting is meh, the agenda and propaganda reached high heaven... this is bad guys...I wanted to get out of the empty theater and did in several occasions... don't even come to me to say that I'm a man and don't like females in action roles...some of my favorite action movies are from women Atomic Blonde, Tomb Ryder, Terminator, Salt, La Fame Nikita etc etc... this one just sucks.

Nomad007 15 November 2019

Kristen Stewart is not at her best like the handful of positive reviews state.

Patrick Stewart is phoning it in.

It's flat and boring.

I enjoy watching B movies, commercial Hollywood fluff, art movies, whatever. There literally was nothing here.

Giving it a two is being kind.

This is like one of those movies that people do as a favor to get one they really want. It seems like everyone involved from writer, director, and all the actors did this just for contractual reasons and no one put any effort into it.

So sad.

Iainbr 16 November 2019

Another terrible manhating movie that is an embarrassment to the original. Stay away and watch the teletubbies if you want to watch something with more intellectual credibility.

justsomeinternetguy 14 November 2019

The McG films from the early 2000s proved that this franchise could be an enjoyable guilty please, but Elizabeth Banks and her crew of miscast "actresses" have totally destroyed it. This film is terrible. One of the worst of the whole year.

ilsaandmin 13 November 2019

Get a comfy seat and have a sleep, most boring movie of the year, only stayed awake as my sister kept nudging me as she paid for 6 tickets. Stay home and watch Netflix or read a book

alfieosullivan 16 November 2019

Worst film by a long shot this year, & that's saying something. Not sure how Kirsten what's her face keeps getting work, her acting is awful*, she only pulled it off in twilight because she played a dead person. Save your money or give it to a homeless person instead.

*she was good in panic room to be fair, but then again she was only about 12

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