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Chernobyl: Abyss (2021)

Drama | History | Romance
Rayting:   5.0/10 6.7K votes
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Release date: July 21, 2021

A story about a heroic fireman who worked as one of Chernobyl liquidators.

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User Reviews

ReelreviewFORu 22 July 2021

If ever there was a movie born out of politics. The Russian reaction to the American HBO series. Really terrible in every sense.

Master T 21 July 2021

The interesting part of this movie is to see how the Soviets see things as opposed to the western world (which we've seen in HBO's Chernobyl).

All government officials are amazing, helpful and only care about the well being of the country and its citizens. Seems somewhat unbelievable...

sachinmini 5 June 2021

I saw the chernobyl serial before it and it was so good and to the point and after that i saw this film just making no point at any of the scene...It just ruined everything...A very bad film...I will recommend not to watch and if u really want to know about Chernobyl them go watch the serial ...It is soo much better than this film...Highly disappointed...

skniazi7 24 July 2021

Avoid (not even worth writing more than this).


imargarel 8 August 2021

I am not going to compare it with the HBO series. Taking the movie as it is, it's horribly bad, from so many points of view. Plot, layout, historical accuracy, characters and so on. It's all a big cliche of a movie that fails to deliver the message that the director really wanted to send. The movie makes you feel nothing, not only about the main characters but also about the whole Chernobyl disaster. How can you take such a horrible event and transform it in to a boring story that makes you feel nothing. If you want to watch it, know you'll waste your time. This movie has NOTHING to offer.

851222 12 June 2021

Greetings from Lithuania.

"Chernobyl: Abyss" (2021) is a terrible movie. I think that after this disastrously bad movie, Danila Kozlovskiy's carrier as a director will end pretty soon. This movie felt like it took / ripped all from Hollywood movies produced some 20 years ago. It was like a rollecoster of all bad scenes from movie like "Peal Harbor" (2000) and beyond, with quick cuts every second showing and focusing on nothing meaningful for a second.

Overall, skip "Chernobyl: Abyss" and better watch HBO's masterpiece series than this crap. This movie done everything wrong. Even a very talented Oksana Akinshina did not had anything to do in this movie, which says a lot. Its not just a bad film, its a terrible one.

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