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Cherry (2021)

Rayting:   6.6/10 17922 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Cherry drifts from college dropout to army medic in Iraq anchored only by his true love, Emily. But after returning from the war with PTSD, his life spirals into drugs and crime as he struggles to find his place in the world.

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kabeyamarcelina 15 March 2021

Tom Holland's acting was phenomenal, 11/10. Showcased his true talent - magnificent. The Russo Brothers over did it with how they set things up though; trying to be too smart in my opinion.

gracerosadi 15 March 2021

This film took effort to watch, some scenes are tough and upsetting but it just prove how great and phenomenal Tom Holland as an actor in this film, he really did push his limits which makes it an oscar-worthy performance.

The film has great cinematography and unique storyline, but the subjects matter are very dark and gut-wrenching.

7/10 for overall movie, 10/10 for Holland's performance alone.

sammybeno 15 March 2021

I don't understand the low ratings. All this film does is show how much range Tom Holland and the Russo brothers have, that their not confined to the Marvel movies. Just watch and form your own opinion. Its good.

twilightmominohio 15 March 2021

I think people are forgetting that this movie is based a a semi-autobiographical novel written by Nico Walker. I first heard about this movie when my boyfriend had to remove some wires that were in the way for a scene they were filming back in early December of 2019. As Tom Holland fans, we were eagerly anticipating the release of this film. It's gritty, hard to watch at times, and highly emotional. The acting by Tom Holland and the rest of the cast was very well done. I've read reviews with titles saying if you're a veteran you're going to be angry. But again, this is based on a real life account of an Iraq veteran dealing with his PTSD after coming home to Cleveland. As a Clevelander, it was also interesting trying to recognize where some scenes were shot. The Russo brothers love their home town and we are grated they filmed it here, not elsewhere. Bottom line, don't listen to the critics. Superb acting by Holland and a wonderful adaptation of the book.

pienjbakker 12 March 2021

The movie Cherry gives you a amazing view about what soldiers go trought after the come back home. Tom's acting is so amazingly done in this role. And the connection he and Ciara had in the movie was so pure and real. Deff recomment watching it.

cyer32 13 March 2021

This is a dark, haunting, and beautiful film. Not sure what movie some of these reviewers were watching, but Cherry is incredible. Cannot recommend it enough. The subtle details that you'll miss if you're not paying attention make it all the more interesting. Will definitely watch this again after I have a chance to fully process it. Excellent work Russo Brothers, Tom and Ciara.

sailorman-12617 12 March 2021

Very briefly: Cherry is a brilliant movie and a fitting translation of the story of a real person. The pacing feels chaotic at times, compared to traditional movies, because real stories aren't paced like screenplays. The cinematography is nothing short of stunning, and most of the events are ugly to give a hint of the ugliness that is being translated from real life to a book and to a movie. Tom Holland once again flexes his range as an actor, and the Russo Brothers continue to elevate cinema. Ciara Bravo didn't have too much to do in the movie, but I personally believe she aced her tonally contradicting scenes.

hockeylass-134-929537 3 March 2021

There's a lot of critics out there. And a lot of them seem very keen to slate this as much as possible, beyond what seems objectively reasonable.

What I would say is this - ignore them all (good and bad) and make your own mind up. And remember this is very close to a true story, written by a man who fell down the darkest of holes having been failed by the systems and freedoms he swore to protect.

Cherry is just an ordinary guy. There's nothing remarkable about him. And the disordered start of this film (which I struggled with to be honest) reflects the erratic nature of his drifter existence.

As the film progresses the style falls into order and then back into disorder, reflecting the rollercoaster ride of Cherry's horrific wartime experience and descent into drug addiction as he struggles to erase what he saw. The Russo Brothers together with DOP Newton Thomas Sigel, use a range of clever tricks to put you in Cherry's boots. From colour tones to aspect ratios, it takes you from soft warm love to cold hard conditioning in an instant.

I personally really enjoyed these choices, and look forward to watching it again to see what other details I might have missed on first viewing. I understand some people might feel that there's too much movie going on, but it was more than fine for me (all personal taste I guess!).

The acting from Tom Holland is exemplary and, at times, frightening. I cannot think what it must have been like to have to go to those places to portray the pain and fear he did and he should be applauded for taking such a leap with this role - he will always carry the weight of Spider-Man on his shoulders but he should be at least respected for wanting to branch out into challenging roles such as this. Ciara Bravo was excellent too, although I think I would have liked a bit more character arc from her (not her fault of course). I thought the supporting cast did well too in their roles - none of them particularly likeable (Jeff Wahlberg's Jimenez a rare exception) as they support and enable Cherry's demise.

Overall, this is a movie which really stayed with me, it still does. It's eye-opening, it's desperately sad, and it's incredibly powerful.

egreskata 12 March 2021

Amazing performance from Tom Holland. I was so glad to see him nail a much more serious role as well as Spiderman. This movie, in my opinion, managed to portray PTSD and addiction in a way that it kept my whole attention from the beginning to the end. I even got goosebumps at some of the scenes, thanks to the music which is truly a masterpiece. Haven't read the books, but my advice is that the movie is worth watching at least once, the atmosphere of it is incredible!

laceup-96849 14 March 2021

Its a good movie, yes the message is kind of confusing but still you can understand what's it trying to say, emotional film no doubt great performance by Tom and Ciara

stone221 15 March 2021

Excellent film. Acting and music score superb. Anyone with a hint of good taste will enjoy this film. The haters on this flick are probably tweens.

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