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Chhapaak (2020)

Rayting:   5.1/10
Country: India
Language: English

The trials and triumphs of Malti, an acid attack survivor. From the investigation of the attack to the court proceedings, the medical treatment to the emotional healing. Chhapaak is the story of the unquashable human spirit.

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collinsenosh 11 January 2020

This opening scene is small but uncomfortable. Some might say it presents a tragic truth, where victims are forced to measure their victim-ness against one another to earn the right of justice.

The movie reminds us of the heinous masculinity of a crime aimed solely at defacing a woman in an optical culture that equates societal worth with physical beauty. It's a calculated choice that the woman is played by a mainstream actress, from a film industry notorious for fetishizing her glamour over all else; this way, the transformation hits the average viewer harder.

We don't quite get to know Malti beyond the legacy of her life's events. The story doesn't pause to know her either. She exists - in a thinner texture of flesh and blood - mostly because Laxmi does.

A storyteller's rage is not a bad thing. The intent is right, but the execution feels awkward.

The timeline feels oddly cold-blooded. It leaps from one version of Malti to another. The screenplay overcompensates for the pace. The men in the background are either stereotypical idiots (male reporters ask insensitive questions) or unrealistic angels (the surgeon is annoyingly cheerful; the lawyer's husband serves tea and parathas to the "ladies of the house" so that she can save the world).

The little touches are nice: Malti laughs with pursed lips, thereby evoking a face that had to reconstruct its smile in a way that hurt the least. She speaks less, but places more gravity on her words (because maybe that's all she has) - a trait that allows the dialogue-ish nature of her lines sound organic.

Vikrant Massey and his idealism forces her to balance it out by being a tender, soft-spoken - and better - woman. She is the ice to his fire, even though she wears fire on her face.

krazzy_aldfo 15 January 2020

The story could be accurate but it sadly isn't. The lawyer in real life events was given no real credit for her fight ! But let's forget the facts for a moment and enjoy the movie one would think ... The direction is poor and the movie feels like something emotionally charged than a message. Honestly a one time watch movie and you wouldn't be able to handle it another time ! Here's a suggestion for south indians with a similar storyline... Watch the malayalam movie "Uyare" and you'll be much more satisfied than this supposedly true story !! But hey ! This movie will make you rethink about everything that's wrong with our cheap minded society !! Watch it for a message...ignore it for the facts !!

risha-32648 13 January 2020

When the trailer came, i knew this movie is gonna be LEGEND wait-for-it DARY. Legendary movirle it is. Though i am not a DP's fan nor have i watched any megha gulzar movie but this movie attracted me thus i ended up watching it. ACTING - everyone has done has great job and vikrant and deepika steals the show and the real acid warriors (not victim or survivor tbh they are warriors) are worth watching. Their smile nd everything is so damn good.

Overall this movie is must watch and i CAN SURELY SAY ONE THING THAT WHOEVER HAS GIVEN THIS MOVIE SUCH A LOW RATING ARE 80% THOSE FOOLS WHO ARE FOLLOWING #BOYCOTT trend and rest 20% could be genuine reviews :)) Though those 80% people are so dumb that they can't see beyond boycott trend nd all the work behind this movie :)) Worth watching...

SAMTHEBESTEST 10 January 2020


Chhapaak says so many things from it's title itself if you see deep into it. If not then the trailer atleast gave so much idea about how the film is going to be. An untold and unnoticed story of Acid Attack victim Laxmi (Real Name) is told in Brilliant way by Director Meghna Gulzar and it's a safe bet to shatter your heart (if you have one for the sake of huminity).

The first question comes on this story is why did this strong story remained unnoticed and untouched before? Ultimately that was good because it got into the safe hands of a genius storyteller like Meghna Gulzar otherwise someone else might have spoiled something here. Chhapaak tells a journey of a young Beautiful Malti (Laxmi's character name in the film) who gets attacked by a relative with the Acid thrown on her face and then turning into Fighter Malti. The film also focuses on some judicial system problems in our country that how difficult is it to get the Justice and why we need to make some strict changes in our law.

Deepika Padukone as Malti delivers Best Performance of career till date. She is unstoppable from the first frame and remains unstoppable throughout the film. Many people had fear that Vikrant Massey's character might be sidelined in this woman centric film but wait... We are here for the One Man Show by Vikrant Massey as he gets the Best chance to shine as alone Male Lead Character in this Woman oriented drama. He gets to portray a big hearted guy Amol and connects us all quickly. Supporting cast is fantastic whether it is important scenes or the chorus ones.

The story of Laxmi (Malti) is very painful and you might feel offended at several occasions or might scream out watching her pain. The film makes you feel her pain and that's where the writer wins you over. The narrative looked brilliant, screenplay is highly engaging with almost no loo breaks and the scripting is fantastic too. Music is highly situational that makes every scene more exclusive and impactful. Especially "Chhapaak Title Song" is a slow poison that stays in mind even after leaving the theatre. Coming to the dialogues of the film, I mean one of the major winning aspect of the film for some valid reasons. Okay, this is a real story and you need some powerful hard hitting dialogues that will poke hard to the criminal minds & some other faulty systems of our country and Chhapaak does it with excellence.

How many women directors we have to name in Bollywood when it comes to Quality films? I guess hardly few. Meghna Gulzar should now top the list of best women directors in India. Why? Look at her filmography, especially when it comes to real events she has managed to shatter some myths and delusions about cinematic compromises. Talvar, Raazi and now Chhapaak.. Have to believe that Meghna Gulzar is doing quality work consistently.

Overall, Chhapaak is a lesson and inspiration to the two repulsive sides of our society respectively where one has humanity and the other one has cruelty. However the end of Malti's story is predictable but then there is one more heart wrenching scene in the last frame of the film which will force you to scream out. It's not for weak hearted people because one need to have strong guts to watch the film and feel it from the emotional quotient. Delivering perfect cinematic content Chhapaak might also change the life of Acid Attack victims and Normal people's perception about them.

RATING- 7/10*

krunalpatel11127 10 January 2020

Average acting got buried down by slow passing issue.Even through through movie runtime is more then enough other characters where stay hidden or won't have much story to cover them and they did not got chance to show their range. And at the end I think casting of lead could have been better Kangna or Rani would have done far better job then this lead.

SinhaSomesh 10 January 2020


Courage is not A virtue, but The virtue.

Most storytellers entertain, a few enlighten. A scattering number of celluloid visionaries entertain as well as enlighten. Meghna Gulzar fits into that exceptional variety of film-makers that opens up thought-processes about the condition of the homeland without losing the cinematic elements that constitute a film. Meghna Gulzar has always believed in handling an issue every time She has attempted a film. To reconstruct on celluloid a true occurrence that is oven-fresh in public reminiscence is not a trouble-free mission. However, having sensitive and explosive material on hand is not enough. The execution of the subject is of paramount importance. Fortunately, Meghna Gulzar interprets the events in remarkable style and form and makes it a cinematic experience that haunts you even after the film has concluded. She does complete justice to the spirit of the story.

Chhapaak manages to show a mirror to the society. It is a rare film that will make you cry but at the same time scaffold you with the strength to raise your voice against injustice and why one must never compromise on self-respect. As a movie-watching experience, Chhapaak is flawless. There's absolutely no compromise at the level of storytelling. Bravo! Meghna Gulzar makes it an engaging piece of cinema rather than relying on the docu-drama format. Chhapaak belongs to the unique hard-hitting, gut-wrenching genre of cinema. Script-wise, the director has tried to remain faithful to the episode that occurred and also what transpired subsequently. The events have been chronologically put forth and the daring story of Malti hits you like a ton of bricks. The film truly celebrates the human spirit and also reflects a vital change in society and in the attitudes of people.

The narration is simply captivating that the viewer thirsts for more. Such is the impact of its taut screenplay! The film abounds in sequences that have been handled with utmost care, notable among those that focus on the relationship between Deepika Padukone and Vikrant Massey. The dramatic scenes are just right and not once does any character get loud or go overboard. The emotional scenes are a treat to watch. Another highlight is the climax. A film like Chhapaak pricks your conscience and makes you think.

Director Meghna Gulzar and story writer Atika Chohan deserve kudos for choosing a thorny and contentious story to interpret on celluloid. Meghna Gulzar, in particular, deserves a few extra brownie points for handling the material with aplomb. Her prowess and competence are visible all through the film. Since Chhapaak is based on a real story, Meghna Gulzar has kept the characters and the locations real and that's what makes the goings-on very identifiable, besides bestowing an authentic feel to the film. Here's a dynamic director-writer duo who needs to be lauded for tackling such a difficult subject and emerging triumphant!

A hard-hitting drama, generally, doesn't have scope for music. But Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy join hands with Gulzar saab, the wordsmith, and together they deliver a solid soundtrack. Music has been used in a matter-of-fact manner and at no point, it takes anything away from the narrative or the pace of the film. Malay Prakash' cinematography is first-rate. Dialogues are realistic to the core. Nitin Baid's editing is perfect.

It would be a blunder if one missed out the contribution of the makeup artists. Transforming the ever-dependable actress into an acid

maharshi 13 January 2020

Ok movie.below expectations. Acting average.. after interval it's not good. Overall ok movie. Everybody can skip it.....

anuragmop 13 January 2020

The year has started but i can already say that Chhapaak is probably the best film of 2020. From the impactful storyline to the amazing performance by Deepika as Maalti. This is probably her best performance as of now. Great cinematography and narration style.

ruhi-40383 13 January 2020

No words to describe the goosebumps I felt during the movie , the struggles of an acid attack victim, it's not so easy to portray 😍😍😍 amazes!!

tpatoliya 10 January 2020

The film Chhapaak is the milestone in the career of Deepika Padukone, which is trying to color the political atmosphere of the country.

Apart from Deepika, Vikrant Massey has made an impression in this film. In the movie Sanju, just like Vicky Kaushal had gathered all the applause, Vikrant has done something similar here. Nobody expected much from them in front of an artist like Deepika, but she is a surprise package of this film.

The rest of the actors in the film are newcomers; some real acid attack victims have also done fantastic work in it.

Meghna Gulzar's quality as a director is that she has kept the story realistic. The first half of the film is a little dull, but after the intermission, the events catch their pace.

zomatogold 13 January 2020

This movie for class audience not for Mass audience

afaqmgs 13 January 2020

For your courage to put on the screen what hides beneath the society.

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