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Class of '83 (2020)

Action | Drama 
IMDB Rayting:   5.9/10
Country: India
Language: English

The story of an upright policeman turned trainer whose wards deal with various complexities.

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anmolkishore 21 August 2020

This movie started off well and had a great potential to build something good. Unfortunately, it seemed like the director and the script writer just gave up midway and made sometime just to finish the project. Just plain and simple - it's frustrating as the movie could not build upon the premise to give a satisfactory feel to its conclusion.

madhukar30 21 August 2020

"Class of 83" is fictionalised dramatisation of events happening in 1980s Bombay, though certain characters are based on the non fiction book "The class of 83" by S. Hussain Zaidi, there is absolutely no similarities between the two other than just the name. Half of the movie is based on training the police recruits at the academy under the watchful eyes of the Dean Vijay Singh played by Bobby Deol.

But the training scenes aren't detailed in any way, showing not just plot holes but large gaps in the poorly written screenplay. The middle portion of the movie is a little bit strong when the rookie cops take charge. There is a strong emphasis of events happenings in the mid 1980s Bombay helped by some timely additions of archival footages by the editor namely the Mill strikes, Dawood Ibrahim gang (Umar Kaleskar here) and the B.R.A gang rivalry, politician-gangster nexus, etc But nothing is emphasised or elaborated to the viewer.

There is a pot shot of "You blink-you miss" Pradeep Sharma-Vijay Salaskar rivalry with a couple of gripping scenes. Mostly we get only tit bits of the happenings, and the story doesn't gel together. Background score makes things more awful with very weak rudimentary music. Production design and costumes were just par.

Bobby Deol acting was surprisingly mature, strong and compassionate but the same cannot be said about the rookie cops who despite showing some promise, weren't given enough screen time, and their scenes are interrupted repeatedly. Cinematography was un-understandably dark, and the viewer has to focus his eyes to see the details in the frame.

Overall "Class of 1983" cannot be compared to Ram Gopal varma's directed and produced gangster genre gems like Sathya, Company, Ab tak chappal, D, etc in any way. At the best it is an average one time watch that too for male audiences.

thakarharshil 21 August 2020

This movie is based on novel and has great story plot. Good direction could lead this to a interesting crime thriller experience but instead of this it ended up in vague with disruptive plot. No wonder it's released on Netflix. Red chilli production do marketing in such a way that it makes hype but never deliver. Betaal is prime example of great story with poor narrative. Stops making netflix a dumping station for below average movie.

sandeeplaxman-89728 29 August 2020

It looked like the pandemic has put breaks to their shooting and they decided to call it a day in the middle of a promising premise.

RahuulSsoni01 21 August 2020

Waste of another script, week dialogues and screen play Bobby Deol looks ok.

It's can be made in a better way.

One time watch!!!! Only

Will be out of your mind in 10 mins no major impact.

sudhirjames 21 August 2020

Bobby Deol is terrific in his role. I never expected this from him. But Climax is too rushed and narration could have been better in a gripping way rest of them were good my personal favourite is shukla his performance was too good bgm is okay

vinjamurisriramdutt 21 August 2020

Good and interesting movie but end was not that great and seemed clumsy. But Bobby was amazing

irfanangel 21 August 2020

On the golden rule of storytelling,"Show, don't tell", the film utterly fails. Moreover, the film promotes extrajudicial killings and such films are a threat to the idea of democracy.

praveenji89 21 August 2020

Acting is good Screenplay is below average Climax is s**t

sameerlodaya 22 August 2020

This movie is only for bobby

he acted tremendously well and he looked perfect for the character

rest there is nothing in this movie which u haven't seen before

the first half hour was very thrilling then after the move sailed in a ordinary phase

ending was pathetic

from starting they highlighted on the villain paraskar but when in end he arrived he looked like extras actors performing

just this for bobby

mani-mishra1304 21 August 2020

Nothing new, RGV underworld movies were far better than this. In 2020, they are providing 90s material. Red Chillies come with better projects. I heard a lot about this book but after watching movie didn't get why it was so hyped.

ronakkotian 22 August 2020

There was this feeling at the back of my head where I felt Bobby Deol was a capable actor and he proves his skill in this serious drama but the film overall disappoints.

Class of '83 follows Vijay Singh, a cop on punishment posting, who trains five students to combat against the underworld and police corruption present.

The best part of this film is the production design and performances. I really liked the overall look of the film. There's darkness lurking around every corner that's filled with a murky colour palette. It creates an ugly atmosphere that's very suitable for a film like this. Even the small details such as having 80s posters in the background of shots adds to the authenticity of the time period. Bobby Deol delivers a great restrained performance despite his weak character and the five cadets played by Ninad Mahajani, Bhupendra Jadawat, Sameer Paranjape, Hitesh Bhojraj and Prithvik Pratap give good performances especially considering this film being their acting debut.

Despite that, the execution of the film overall was weak. The screenplay by Abhijeet Shirish Deshpande relies too much on exposition. Executing narration well in a film is hard and sadly this wasn't one of those cases. The film is also very short and because of how fast everything moves, you don't feel much of a connection to any of the characters. It all seems way too rushed and that lack of connection creates a low impact overall. The short runtime also didn't allow the story to develop properly. There isn't enough urgency in the story for me to be entirely invested which is why the climax of the film feels so underwhelming.

In the technical department, Class of '83 is well made but the story is lacking. You barely feel attached to these characters and because of that the impact is very weak. Had they worked on the script more, this could have been a thrilling and captivating cop drama but sadly this wasn't the case.

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