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Coming 2 America (2021)

Rayting:   5.3/10 51955 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

The African monarch Akeem learns he has a long lost son in the United States and must return to America to meet this unexpected heir and build a relationship with his son.

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george-euler-film 29 March 2021

They insert hos and gross fatsos and with the hip hop muzak in the background tell us 'there you go comedy.'

Not funny.

Destroyed the legacy of the prequel.

I assume the few of the original actors and actresses who did not show up had integrity.

PS: boycott sequels (the coming Wonder Woman, Star Wars, Ghostbusters...) and product placement BS in this movie.

halem-193 14 March 2021

Shame on the actors, shame on the actresses, shame on the director, shame on the producer, shame on the studio and shame on me and you for watching.

Literally every single person I named and every single person involved knew this sucks, the script sucks, it is not funny, it drags down its prequel sand still went ahead. There cannot be one person who read this script or the proposal for this film and thought it is good or funny. Yet, the project proceeded. They even bagged all the original cast who surely definitely clearly must have known this sucks (because they were in the original).

Clearly, respect, quality, talent or reason are not important or considered.

Do not watch this unrelated and unfunny film. Have extra time on your hands? Watch the original again - or better yet go for a jog or fast walk to lose weight.

fun-steve 26 March 2021

Stop filming desperate sequels.

Not funny.

They forgot what the original was about and contradicted it. Semi says I am not a warrior. You were and a good one in the original too.

The new boy and his ho of a mother are terrible. Who picks these people??

Enough sequels for the rest of my life.

marymcfarland-01866 7 March 2021

Good God....this was a terrible movie. I made it halfway through and then I couldn't take it anymore. The storyline is ridiculous, the Leslie Jones, Wesley Snipes and whoever the hell the son is characters are intolerable. This movie is not even a little bit funny...I mean...jeez. Everything about this stupid sequel is an insult to the excellent original film. What a disappointment.

Linda1973 5 March 2021

The movie looks cheap with some bad and obvious CGI. There is no charm like the original had. The actors seem like they're doing an imitation of their characters, if that makes sense. Too many lame and recycled jokes. And there was a strange scene near the beginning that felt totally out of place where they jam Morgan Freeman, En Vogue, Salt N Peppa and Gladys Knight all into a five minute period that felt horribly forced and painfully unfunny. Which pretty much sums up the whole movie...horribly forced and painfully unfunny.

yama-jama 27 March 2021

Could we have one movie where little girls don't beat up grown men?

Could we have one movie where the next monarch or president is not a woman?

Could we have one movie where the jokes are actually funny?

Could we have one successful movie that does not have a sequel?


kmckienz 5 March 2021

I appreciate the plethora of cast that returned for the sequel, but the humor fell flat for me. It was predictable and failed trying to recreate the humor of the first movie. The CGI left a lot to be desired as well.

I hated giving this low of a rating, but it is what it is. Perhaps others will like it more.

lougheed1976 6 April 2021

Isn't this why you studied anthropology??

The first one was funny and clever and interesting and well-acted.

This one? Unneeded, boring, forced and trashy. Yes, humanity is devolving. Look at all the new actors and actresses. They are human trash.

debellum 7 March 2021

Best thing about this movie is that it brings back all of the actors. Worst thing about this movie is the movie. Great idea but horrible storyline.

doug-33267 5 March 2021

I never expected it to be better than the original or even close. Even in today's movie world they could have done it better. Love the actors. Yet again I'm left asking myself, Am I the only one that feels that these money grabs take a little bit of the magic away from the originals?

les-hargrow 11 April 2021

The cast and crew of this sequel and all of Hollywood have forgotten why we watch their films. They are collectively clueless.

I watch it to have fun, laugh, park my brain at the door, see beautiful flaunting women and be entertained. I don't sit down on my azz for two hours so you can show me how string women are, watch a disgusting slob be licked down there or listen to a sermon about how fat is in.

This film is 'comedy' for anyone who thinks McDonalds is food.

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