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Cosmic Sin (2021)

Action | SciFi 
Rayting:   2.5/10 5316 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Seven rogue soldiers launch a preemptive strike against a newly discovered alien civilization in the hopes of ending an interstellar war before it starts.

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Cpt_Acid 2 March 2021

500 years of progress and this is what we have to show for it?

It really feels like nobody wanted to make this movie but someone made them do it. Nobody had anything to say. Anything to add. Nothing we haven't seen a million times before. Screenplay has nothing whatsoever to say or convey and is full of clichés, just like it would be if you never wanted to write it in the first place, but had to. For a grade, or something.

Clearly, there was no excess money to burn - almost entire scenography is some kind of paintball course. And some forest. And all the crops are close-ups of people doing stuff, mostly shooting off into something offscreen, presumably into the distance.

The movie is set in the 26th century, with the space and time bending human species spanning three planets (only indication of this is an introductory text) and the weirdest thing we can see in the galaxy is a girl with semi-yellow hair? Everything else, technology, weapons, fashion, everything looks exactly as today. Alright, excepting a few seconds long filler scenes of spaceships.

I'm writing this because one question baffles me without cease. It's - Why did you have to make this? What was the motivation behind this work? I don't see you making any money, however inadequate the investment was. What's the point? I'd really like to know.

If this is some kind of student project movie, then its kinda cool. If you go to school with the guys who made this then you should really have a go at it. Otherwise...

Keira_R 2 March 2021

Because it was truly a cosmic sin releasing this.

Take a ten minute story line, add some completely unnecessary scenes as filler, glue together with cliches and stick a Willis on top.

sumtim3s00n 2 March 2021

First,I adore sci-fi. And am willing to overlook A LOT. But this piece of.... What the heck where they thinking. The writing and scenes/environment are so sooo bad its just too distracting. I still (skipped after a point) to the end but this is one of the worst sci-fi movies I have EVER seen. This is supposed to be happening in 2500s . And sci-fi is usually written by guys/gals who like the genre right? So you'd assume they're not dumb, this is genre for tech/gadget/future visions loving people/thinkers. First of all, its all happening in a city like today. Petrol cars, grunge plaid shirts wearing, beer drinking dudes everywhere and every single piece of the environment they are in is from like 2005. NOTHING is advanced anywhere except a CGI spaceship here and there. Everyone still uses regular guns with bullets propelled by gun powder and use petrol. They still use incandecent lightbulbs. Even we in Europe dont use them anymore, they dont even sell them anymore by law. TODAY.

Or landing with a spaceship on a foreign planet and then they pitch up A TENT. A TENT!!! In 2500s and not a fancy,sci-fi redesigned/decorated for the movie to look special, hi-tech tent. Nah-ha. An obviously locally bought, regular, simple tent with old regular folding chairs and tables. They didnt even try to make anything look advanced.

Also everything from clothing,storage boxes, various military tools, every piece of housing is from 2000s. You might think (for a milisecond), how about Firefly, combo of Wild West and space. Not even close,that beautiful show was an intelligent combination,smartly done,with foundations explaining everything. Insulting to even be considered in regards to this disaster.

The story. Lets not even get there. The (IMO) very interesting plot summary that draws your interest to watch it is 100% misleading. Its so boring and slow it stops drawing your interest after 15 minutes. In then end its just confusing and silly. Never mind again, that so so many things just dont make sense or are ignored. I do not know how such a thing can get approved. It is so bad. And Bruce. What the heck. De Niro at least sold his soul for comedies that work in 50%. But Bruce lately... this movie isnt worth the few cents of material that the medium it is recorded on. Dont watch.

deshutch 2 March 2021

I have no words to describe how truly awful this movie is. Best part of the movie is the backing music to the credits.

artur-niedzielski 2 March 2021

Really? Bruce will play in any movie now? That one is a total disaster.

siderite 2 March 2021

Bruce Willis stopped telegraphing his acting for this film. He just didn't act at all. I mean, it looked like he was between high and mentally disabled. I worry about the dude. Then Frank Grillo, happenstance makes that I have seen three of his films this week, I was just saying how I wish he would get a break. Not for this film! Note that he is billed first, above Willis, and his role is at most 15 minutes from the film anyway.

But what makes this film shine like a black hole is the story. It felt more than devoid of passion, like a spreadsheet that sucks one's soul away in the accounting department on a hot day after the air conditioning died. I mean, if a kid would have written it, it at least would have been fun. If someone was incompetent it would have felt like trying to send some kind of message, however badly. But no, it ... just made no sense, like someone hated writing for this film.

Bottom line: it is so bad you can't even enjoy it wasted. It's a non-movie. It's like what's on the other side of the event horizon of TV static.

Dogtagz 2 March 2021

No imagination. Set 400 years in the future and still using gas based vehicles and regular ammo. Clothes are the same haha wtf? What back woods hick came up with this trash? To the guy who left a 10 star review.... puff puff pass mfer.

imdb-03202 3 March 2021

If you're a scifi fan like me you probably read the premise and be quite interested. Bruce Willis wasn't anything positive or negative for me but I thought it would be a sign of a high quality movie. Well... I watched the first 30 Minutes of this and... it's bad. Like really bad. It's not like this one thing in it is bad like for example the plot is a bit weak. But when you're at the point where even I critique the cinematography and color grading you have to be at a very low point to the degree of college-first-indie-movie-attempts-bad. This is usually stuff I can overlook quite easily because I don't notice.

This film basically has everything bad a film can have. From every category. Take your pick what you think is the worst.

gabortabi 2 March 2021

It is seldom that one comes across a movie with so little to give. There are dozens of shoot'em up games out there with better storylines more engaging dialogue, better graphics and acting. Bruce Willis probably has better commercials out there. Stay away. Keep away. Not worth it even in fast forward.

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