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Crisis (2021)

Drama | Thriller 
Rayting:   6.1/10 7.4K votes
Country: Canada | Belgium
Language: English
Release date: March 5, 2021

Set against the backdrop of the opioid epidemic, stories of an undercover cop, a professor, and a grieving mother collide in this dramatic thriller from writer/director Nicholas Jarecki.

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caspermukome 13 July 2021

Nothing like a story told from different angles, think Vantage Point.

Can honestly say Crisis is a genuine thriller from start to finish, with a good blend of hard-hitting action and intriguing storyline.

You'll enjoy this One 🍿😎

jewelch 11 March 2021

I thought this was very good, I will say in todays society it would be hard to find anyone to stand for what they really believe especially when there is $780,000,000.00 at stake. Yes I recommend it James Welch Henderson, Arkansas 3/11/2021

Top_Dawg_Critic 10 March 2021

...certainly not as good at the shill high reviews. The casting was great with decent performances, especially Oldman and Lilly who shined, and the (based on true events) story is certainly not your typical fare. I'm glad it wasn't "Hollywood-ish".

Young newb filmmaker Nicholas Jarecki produced, directed, wrote and cast himself in this interesting story that lacked the thrills one would expect from a drama "thriller". The intertwining stories had some plot and technical issues and could've been told with better continuity. But they did flow rather well.

His directing was good, but the somewhat slow pacing for the 118 min runtime felt dragged out. Some acts should've been paced faster, and some scenes either cut down or out. And he certainly could've directed some of his cast better. The score was good, but could've used a little more up-beat "thrilling" tones. But for a young newb filmmaker wearing that many hats, he did good.

The fact this was based on true events added shock value for the lack of great thrills, and thus made for a good watch. Would I recommend it? Yes. Would I watch it again? Probably not. It's a solid 7/10 from me.

ferguson-6 26 February 2021

Greetings again from the darkness. The best thrillers often interweave multiple story lines to create a complex web of detail for viewers to unwind. Writer-director Nicholas Jarecki (ARBITRAGE, 2012) serves up three story lines, all related to the current Opioid crisis. Although the film looks great and has a deep cast, we've seen most of this before and no new insight is provided in regards to the struggle. Instead, it's really standard thriller fare that never goes deep enough into any of the characters to make us care.

Armie Hammer (along with the recent personal baggage attached to him) stars as Jake Kelly, a DEA Agent who has worked undercover in hopes of exposing the Armenian-Canadian-American drug traffickers responsible for a significant portion of opioids crossing the border. Hammer spends the entire movie with an intensely furrowed brow that would likely inspire distrust amongst any potential drug syndicates.

In storyline number 2, Evangeline Lilly (Wasp in the ANT-MAN movies) is Claire Reimann, an architect and recovering drug addict, who is out for vengeance when her beloved high school athlete son is found dead with drugs in his system. The third segment features Oscar winner Gary Oldman (DARKEST HOUR, 2017) as Dr. Tyrone Brower, a science professor at a private Detroit university. He runs a drug-testing lab and faces a moral dilemma when questionable lab results for "the first non-addictive painkiller" puts people at risk, not to mention funding for his work.

Any one of these actors or stories could carry the weight of a movie, but when combined, they succeed only in crushing the entertainment value and tension level. Oldman's story is easily the most interesting. It addresses how Big Pharma gets new drugs rubber-stamped by funding otherwise cash-strapped labs and schools. There is also the skepticism involved with the drug-producer's influence over the supposedly independent FDA, and on top of all that, there is the ethical concerns of everyone putting the almighty dollar ahead of safety. Director Jarecki (the brother of Andrew Jarecki who directed the superb 2003 documentary CAPTURING THE FRIEDMANS) kicks off the movie with a beautifully filmed, albeit brief, chase scene through the snowy Canadian forest. In fact, the camera work throughout is fine. It's really the overloaded script that prevents any of the stories or characters from clicking. Mr. Oldman seems to sense that he needs to overcome the lack of complexity in his story, and because of the effort, loses his usual reserved cerebral approach for which he's known.

Supporting work is provided by Greg Kinnear as the Dean willing to sacrifice ethics and friendship for money, Michelle Rodriguez as the DEA supervisor in a budget crunch, and Lily-Rose Depp as Jake's strung out sister. Also contributing are Indira Varma, John Ralston, Martin Donovan, Mia Kirshner, Kid Cudi, Michael Aronov, Luke Evans, and Veronica Ferres. The weakest link here is director Jarecki himself, who for some reason, thought he could play Jake's partner ... a role that would have benefited from a more refined actor.

The horrific effects of the Opioid crisis are known to most, and the film plays like a Wikipedia explanation for anyone who doesn't read or watch the news. Certainly not helping is the "Miami Vice" type score that accompanies many scenes, and the choppy editing that causes many scenes to fail. Better movies in this genre would include THE INSIDER (1999, ironically directed by "

alon-dar1 17 March 2021

Very good, good acting, good story telling, good story. I adore serious films that actually make one realize the seriousness of the story, and this is one of those. Well worth watching - for people not looking for cheap action.

gustheaffen 9 August 2021

Got news for everyone, this is exactly what happens. Big Pharma buys studies via funding universities and the members in the FDA and CDC move from executive positions in Big Pharma, Ag companies in and out of the FDA and the FDA approves things based on money for Big Pharma, Ag. They lay it out in a movie and people defend them saying don't attack Big Pharma. These are corrupt companies that laughed about the people dying of opioids and all the other toxic crap they make. Good story. I enjoyed it.

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