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Cruella (2021)

Adventure | Comedy | Crime
Rayting:   7.4/10 161K votes
Country: USA | UK
Language: English | French
Release date: June 5, 2021

A live action prequel feature film following a young Cruella de Vil.

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waltermwilliams 27 May 2021

My faith in Walt is restored...Disney that is.

Ever since I was a little child watching in wonderment in the dark at the Movies or on the Black and White Pye TV at home...Walt Disney has entertained me for decades, but it's been a while since he put this kind of smile on my face.

Even though he's pushing up daisies or chilling out in a Cryogenic Chamber he still manages to bring magic into my life.

The brands latest effort is the live-action prequel, "Cruella" and it lives up to the trailers and then some.

It's a very dark origins story, not unlike "Joker".

Both films feature famous villains and turn them into protagonists misunderstood by friends, family and society.

What an amazing cast to watch strutting their stuff on the big screen and enjoying themselves.

"La La Lands" Emma Stone is brilliant as both Estella and her alter ego Cruella.

Emma Thompson is the Baroness...the nasty sociopathic woman Estella aspires to be whilst Cruella wants to destroy her and for good reasons that will reveal themselves in the fullness of time.

Joel Fry who was fun in "Yesterday" and Paul Walter Houser from "Richard Jewell" and "I,Tonya" provide the comic relief.

John McCrea who flamboyantly played Jamie in "Everybody's Talking About Jamie" doesn't hold back as the Rock Star of the Vintage Rag Trade.

Dedicated followers of fashion will love this movies costumes.

As usual Mark Strong puts in another strong performance as John the Valet.

The best part is the films Director is a fellow Aussie, Craig Gillespie, better known for "Lars and the Real Girl" and "I, Tonya" where he worked with Houser.

The original live action Cruella de Vil, Glenn Close, gets a nod with an Executive Producer credit for this 2021 movie.

"Cruella" had me from the opening bars of Supertramps' "Bloody Well Right" as we witness the birth of Estella.

From there the soundtrack rolls on highlighting just how good some of the modern classic songs of the 60's and 70's have stood the test of time.

It's a stellar collection of music from The Doors, Nine Simone, Electric Light Orchestra, The Ohio Players, Queen, Blondie, and The Clash to name a few.

It's already liked on my Spotify Library and playing in my French Batmobile.

I even love how the famous Disney logo is in black, white and red...Cruella DeVil's colours.

Even though it's based on the popular children's novel "One Hundred and One Dalmatians" by the late author Dodie Smith and has a PG rating this is a movie adults will also enjoy.

After all they didn't release it during the School Holidays.

In the words of Deadpool, "You're so dark. Are you sure you're not from the DC Universe."

aeasmmikey-86536 8 June 2021

..the best movie I've seen in a decade. And I see a lot of movies.

I understand and respect the negative reviews; an opinion is just that -- an opinion. The biggest negative is -- who is supposed to be the audience? Don't bring the kids -- not your typical Disney. Does it bear some resemblance to Devil Wears Prada? Yes. But honestly -- every second was so beautifully, scrumptiously executed, every scene, every costume (the garbage truck dress!).....oh, for heaven's sake, just go see it.

ernestoherreraf 28 May 2021

When I heard that they we're going to make a live-action movie about Cruella de Vil, I thought: This is going to be a disaster.

The trailers looked good but still not really great.

This movie? Blows every live action (except Cinderella) out of the park! Cruella is brilliantly written, acted and portrayed. All the side characters are memorable and useful. The baroness is amazing and just pure evil. I love it.

The costume designs are the best thing in this movie. They are beautiful, diffrent and are a feast to your eyes.

This movie gives me hope for the future of Disney!

marionahhh 5 June 2021

Though initially I found the idea of a(nother) live action Cruella movie unnecessary, this movie turned out to be one of my favourite live-action Disney movies so far. Everything about it is just so good, the performances, the cast, the plot and especially the costumes (the really outdid themselves on that one). I practically have nothing bad to say about this movie. It was never boring, and I absolutely adored Emma Stone as Cruella DeVil and Emma Thompson as the Baroness. Didn't except something dark like this from Disney but hey it really worked.

jo-473-857669 3 July 2021

I really wasn't expecting much, but this was this was a perfect mix of fun, gripping revenge, escapism and quirkiness. Emma Stone and Emma Thompson are perfectly matched rivals and the dogs... all the dogs really sealed the deal.

gobraves9-259-630922 28 June 2021

This is hands down the BEST Disney film I've seen in years and has the best soundtrack I've ever heard. Emma Stone is hypnotic as Cruella, Emma Thompson is delightfully wicked. The ancillary characters are very strong, as well. This film should received multi Oscar nods for acting, fashion, cinematography, and direction. The films' only drawbacks were the iffy CGI Dalmatians and particular animal references to skunks and raccoons that most outside the UK would never pick up on; neither animal is found in the UK.

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