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Cuties (2020)

Rayting:   3.0/10
Country: France
Language: English

Amy, an 11 year old girl, joins a group of dancers named "the cuties" at school, and rapidly grows aware of her burgeoning femininity upsetting her mother and her values in the process.

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nmd1968 14 September 2020

I decided to watch Cuties to see what the fuss is all about. While I agree with many reviewers that it is disturbing to see what these 11/12 year old girls are up to, I think it's realistic. I remember being that age, and being curious and trying to find my way. The idea that the actresses were exploited in the making of the film is an interesting question, but not really relevant in the assessment of the film itself. The film is a well done exploration of being a pre-teen/teenage girl in this day in age. For those who are disturbed by it, well yes, you probably should be. But you can't expect to surround girls with images of sexuality and not have an impact on how they perceive themselves and behave. Don't be mad at the film makers for reflecting reality -- instead go back to the media, fashion, social media and all of the other places little girls get their self image.

Sir_AmirSyarif 16 September 2020

Sometimes uncomfortable and others too radical, 'Cuties' is a riveting, thoughtful coming-of-age film that portrays a disturbing reality about the the power, the danger, and the limitations of a child's gaze - everything it can discover, absorb, and misinterpret. People should be concerned, not at the movie itself, but at the realities that it clearly reflects.

Desus80 12 September 2020

Shaming this movie for what it depicts it's like blaming a thermometer because it says we have fever. This is just a picture of our horrible reality.

finnickandwyatt 14 September 2020

The actresses in this movie aren't even old enough to watch what they are doing on the TV, let alone do it!

thatleoguy 14 September 2020

Once I heard it was a French film it didn't surprise me Americans would freak out. You can have a film about a child killing people including their parents and no problems in America . But put an 11yr old in a dance scene in a movie with mature content and take a few clips out of context and we freak out . It was a surprisingly good film and I'm not surprised on the awards. And after watching it I feel that those that are posting the short clips and pictures of the film are exploiting the kids more than the film does or ever will.

deborahjcarver 15 September 2020

If you haven't seen the final dance routine it will turn your stomach at the close-up crotch and butt shots. There is an 11 year old with her legs wide apart in several scenes. Dry humping and slapping each other's bottoms. The film could have made its point without the inappropriate close filming. I have never been more shocked and angry and repulsed by a movie before.

Glenumbra 16 September 2020

Thanks to all of the insane outrage associated with this title, I got to watch a very decent movie I most likely would have not watched otherwise. The film is shot from the perspective of an 11 yr old girl desperately trying to fit in, culturally, socially while having to navigate through the confusion of her changing body and everything that goes along with it. The film illustrates that, in reality, neither culture (traditional African Muslim vs. modern Western European) is particularly friendly to women and their bodies and this reflects heavily on young girls trying to find themselves and their place in this world. Yes, we live in a misogynistic world and the outrage surrounding this movie only proves the point. It seems that we can't even have an open and honest conversation about how young girls get to experience the world around them without people losing their minds.

YRLY59E 14 September 2020

This is a pretty decent but not great movie.

This is NOT a family film. It is NOT about sexual exploitation. The backlash against it is ridiculous. I suspect a lot of people don't watch a lot of movies based on what I'm reading here. Stuff like this comes out often, perhaps just not as publicly as Netflix, but more like late at night on an HBO sub channel and it rarely gets noticed.

This is a coming of age film about a girl whose friends and their dancing and modern less traditional behavior conflicts with her family's very traditional way of life and religion as she reaches her puberty and her teen years when girls would possibly experience a similar situation. The story is about her internal and external conflict and emotional development in regards to this.

The film is decent in that regard, it's a little over the top but you're using young actors and actresses for the most part. Some of the stuff is obviously intended to be presented the way it is to create a more extreme picture of her conflicted mindset.

I'm not really sure if people are even actually watching this or just bandwagon jumping against Netflix.

marriottj-64471 13 September 2020

I went into this movie expecting to be disturbed. I'd heard all of the commentary on it, but I wanted to watch the film in its entirety before passing judgment.

This movie is actually very impressive. The acting is incredible; the directing and cinematography are great. The message is important. Despite what people say, at least 50% of the film is about a Muslim family's customs, traditions, and lifestyle. The other half is about a young girl rebelling.

The startling imagery is meant to be just that - startling. It is meant to send a message to the audience about the way sexuality permeates younger and younger demographics.

In conclusion, I did not expect to be impressed but I was. There is a lot more meaning to this film than what the critics are claiming.

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