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Darbar (2020)

Rayting:   6.1/10 4830 votes
Country: India
Language: English

A police officer is on a chase to hunt down a dreaded gangster to fulfill his own secret agenda.

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ashkaff 17 January 2020

Knowing the director and the cast I went to see the movie without reading any critics reviews or the synopsis hoping to be entertained. To my surprise the movie was a complete thumbs down from start to finish. The only reason I gave 4* is for the CGI or else I would have given just a single star.

There was no essence to the story line at all. There was nothing to take back from the movie except the very loud music beats that will make your eardrums explode. Super Star Rajini's acting was average of his capabilities and bear minimum effort has been extracted from the Super Star by the director.

A total waste of time going to see this movie for me, who went with medium to high expectations.

santynitz 9 January 2020

This is the worst movie ever. There is complete disregard for police hierarchy and procedures. A DGP level cop must know the basics of policing.

Wonder why such movies are made. This is similar to Rohit Shetty films.

Watch Grandmaster starring Mohanlal to know police hierarchy.

harishmohan 12 January 2020

I've never written a review before but just couldn't stop myself this time. To every rajini fanatic I plead you to not glorify such a baseless horrible movie. Irrespective of this movie becoming a blockbuster or not Rajini will still remain rajini but by glorifying this senseless cop movie we will only be encouraging the hese directors to continue to fool the audience by making such stupid films. The confidence that the fans will take care of making a film an automatic success is the reason directors are taking things for granted. I plead to the fans and the movie goers to skip this terrible movie in protest. This film wouldn't have got positive reviews even back in the 90's as it is a totally outdated script. A. R. M has lost himself. Spyder, Sarkar and now this. Three major disasters in a Row.

aruncn-42763 10 January 2020

This is definitely the worst Rajini Movie ever. What a disappointment. Murugadoss has wasted the opportunity

balakumarrulez 14 January 2020

Total cringe fest. Save yourself from 3 hours of clichéd crige fest of a movie with lifeless characters.

kumarcsin 14 January 2020

Waste of money, not worth to watch. I slept while watching this movie. No logic in the story, murgadas failed miserably. The worst music , it is only noise. I wake up only Because of so called music.( noise)

sriramthestranger 9 January 2020

This movie came with lot of expectations about Super Star - A R Murugadoss combo. Yes, they have lived up to the expectation to a certain extent. Thalaivar is as usual stylish and suave in 1st half and everything seems good. But, after 10 minutes in the 2nd half the movie becomes brainless (literally too) and progresses without logic. The absolutely miserable scene is the spoiler and I don't want to disclose it. Finally, a disappointing watch that pulls you down after a marvelous 1st half.

postsenthil 13 January 2020



Superstar Rajni - For his undiminished charisma, style quotient and energy through which he fits into the role of a super-cop, when he is almost seventy, including courageously gymming out in all glory. He is a living testimony to the adage that age is just a number and remains the primary reason to watch this otherwise avoidable flick. And.. that is a near impossible feat that he can rightfully claim that only Rajni can accomplish.

Nivetha Thomas - For her commendable performace in a meaty cameo as Rajni's daughter.

Anirudh - For an energetic background score and few good (not great) songs.


Yogi Babu - who fares decently with his comic one-liners.

Action set-pieces - While none of it is exceptional, the railway station piece is well choreographed and packs a punch.

Nayantara - She continues to look like a billion bucks and oozes elegance and grace even though she has a nothing role here. While there is a weak pretense to rationalise the semblance of a romance, it is what it is - at best, a weak pretense, if not entirely phony.


The Villains - Sunil Shetty and co who are bad because they are not bad-enough baddies to challenge the hero in any meaningful way.

A R Murugadoss - Director ARM appears pretty directionless as he puts up a tepid show with weak writing which is all over the place. Looks like the chart-buster "Summa Kizhi" was actually inspired by a reading of this ragtag script. If not for the Superstar who shoulders this pretty sloppy outing and salvages it to watchable category, this would have been declared DOA - dud-on-arrival.

adithyadevp 10 January 2020

This movie is a watchable crime/action movie for rajini sir because he has done his part well. niveda thomas had also performed well the father daughter relationship was good. The bgm was energetic and some songs were good. The first half was better than the second half. The movie is good while there was some unlogic scenes and the story is not that variety this is a watchable movie considering rajini sir's effort it is watchable for rajini sir

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