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Dead and Breakfast (2004)

Comedy | Horror   
IMDB Rayting:   5.8/10
Country: USA
Language: English | French

A night at a local bed and breakfast turns into a bloody supernatural fight to the death.

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ben_retan 25 September 2004

I was at a screening of Dead and Breakfast tonight at the Sidewalk Film Festival here in Birmingham and really enjoyed the movie.

Warning- this movie is not for the weak of stomach. Gore content is out of the roof. However if you are a fan of splatter comedies such as the Evil Dead series, this movie is a must see.

The premise of the movie is your stereotypical horror movie set up. On the way to a wedding a group of semi-strangers get stuck in a small town overnight and someone gets killed.

The highly comedic twist to this horror is apparent even after the first killing as one of the group spends a good thirty seconds trying to run away from the dead body and instead slipping in a pool of blood over and over.

This movie was very much influenced by the Evil Dead series (in fact you can even see an Evil Dead poster in the closet where they first find the chainsaw) but does the comedy even better.

The appropriately over-the-top music of Zach Selwyn serves as a good and humorous progression between the scenes. He features original songs such as "Comin to kill ya", "Possessed" and "Quiet Little Town".

This was one of the best movies that I've seen in a very long time and I would give it a 9/10.

stormruston 31 December 2005

I just watched this one last night with my brother-in-law we both got allot of chuckles out of it and a few good laughs.

This movie is a cross between "Evil Dead 2" and "Shawn of the dead" with a touch of "kungfu Hustle" style dance scenes thrown into the mix, but not quite as good as any of the above mentioned movies.

It starts abit slow but picks up pretty fast.Lots of gore in the second half so if you have a weak stomach...

Some of the funniest bits in the movie are the song interludes, listen to the words,as it is funny stuff.

The acting is all pretty good,and the special effects well above average.

Highly recommend this one.

stupidill 19 April 2006

I had to post a comment as the previous one was far too harsh on this film.

I saw this film with quite a lot of expectations of it and was pleasantly surprised that it didn't let them down too much. That's not to say it is the greatest horror comedy, but it it really entertaining.

Caradines appearance seems to have more to do with having a famous face, than anything, but his appearance it welcome.

The "crazy" songs in the film vary from being a reasonable narrative device to being incredibly grating, but i guess in the spirit of how the film is presented they are okay. They could put people right off the film though, if they are too humourless.

So it's no Evil Dead 2 or Bloodsucking Pharoahs, but it a good watch for your horror fans and your non horror fans looking for a light horror romp to kill an evening.

claudio_carvalho 8 March 2008

While heading to Galveston in a RV for the wedding of a friend, the driver Johnny (Oz Perkins) gets lost and arrive in the small town of Lovelock and his friends Kate (Bianca Lawson), Sara (Ever Carradine), Melody (Gina Phillips), Christian (Jeremy Sisto) and David (Erik Palladino) decide to spend the night in the Bed and Breakfast owned by Mr. Robert Wise (David Carradine). David has an argument with the chef of the inn, Henri (Diedrich Bader), and when the chef is found dead and Mr. Wise has a heart attack in the middle of the night, the local Sheriff (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) suspects of the group and asks his assistant Enus (Mark Kelly) to take the key of their trailer and stay in Lovelock during the investigation. Then the Sheriff arrests a drifter (Brent David Fraser) that becomes his prime suspect. When the clumsy Johnny accidentally breaks a box of Mr. Wise, he releases the fiend Kuman Thong and the evil spirit possesses the locals transforming them into zombies.

Matthew Leutwyler certainly wrote and directed "Dead & Breakfast" with the intention of making a cult-movie. Unfortunately his target is never reached, but this gore comedy is funny and a worthwhile entertainment. There are good lines and most of the characters are likable, and one of the best moments if the phone call of the maid of honor Kate to the bride Lisa, with a hilarious dialog. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Adivinhe Quem Vem Para Morrer" ("Guess Who is Coming to Die?")

stiles-3 7 October 2004

Horror comedies are usually much better on paper than on film, which Dead & Breakfast wholeheartedly proves. The first half is a mish-mash of self-consciously 'witty' dialogue and 'hilarious' situations as a group of yappy twenty-somethings throttle in a Winnebago towards Texas for a wedding. But an overnight detour leads them into a den of hillbilly zombies and handmade shotguns, and some semblance of fun, whether it's comedic or not.

With its unnecessary close-ups, terrible acting, and abhorrent hand-held camera use, Dead and Breakfast has all the charm of a first feature by a fanboy with too many ideas and too little experience. (Note that this is actually writer/director Matthew Leutwyler's third feature.) This isn't to say that the movie's bad – there's plenty of gore and creative death scenes to tickle your attention span for 88 minutes. But as a horror film it never finds its voice, and as a comedy, it tries far too hard to ever provoke a good chuckle out of me.

Early on, the lead is taken by Christian, a pill-popping but level-headed mediator played by the always wonderful Jeremy Sisto. But his premature nixing leaves the scattered cast without a den mother. Sara (Ever Carradine, who amazingly looks nothing like a Skolnick) should be leading the pack, but she spends the rest of the film bellowing, 'you've got to be kidding me!' as she wards off zombie attacks. Hardly a leading heroine. The rest of the cast – much better than the headshot-cast prats I see in studio horror pics these days - simply squabble amongst themselves about personal issues while under attack. Then there's the 'comedy': look, drunk guys aren't funny, rude French people aren't funny, and while slipping around in a puddle of gore is funny (see Shaun of the Dead's off-screen tumble by Simon Pegg), when the scene lasts upwards of 30 seconds, one feels pandered to. Even hillbilly zombies aren't funny – isn't that a little too on the nose?

You could do worse than Dead & Breakfast, but if you're looking for a genuine laugh with a good smattering of gore, check out another of Lions Gate's indie horror acquisition, Monster Man. And if you want a good zombie gorefest, stick with Dead Alive or Evil Dead II, which Dead & Breakfast aspires so painfully to be. Because there's nothing funny about desperation, is there?

lost-in-limbo 12 October 2009

I had this one sitting around for awhile (as I recorded off TV about two years ago), but I heard mainly poor things which made me leave to sit on my shelf gathering dust. Clearing out my copies, I decided to take the dive and in all honesty it wasn't too bad. It might be dumb, but still sorely entertaining. The very low-budget horror / comedy 'Dead & Breakfast' is completely daft, but surprisingly amusing with its tongue-in-cheek pulp send-up of the zombie sub-genre. Its influences are obvious, but it doesn't try to hide it but wears it on its sleeve. After an imaginative get-go, it does fall on the familiar side (small rural town under threat/people boarded in a house with the dead outside) with its running joke beginning to wear thin, but its comic book enthusiasm (and crazy blood splatter) drives it on. It really relishes in the gruesomely squishy make-up FX and oddball pluckiness. However it has some interesting facets like the storyboard illustrations cutting between scenes and linking the erratic storytelling is a singing narration (which does feel longer than it is) with a real country swing. But the leering one would be variation of how the zombies come about. Nicely done. Roaming through is a rock soundtrack, and a score that's got the flair to match. The performances are light-head, but colourfully quirky and sharp with the likes of Gina Phillips (who's perfectly wholesome), Jeremy Sisto, Bianca Lawson, Ever Carradine, Erik Palladino, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Brent David Fraser and Miranda Bailey. It was cool to see David Carradine pop up in a cameo role too. Also recognizable showing in minor parts are Vincent Ventresca, Portia de Rossi and Diedrich Bader. Spiritedly goofy, messy fun.

gavin6942 15 February 2010

A group of young adults decides to stay in a bed and breakfast for the night, but by morning two people are dead. Now witnesses and possibly suspects, the sheriff keeps them in town... but that's not the best idea, since there's about to be an outbreak of zombies, and not many will survive the next few days.

Maybe you stumbled on this film because you like horror comedies. And if you did, that was a good idea. It's funny and has gore that may remind you of such low budget classics as the early works of Peter Jackson ("Bad Taste" and "Dead Alive"). Nice blood, decapitated heads, a chainsaw and a homemade shotgun.

Maybe you stumbled on this because of the cameos from Diedrich Bader and David Carradine, or the appearance of horror regular Jeremy Sisto. Bader and Carradine are both great, though their parts are small. Sisto is also his typical self, which means you'll probably enjoy him. He's not as prominent as he is in other films (such as "May"), but he does not disappoint.

The reason you should have watched this film, but you probably didn't, is for Zach Selwyn (also known as simply Zachariah). He plays Randall Keith Randall, the musical gas station attendant. His songs are great, particularly one where he mixes rap and country, and has zombies dancing the "Thriller" dance. (Outside of this film, he is marginally known for his songs "CILF" and "TSA Gangstaz"... YouTube them.) The film would have been great without him, but he brought the enjoyment over the top.

I had known of this film's existence for years, but never had it forced on me until now... I'm glad it was. The picture's a little grainy and the budget is clearly nothing special, but if you're the type of horror fan who can look past that... you'll love it. The only problem is that Billy Burke (Charlie Swan from "Twilight") dropped out and doesn't appear... but you wouldn't notice.

suspiria10 10 September 2005

Three couples are on a road trip to a wedding in Galveston when they decide to make a pit-stop in a weird little rustic town Lovelock. They stop over for the night at the local bed and breakfast (run by none other than 'Bill" himself, David Carradine). But when the chef winds up carved and filleted and the owner dies of an apparent heart attack these road weary friends learn the story of Pandora's Box the hard way and with possessed zombies to boot. 'Dead & Breakfast' is the perfect companion piece to 'Shaun of the Dead'. 'Dead' one ups the zany genre referencing humor of 'Shaun" by adding absolutely hilarious songs the link (and even further the plot) many of the scenes together. The comedic timing of the actors greatly improves as the feature progresses as the humor gets crazier and the gore gets going. "Dead" is quite gory and conjures many a fond memory of past 80's gore classics.

jamesmawebb23 8 February 2012

I would give it 3 stars if I hadn't watched too many zombie movies. Despite the dross out there it only shines because of the unique musical aspect. It doesn't as a zombie movie. Have a care about what you will watch and you can find better. It IS worth seeing if you want a standard to judge things by. A bad standard admittedly but a standard nevertheless. Good sets but I feel like it was an advert for a terrible country band. It conforms to some faintly amusing stereotypes and there are some interesting use of weapons. The characterisation owes much to the 'Hammer' school of glossy hair and a wide mouth for screaming school of acting. You won't like them and so the musical interlude about their endeavors serves only to annoy, frustrate and occasionally judge others by their standard.

wishinhart 30 July 2006

The review note on the box remarked that this was the "american answer to 'Shaun of the Dead'" perhaps i had high expectations coming into this. First off, its a fun movie -- cheesy, funny, worth 90-120 minutes of your time. There are enough snippet funny moments and lines delivered with perfect timing to keep you interested (especially enjoyed the homage to 'Thriller')...but if you're looking for a Shaun of the Dead companion piece--this isn't it. While 'Shaun' mixed a perfect amount of suspense, humor, and gore, 'Dead & Breakfast' merely provided some humor and a whole lotta blood. This movie was worth a rent, just don't go into it with high expectations. I wouldn't place it next to my other zombie movies in my home collection, i would put it somewhere probably back on the shelf at blockbuster. :-)

jaimelesbellesamericaines 21 March 2005

A group of friends has to go to a wedding, and decide to take a drive trough the American Midwest to get there... but they get lost...have to spend the night in a bed and breakfast, in a little Midwestern town. Soon the whole city turn into zombies, and start killing everyone. Let's face it, you should not expect a great scenario, but who would expect a great scenario in a zombie movie. This one is a especially good. Cut into chapters, separated by country songs, the whole thing is well directed and well played (in context : this is a zombie film, not the next Oscar winning blockbuster), and blood is dripping all over the place, a bit of humor, and bits and pieces of bodies. A future classic of the genre. And you should watch the remix of Jackson's "Thriller" while the zombies are attacking : hilarious. Another highpoint is the presence of Carradine (Bill in Kill Bill), yeah! Zombie Rocks.

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