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Deewana (1992)

Action | Crime | Romance
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Country: India
Language: English

Kajal is a beautiful and talented young woman who loves songs and dances and attends various shows. At one of the shows she attended she gets to meet Ravi, a popular singer and both are ...

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scotland_jewel 6 February 2006

First, before one watches this film, one must remember it was one of Shah Rukh Khans first films, filmed in 1992. Therefore, it may seem a bit dated. The clothes, hairstyles (all but SRKs, as his hair is classic and, and dance routines may all seem a bit odd at first, but you soon get use to it, as one would watching a Hollywood film from the sixties.

The viewer must also remember that Shah Rukh Khan is not the star of the film, Kapoor is the star, all be it, an ageing one. Which does make it a bit difficult to believe he could be the love interest and object of desire of young girls. You will have to wait a while before Shah Rukh finally appears on screen, but trust me, it will be well worth the wait.

Although at times one must suspend disbelief through must of the film,this is a very sweet film.

nitap 15 June 2007

Shah Rukh Khan's debut from Television Star to Movie Star was a great surprise! Rishi Kapoor and the late Divya Bharti did a wonderful job as did our hero SRK who is looking mighty hot, young and full of energy in this action/love story. It is fun to go back and watch the styles of the movies made in the 80's and early 90's. They can have cliché's and corny scenes sometimes but they are still fun to watch. This movie is about a jealous uncle played by Puri who comes between the love story of Kapoor and Bharti. Shah Rukh Khan enters the movie at the right time to save the day and the rest is action packed and enjoyable. Watch this movie if you are a fan of SRK or Bharti who did a fine job. The songs were good and the dance number of Aisi Deewangi is always a fun watch! Also just to set the record straight, Shah Rukh Khan did NOT crown himself as the Baadshah of Bollywood, that was a title he has earned which anyone can truly see why if you just watch the line of work he has done from Deewana to Don!

HeadleyLamarr 29 September 2006

I finally got around to seeing this film. I knew that SRK was not lead billed but boy was the wait long and painful. Why any one in their right mind would have fallen for puff haired, no waistline, buck toothed Rishi Kapoor was completely mystifying. At first I thought maybe he was like an aging Elvis or something, but this man had no charisma, no personality, nothing. Yet the perky Divya falls for him and all is blissful - awful dance numbers with numerous girls in yellow all over the hill side and all.. I have given up hope that the movie will go anywhere, when BAM the pop star is gone, and things begin to look up. Divya looks way hotter in white than she did in the first half. Then the young Romeo (SRK) arrives on the scene and the story becomes much much more interesting. Hearts and minds are won over and a new love story unfolds. But the dead don't stay dead and we have to kill them yet again, it is Bollywood after all.

I think this movie might be one right at the cusp of changing over in style from the terrible eighties into the nineties. They did one half to keep the eighties crowd in and the second half to ring in the nineties. And am I glad the eighties are truly gone! Watch it to see Divya Bharti in a creditable performance, too bad she is gone. Watch it to see SRK as a young man playing the deewaana (demented), the angry, the lovelorn - and all done very well. Amrish Puri does not disappoint either. All in all an 8 just to see SRK take an absolutely rubbishy film into the realm of entertainment.

Peter_Young 5 July 2009

I did not really want to watch this one. It seemed to be an old Raj Kanwar movie which disgusted me even before I started watching it because I don't consider him even close to being mediocre as a filmmaker. The only reason I took this one is obviously the Shahrukh Khan appearance in the film. I had not even known what the film was all about because I was sure it would be just an ordinary fairy tale. So I just imagined a love story between Shahrukh Khan and Divya Bharti with a substantial supporting role by Rishi Kapoor who I thought would be playing her father or uncle. And to my complete shock, Rishi Kapoor is actually the hero! He is the one who romances the young Divya! I was saddened to find out that Shahrukh had a small part of no substance and that too, only in the second part of this idiotic film.

Just let me repeat the question: why would a 17 year-old lovely Divya have fallen for a 40-plus long haired, chubby, swollen piglet like Rishi Kapoor? Rishi Kapoor should be ashamed of taking this part; the only thing he did is ridiculing himself. He romanced a girl who could logically be younger than his own daughter and to make things worse -- acts like a teenager at his forties. On top of that, just to make himself more pathetic, he plays a pop-star...

To make things clear, I have no problems with actors romancing ladies much younger than they themselves are as long as they make a convincing couple. In fact, leading actors have always been cast opposite young girls (Amitabh Bachchan-Sridevi, Mithun Chakraborty-Madhuri Dixit, Shahrukh Khan-Deepika, Salman Khan-Sneha Ullal) and made the pairing pretty well. Also, I have nothing against Rishi Kapoor, I think he is a good actor, and his act in Bobby is still well-engraved in my heart, but it's not that he looks in this film like, say, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan or Aamir Khan look today. He looks like Divya's father.

That was such a disappointment. Oh, and as for the reason every person actually watched this film, Shahrukh Khan made a good debut. He excelled in the very little his part allowed him to do. The late Divya Bharti made a promising debut as well. If you want to watch this film, go for the second half only. Personally, I would not do even that.

shabzy_98 30 March 2018

Typical Bollywood love triangle, goes good with the dialogue, full of innocence. One of my all time faves Divya Bharti looks beautiful especially in the Aisi Deewangi song. A film with the 90s touch of innocence in Bollywood, with music that's still a phenomenan.

jmathur_swayamprabha 30 June 2014

During the eighties, a talented youth from Delhi started his acting career through TV serials and got popular through serials like Fauji and Circus. Then he got a break in the Hindi movie industry established in Mumbai(then Bombay) which was his ultimate aim. Popular heroine turned producer Hema Malini signed him for her first directorial venture which was titled as Dil Aashna Hai casting him opposite a very young girl who had already become a star in her own right. This girl was Divya Bhaarti and this boy was Shah Rukh Khan now fondly called as SRK in the cine-world.

However prior to Dil Aashna Hai, another movie signing these two got released first and is now credited as Shah Rukh Khan's debut movie. It's Deewaana(1992). Thus despite Dil Aashna Hai being Shah Rukh Khan's first signed movie, Deewaana became his first released movie. Cast opposite very pretty and extremely popular teenager Divya Bhaarti only, Shah Rukh Khan is an angle of this triangular love story. Another angle has been played by extremely popular romantic hero of Bollywood movies - Rishi Kapoor who had already touched the peak of his career by the time of this movie. Thus this movie stars RK, Divya and SRK in principal roles. Directed by Raj Kanwar, it was a box office hit and its music composed by Nadeem Shravan was even a bigger hit with the songs being hummed by the romantic ones even today. It has deficiencies in the script and its picturization but its pluses especially the great music appeal and the extra-ordinary performances make up for them.

The story of Deewaana(crazy) starts with the romance of Ravi(Rishi Kapoor) who is a popular singer and from a very rich family with Kaajal(Divya Bhaarti) who is a dancer. They get married and start living happily when the trouble strikes due to the greedy and scheming uncle of Ravi - Dheerendra Prataap(Amrish Puri) who masterminds the killing of Ravi, leaving Kaajal as widow, adjusting with her life with the support of her loving mother-in-law - Laksmi Devi(Sushma Seth). Now comes the main twist in the tale.

Relocated to another city with Lakshmi Devi, Kaajal comes across a happy-go-lucky youth Raaja(Shah Rukh Khan) and despite her reluctance to marry, she finally gets married to him, succumbing to his true love for her and the pressure of her mother-in-law who wants her very young daughter-in-law to live a normal life again. Gradually the things start getting normalized for Kaajal when the cruel joke of destiny comes to the fore.

Ravi returns alive after struggling between life and death for a very long time. He becomes Raaja's friend but is shocked to find his wife Kaajal as Raaja's wife now. Kaajal is virtually dumbfound to find her first husband(and the first love of her life as well) as alive. This new fact is so baffling and brings such a storm in Kaajal's life that Lakshmi Devi can't even rejoice the return of the only son of hers. How this puzzle of life can be resolved now for all these three protagonists? The solution can be utterly filmy only with the villains roaming around, smelling the main characters like blood-hounds.

This story of Saagar Sarhadi is good but its presentation on the screen is not that great. Sometimes, too many good songs also become a problem because they are to be adjusted in the script, creating situations for them. That is one reason for the lacklustre narrative. Besides, the director(Raj Kanwar) also could not do justice to the story and a proper balance between the screen time of the three main characters coul

silvan-desouza 24 December 2009

Srk's first film had to be DIL AASHNA HAI(1992) but DEEWANA released before DAH was Hema Malini's directorial debut too while the film got delayed and bombed

DEEWANA was a hit and it was Raj Kanwar's directorial debut too

The film is divided in 2 chapters The first half shows a romance between an aged 40+ plus and chubby and fat Rishi kapoor and newcomer and perplexed late Divya Bharati the romance isn't too involving and the songs too are too many yet the turn of events are well handled

The second half focuses on SRK who loves the widow Divya Bharati and he marries her but as soon as they get close to each other Rishi returns and the rest is a clichéd Hindi film

The film is well handled by Raj Kanwar though clichéd and formula driven yet the drama and the romance(in parts) is well handled

Music is a winner, most songs are a rage though too many songs

Rishi looks too fat and old for his role but acts well Divya is okay, she wasn't too a great actress and looked too wooden as an actress yet here she does quite okay SRK for his debut is sincere and i miss this SRK nowdays he plays his part well though he was too awkward and there were rough edges Amrish Puri plays his 100000000th villain role Mohinish Behl is adequate Alok Nath is okay Sushma Seth is typecast

dalvar-ak47 24 November 2019

Ok, Deewana was a typical 90s movie-maybe an amazing movie for that time- but SRK shone like a star.. For a debutante, He did a more than an outstanding job.. a rich spoilt brat to an obsessed lover, a loving husband to a good hearted man..That's Raja Sahai (SRK) for you in deewana...

kishankdkd 13 March 2019

Power packed Performance by SRK awesome story and worthy climax good dialogue and specially entry song of SRK

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