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Demonic Toys (1992)

Comedy | Fantasy | Horror
Rayting:   5.1/10 3.9K votes
Country: United States
Language: English
Release date: July 2, 1993

A pregnant policewoman, her quarry, and an innocent delivery boy become trapped in a haunted toy warehouse.

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jacobjohntaylor1 2 June 2017

This is better then a 5.2. It is a 10. It has a great story line. It also has great acting. It also great special effects. This movie is very scary. It is scarier then The Shinning and that is not easy to do. 5.2 is a good ratting. But this such a great movie 5.2 is underrating it. This is one of the best horror movies of all time. If you like real scary movies then you like this movie. This is a great movie. See it. I f it does not scary you no movie will. You will great scared. This a very scary movie. See this movie. It is a great movie. It is very scary. This is scary then A nightmare on elms street and that is not easy to do. This is a true horror classic.

gridoon 25 December 2001

"Demonic Toys" is a curious mixture of gore and cheesiness - in about equal measures. In fact, this film epitomizes cheesiness: stupid plot, uneven effects, mostly terrible acting (save for leading lady Tracy Scoggins, who is too awesome-looking for her acting to matter anyway), and dialogue laced with lame puns ("You messed up my make-up"!). But the gore is pretty extreme and over-the-top (the dolls rip off huge chunks of flesh from the faces of their victims). It's a bad film, but tolerable IF you're in the right mood.....(*1/2)

HumanoidOfFlesh 12 March 2001

"Demonic Toys" is one of the funniest bad movies ever made.The dialogue is hilariously awful and the script is extremely stupid.However I really enjoyed this one simply because I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.Some rather cheesy gore effects are about the only one thing that save this movie from being a total disaster.The acting is laughably bad,the characters are very annoying,but the evil toys look amazing.If you are a big b-movie fan,then you might enjoy this.Everyone else is advised to stay away.

movieman_kev 11 July 2014

After a newly pregnant cop (Tracy Scoggins, who would later star in Babylon 5) follows the criminals who killed her partner/lover into a toy warehouse, she finds herself trapped along with said criminals, as well as security guard and random pizza boy, along with the titular demonic toys and their evil owner.

Not as memorably classic as Full Moon's earlier Puppet Master films nor as plain outright fun as Trancers, Demonic Toys is pretty watchable in it's own right. Although I enjoyed it quite a bit more when I first saw it as a teen. Followed, like all Full Moon franchises, by way too many sequels Eye Candy: Kristine Rose gets topless

BA_Harrison 10 April 2012

The front cover of my DVD for Demonic Toys (Film 2000 Shock Horror Collection) states that 'special effects wizard David Allen brings Toulon's killer puppets magically to life'. In reality, Allen's FX contribution is fairly negligible and Toulon (from the Puppetmaster series) has jack all to do with this particular movie.

Similarly misleading is the one (mis)quote on the sleeve from (no, me neither), which describes Demonic Toys as boasting 'breast-focused nudity', which it doesn't really: there's a two second shot of a topless woman—hardly what you would call Russ Meyer/Andy Sidaris territory.

Despite the distributor clearly feeling the need to deceive people into buying the film, Demonic Toys isn't all that awful; in fact, as trashy low-budget B-movie horrors go, this one is actually pretty entertaining, with a reasonable amount of invention (the script written by David S. Goyer of Batman Begins and Dark City fame), some marvellously shonky puppet-style monsters, and a fair amount of gratuitous gore (including plucked eyeballs and a decapitation).

It's all incredibly silly, of course, with people trapped in a toy warehouse, terrorised by a demonic jack-in-the-box, a deadly doll called Oopsie Daisy, and a giant killer teddy bear (controlled by an evil spirit who wants to be reborn as a human), but not so bad that it didn't deserve a respectable DVD release with a more representative sleeve.

5.5 out of 10, rounded up to 6 for IMDb.

kannibalcorpsegrinder 30 October 2016

Tracking criminals to an abandoned warehouse, a pregnant cop finds that their spilled blood has inadvertently released a horde of demonically-possessed toys killing off several stragglers in order to allow their master to live again and forces her to find a way of stopping their plans.

This one here was quite the enjoyable and fun Full Moon killer doll classic. What really gives this one quite a lot to like here is the fact that it really works the film's atmosphere and location quite well, managing to give this a solid and engaging amount of suspense present in an inherently cheesy premise. Using the singular location of the warehouse to great effect in the first half where she's stalking them trying to arrest him unaware of the situation before the dolls come to life makes for a strong set-up and a rather engaging premise that gets exploited throughout the remaining parts of the film by taking the regular stalking of the early sections and pairing that with the more supernaturally-based interaction in the remainder of this one. The dolls themselves get a great first appearance, knocking out and taking care of the security guard when they find them inside the warehouse which is a great scene as well as the multitude of toys taking them on in the vents into the security shack which is a highly enjoyable and chilling battle with all of them swarming over and fighting the both of them. That this leads into the strong main battle at the end with the whole store full of toys coming to life under his possession and leading into the main attack there results in plenty of fun, explosive thrills with them battling off the multitude of creatures in big, fun gun- battles is where this one really works and becomes a series of grand action set-pieces with the dolls coming after them and finally getting the big ending confrontation between the two black magic powers in the sacrificial altar that features some great cheesy action featured here. With plenty to like here with the dolls and the effects work needed to bring them to life, there's even more good fun here which is letting this one's main premise get exploited in the the dolls and different creatures brought to help the struggle, and adding in the gruesome, bloody deaths gives this one a lot of enjoyable elements found here. These are enough to make this one quite a bit of fun and has plenty to like overall, but it does have one main flaw to be found here in the overly fantastical plot line that features the spirit child continually interacting and spelling out his goal for her in mild dream-like manners which are somewhat comical to think that a child speaking in an altered demonic voice is supposed to be scary as well as bringing the film to a halt in order to get the motivation out which is such a change- of-pace that it sticks out quite easily. Likewise, the special effects are a little cheesy and might be a bit outdated, but otherwise it's the weird fantasy elements in the backstory that holds this one down.

Rated R: Extreme Graphic Language, Graphic Violence and Brief Nudity.

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