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Desperados (2020)

Rayting:   5.1/10
Country: USA
Language: English

A panicked young woman, with her reluctant friends in tow, rushes to Mexico to try and delete a ranting email she sent to her new boyfriend.

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Stars: Nasim Pedrad, Anna Camp and Lamorne Morris

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Blk_Ne190 3 July 2020

This movies premise is very old and kinda been done a lot of times already.

It is one of the more boring ones, I found my self not really watching it but rather just letting it wash over me. There was nothing to grasp onto.

Then I realised that the dialogue was terrible. It was so unfunny and bad. The delivery of the lines was also not great but I do wonder if they were like "I can't believe they are making me say this".

The plot is also paper thin and at times I think got bored of it's self as it kinda wanders off and does irrelevant things then hopes back to what it was meant to be focusing on.

I read that this movie has been in development since 2009 that is a long time ago, 11 years. I think it shows as it isn't anything fresh unfortunately and I really like most of the leads.

chrisproudfoot-59026 8 July 2020

I'll start by stating my 2 star rating is only due to loving most of the actors in the film. I would have thought this combination would have gone off much better than it did.

The storyline is painfully erratic, with nothing to really grab on to. Instead of enjoying the experience you'll kind of just waste time watching something without taking anything from it to remember. In other words, it's a total waste of an hour and a half of your life that you'll never get back - and that's saying a lot while most of us are stuck at home in quarantine with too much free time.

It's a shame they brought together this great group and missed the mark entirely on a story of any sort.

Also, what's with the uncomfortable child/ adult live connection joke? It was cringeworthy at the first sentence and they kept it going throughout a decent length of the film. I don't know how this script ever got the green light.

If you're looking for a great Netflix comedy, this isn't it. It's not even decent. Instead , I recommend you watch Eurovision Song Contest: the story of Fire Saga - it'll bring you laughs and even some tears of joy.

rayres0708 6 July 2020

I turned this in because I love Nasim Pedrad. The trailer looked funny. But it was absolutely awful. There were a couple funny moments, but most of jokes were not funny and completely gross. The plot was painful and ridiculous.

jcarracher 4 July 2020

Congratulations, this movie was so bad it actually moved me to write a review.

Desperadoes was a train wreck from start to cgi dolphin dong and then went downhill from there. Whichever scriptwriter came up with this needs to go on strike again and I truly hope none of those involved (and to be clear, I previously liked all three of the 'recognisable' faces in this) ever live it down.

Early and guaranteed winner of the Worst Movie of the 21st century.

francescapf 17 July 2020

But it's close. Even some decent actors couldn't save one of the worst scripts ever written. Everything fell flat. There were times the actors mumbled their line and I'm convinced it's because they were embarrassed.

I expected this to be a stupid comedy that I'd think wasn't great but entertaining. Some seem to want to make the bad reviews about people being easily offended or expecting greatness. Nah, it just really sucks.

hannah-hunt 4 July 2020

This movie is nothing but cliches, bad acting, and recycled tropes. The dynamic between the woman playing the main character and the little boy at the resort is creepy and inappropriate exploitation of a minor actor.

Calicodreamin 16 July 2020

Not completely awful, a few humorous scenes and good cinematography, but on the whole unfunny. The jokes land painfully flat, leaving this movie very one note and lacking purpose. The storyline is very cliche and the main characters have no chemistry.

whimsicalguy-72169 3 July 2020

Seriously,, just dont waste your time watching this, i usually can bear a pathetic movie by doing a fast forward but this just broke my patience on all levels.. Do something unproductive or stupid to pass your time rather wasting it by watching this! You'll thank me later.

Lyds142 10 July 2020

Why does Netflix keep making movies like this? Lamorne Morris is charming but the rest of the movie was painful to watch.

krissy_katie 4 July 2020

2020 is just so sad for so many people and this movie didn't help uplift the those who subscribed in Netflix during lockdown.

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