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Dhamaka (2021)

Crime | Drama | Thriller
Rayting:   7.8/10 34K votes
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release date: November 19, 2021

Reassigned from TV to radio, a frustrated anchor sees both danger and opportunity when he receives threatening calls on the air.

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madanmarwah 21 November 2021

This movie is a tense expose of the games people play in the world of contemporary electronic media , maybe exaggerated at places but it makes a point all the same. The questions thrown up are like 1. Is the TV channel more inportant than the individual ?

2. Should TV channels go for increasing TRP at ANY cost ?

3. Is RJ an actor who has to create drama for the audience besides telling the truth 24x7 ?

Even considering that it is a remake of a Korean film, the plot is by no means original for Bollywood. Some years back there was a movie called " Madari" where the protagonist Irrfan was a common man threatening to trigger a blast and demanding accountability/ apology from the concerned Minister. Then there was " A Wednesday " which was superb movie on a similar subject.

For those interested, an interesting trivia of this movie is the experimental method of filming in a closeted set for 10 days at a stretch using multiple cameras simultaneously. ( Something similar to the filming style used in a recent movie " The guilty" ).

Director Ram Madhvani keeps the audience hooked with the quick paced narrative. There are a number of twists and tension filled moments in the movie as our TV anchor Kartick negotiates with the desperate caller not to trigger another blast if a minister does not apologise. Kartik gets continuous guidance both from his boss and a member of the anti terrorist squad. His lady boss is played to near perfection by Amruta Subhash. ( Her cryptic last minute instructions include " give him the blue tie, play the sad music, gel back your shaggy hair). The movie does keep one absorbed. This is a one man movie with Kartik Aryan in the forefront and he gets ample opportunity to showcase his talent. If this doesn't work for him, nothing will. Mrinal Thakur as Kartik's wife impresses.

krunalpatel11127 29 November 2021

Well I started watching after seeing a higher reviewed in IMDb title turn out it is a one time Ok watch with not the ending I was expecting.but thing I noticing now a day they know that people are using IMDb to check reviews and then go to see movies so first they kept all bots ready before film release and as soon as film release this bots comes to an play to rig the rating here same happen.

imdb-ikysmoviedatabase 20 November 2021

Very good thriller it kept me gripped through out I just didn't like the last 20 or so minutes but most of it was fun to watch. The acting was super great screen play is well.

isaacochoterena 22 November 2021

This movie has an important message, but its execution makes it less enjoyable.

The beginning of this movie is good, but as the plot progresses, it gets boring and cyclical, the plot twist is good and has an unexpected ending, but the movie has a lot of sentimentality and some inconsistencies. The performances are not good, the editing makes the film tedious, some special effects are bad and it is sometimes convenient.

The film is bad and boring, but it exposes that ambition sometimes succumbs to us and makes a harsh criticism of the government of the film's country of origin.

dhavalpithwa 20 November 2021

Finally Dhamaka By Netflix

What a Movie Mind Blowing

Kartik Aryan Just An Amazing....

Award Winning Performance

Great Story , Great Direction.

Highly Recommend.......

rehmankhilji 29 November 2021

Yes, it is indeed a good flick. Should watch it and it is interesting. Kartik Aaryan in the lead and the movie is all on him and he has played, performed, acted very well. At least from all the other actors of his peers who are just the same in all their movies.

The story is interesting, small plot big movie, good attempt BUT the end is very non-sense / Bollywood type.

However, a good weekend watch and it will keep you on your toes.

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