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Doctor (2021)

Action | Comedy | Crime
Rayting:   7.6/10 14K votes
Country: India
Language: Tamil
Release date: October 9, 2021

When his fiancee's niece is kidnapped, a stoic army doctor and his motley team launch a rescue operation in which they need both wit and their wits.

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sanjubhat 8 November 2021

Movie review: Doctor (Tamil film) streaming on Netflix #sanjuzzreviews #doctor2021 Just saw this film for a lark without reading the synopsis or having any background of the story. It was pleasantly entertaining.. I can definitely vouch for it !!

Doctor is a dark comedy, action thriller directed by Nelson Dilip Kumar and starring Sivakarthikeyan as the protagonist Varun.

Varun is an army doctor who gets rejected by his fiancee for being emotionally detached. Despite being hurt by her rejection, he decides to help her out when her neice gets kidnapped by a human trafficking mafia. He uses the same qualities (emotional detachment) along with his wit to create a team of conmen to con the bad guys and rescue the girl. Sounds confusing right? This is what the film is all about.

A different kind of an experiment with comedy action drama, all packed in to make a complete "hotch-potch", yet coming up with a winner in the end.

You will like this if you enjoyed Andhadhun.

Would love to see more films in this genre in future.

.. Adios 🙂

sumanth-05484 14 November 2021

Laughing Riot If you wach it without Thinking So Much , I have Laughed So much After many days because of this movie . Totally Enjoyable Movie If you don't think so much .

TreeFiddy53 10 November 2021

Not gonna lie, the movie was fun to watch. The comedy in the movie pretty much carries the entire film. They sell this to be a crime thriller, I'd say that this is in the comedy genre that just happens to have a plot based on a crime, thereby taking the emphasis off the crime and logic, and focusing on the comedy more.

Depending on the kind of comedy you enjoy, you'll either laugh throughout the movie, or at least in parts for sure. While that's the plus, that sometimes is also a minus. You'll find yourself laughing at situations in the movie when it's supposed to evoke something else out of you AND the characters as well.

You'll have to keep logic aside to completely enjoy this one, be it the dark humor or the "timing comedy"/the one-liners. If you start finding flaws, you won't stop. And therefore, prior to starting this movie, tell yourself that you shouldn't do it to begin with.

This isn't for everyone but it surely has something for a lot of people, at least in parts, if not in the entirety of the film.

rahul000994 25 November 2021

In Nelson Dilipkumar's 'Doctor' we see the protagonist, Varun (Sivakarthikeyan), he is at the battle front treating an injured terrorist. A superior questions why he has chosen to save the terrorist over an Indian soldier, and he coolly retorts that the latter's injury is fatal, so saving the terrorist would help in intelligence gathering. He is unemotional that way.

This is certainly a different role for Sivakarthikeyan, who, unlike in other films, is made to be less expressive and less talkative. In the initial scenes, seeing the actor this way does seem jarring. We wonder why he has to be absolutely expressionless and robotic, but as the story develops, you see how this very trait comes in handy for this character to do the things that he does. Discounting his attempt at portraying a serious character in Kanaa, one could call this his first serious hero role. In fact, only Sivakarthikeyan and Vinay, who charmingly plays the suave, ruthless villain Terry, who runs a kidnapping operation, get to play straight-faced characters among the film's principal cast. Every other actor is funny in one way or the other.

And Sivakarthikeyan sportingly lets the other actors - especially comedians - take the limelight. Among the bunch of comic performers, Redin Kingsly almost walks away with the film. His style is distinct among comedians who can deadpan. While most of them go subtle, he goes to the other extreme - loud and so over-the-top. Nelson seems to realise that this shtick could quickly become tiresome, and uses him effectively by pitting him against Yogi Babu, who is also in terrific form. Then, there is Deepa Shankar, who gets some of the film's funniest lines, and is great with physical comedy. We also get a couple of bumbling criminals, Sunil Reddy and Shiva, who do a fab job in the second half of the film, when Varun and the family of Padmini (Priyankaa Mohan, likeable) embark on a mission to Goa to save Chinnu (Zaara Vineet), the school-going daughter of her elder brother (the late Arun Alexander) and sister-in-law Sumathi (Archana, who is quite effective).

Interestingly, Padmini is Varun's fiancé (ex-fiancé, as he corrects another character later in the film). The scene in which she rejects him in the presence of both their families sets the tone for the rest of the film. Nelson doesn't let go of this darkly humorous tone even when things get serious (they have to, given the nature of the crime the film deals with). The humour quotient does dip in the second half, but Nelson manages to inject a funny quip or two to keep the tone from getting too serious. Take the scene towards the climax when a character decides to apologise to everyone they have put in harm's way. The director gives it an entirely wacky touch that even as you laugh, there is something emotionally affecting about it. Even the one action set-piece in the film is peppered with comedy and inventiveness in staging. And Anirudh's lively background score, especially in the climax, elevates a moment that is tonally different (let's say, it is more 'heroic') from the rest of the film.

And all along, the writing remains solid, giving us situations that might have felt implausible in a serious film, but work brilliantly because of the black comedy.

eldreddsouza 14 November 2021

Well not this Doctor. You can eat apples but still welcome this Doctor with open arms.

This is a really excellent film. A great mixture of seriousness and comedy. It's no ordinary thriller. The director has done a splendid job mixing some dark dark humour in a thriller film. I did not know what I was going in for and when I found myself laughing every 2 minutes I was like, 'Wait! What is this movie really?". But it also has a very serious plot with a good message. So just brilliant job director Nelson.

This movie excels in every department. The locations are beautiful and beautifully captured as well. The actors, all of them did a fine fine job. 10/10 for the acting of every single actor in this film. Then the writers who've written such funny characters that'll make you smile, laugh and rewind so that you can watch their scenes again and again.

Now yes, having said all that there are some absurdities in this movie, like minor plot holes here and there. While watching you'll say it could have been avoided and all, but after a while you'll pardon it. Because the rest is handled really well and you'll easily forgive it and get back to enjoying the film really quickly.

This movie explores human emotions and it does it really well. What's wrong and what's right, selfishness, etc. It'll leave you thinking and understanding the emotions of the characters and also make you question your own actions in these circumstances.

Thanks entire team of Doctor movie for bringing us something new and giving us 100% entertainment. The surprise in the end shows how seriously the makers have taken this movie. That was honestly the cherry on top of the cake. It'll sure leave you smiling and make your day.

nidhunmoviebuff 7 November 2021

Director Nelson Dilipkumar's latest outing has many of the similar elements that made his directorial debut Kolamavu Kokila (2018) a hit. A middle-class family, thrown into a world of deceit and crime, dollops of dark humour and a motley crew of quirky, eccentric characters.

Sivakarthikeyan plays the titular 'Doctor, a seemingly emotionless army surgeon, who makes it his personal mission to find the kidnapped niece of his fiancé. He assembles a rag-tag bunch of misfits to perform the task, which is where an excellent Yogi Babu and an over-the-top Redin Kingsley make their grand entrance.

The duo manages to infuse a lot of humor which combined with outlandish twists and turns makes the first hour quite entertaining. However, the movie loses steam towards the end with the logical inconsistencies and the ease with which the many issues in the film are resolved by the climax, leaving the viewer dissatisfied.

Sivakarthikeyan has clearly given his all for the role, playing the scheming, Machiavellian doctor with ease, nailing the body language and mannerisms of the extremely practical-minded character. Another notable performance was Deepa Shankar as the bungling house maid who delivers some of the funniest dialogues in the film, accentuated by her funny expressions.

Milind Soman delivers a characteristically appalling performance in a cartoonish guest role while the heroine, Priyanka Arul Mohan is given precious room to shine. Vinay Rai, who excelled as a suave, debonair villain in Thupparivalan (2017), tries to recreate the same magic here but is let down by shambolic writing. This truly has to go down as one of the stupidest writing for an antagonist in a thriller film, such is the ease with which the hero dismantles his entire operation.

Overall, Doctor has more lows than highs. I just wish the director had managed to sustain the same frequency of unexpected twists and moments of dark humor that we saw in the first hour, for the entire length of the film. The setting of the stage was quite grand, the follow through, sub-par.

Just an average watch. Not recommended!

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