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Dolemite Is My Name (2019)

Biography | Drama   
IMDB Rayting:   7.3/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Eddie Murphy portrays real life legend Rudy Ray Moore, a comedy and rap pioneer who proved naysayers wrong when his hilarious, obscene, kung fu fighting alter ego, Dolemite, became a 1970s Blaxploitation phenomenon.

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khan6666 25 October 2019

"Dolemite is my name" is one of my favourite movies of the year so far along with Joker and Parasite. It's largely down to the career best performance by Eddie Murphy, who is simply mesmerising as Rudy Ray Moore. He brings so much energy to this role, along with his charm and humour. Eddie has never been this funny. Most of the jokes are raunchy so it might not be for everyone but it's impossible not to fall in love with Eddie in this film. I hope he is nominated in the best actor category at Oscars. He could even win it because he is that good.

Apart from Eddie, the film is full of brilliant performances, in particularly by Wesley Snipes who matches and sometimes steals the show from Eddie. It's a true ensemble. It's a shame that this movie is not getting a wide theatrical release because let me tell you if there is one film this year which needed to be seen on the big screen it's 'Dolemite Is My Name". A hilarious, heartfelt film which gives a really positive message to everyone who has a dream. A must-see crowd pleaser.

acan-65510 26 October 2019

Best Netflix original ever made. The entire cast was just perfect to say the least. Eddie Murphy nailed this in every way. Thank you for doing this movie.

sarinamanina 26 October 2019

The movie is a beautifully portrayed story of grit and having the support of a few good people around you.

The writers and Murphy showed Rudy Ray Moore as a real entertainer in that he did not care about displaying his ego to the audience - he just wanted to deliver what he knew the people enjoyed.

His friends did not always share his vision but they supported him until the end anyways. Their roles were played by actors who can project soul into the screen and were shot to make the most out of that soul.

Even the sound track was great and made watching the movie more entertaining and inspiring!

paulwigglesworth 8 September 2019

Eddie Murphy is back on top with this biopic of Rudy Ray Moore, the hustler, shameless self-promoter of wildly cornball action-comedies of the 1970s. Murphy has finally found a character to really sink his teeth into...and Murphy relishes every moment of inhabiting the joyful and strangely charming yet naive character desperately searching to simply express himself a an entertainer of the people and for the people. His character is an outsider who elevates other outliers all searching for validation and some simple joys in the midst of working class America.

Murphy is funny, charming, and touching as this flawed heroic character. He deserves all the acclaim for bringing this story back to life and surrounding himself with talented ensemble cast and strong direction and wonderfully zany costumes of the 70s era.

This film is at times foul and other times touching and it deserves your attention throughout as it revels in the joys of telling a story deserving to be told and to be relished and enjoyed by anyone searching for an escape from the mundane or cynical stories prevalent in movies of today.

imdb-ikysmoviedatabase 11 September 2019

Murphy finally makes a come back with this movie I found it very funny think everyone will enjoy it to

Alexander_Blanchett 26 October 2019

A very entertaining and well acted biopic about a common man who found his luck and became the inspiration for many artists in future generations. One of those artists is Eddie Murphy who now brings Rudy Ray Moore on screen, a man who even influenced Rap and the way it developed. Murphy is fantastic and easily gives the best performance of his career. He really nailed the role and was able to completely vanish into that character. A very award worthy turn and great comeback for him. Another comeback story is Wesley Snipes who is absolutely hilarious and self ironic. Never thought he had that in him and that gives me the feeling his comedic and also dramatic talent was wasted all those years before. Another noteworthy and beautiful turn was done by Da'Vine Joy Randolph. The film itself had a very realistic and colorful look with nice production design and great costume work. The screenplay was very good as was the direction of Craig Brewer. It perfectly mixes comedic elements with dramatic moments and in its result is a very respectful and faithful biopic. Definitely worth to see and another winner feature for Netflix. Watch out for Eddie Murphy in this Oscar race. At least a Golden Globe nomination should be a given.

jdesando 21 October 2019

"How'd my life get so small?" Rudy Ray Moore (Eddie Murphy, who's not been this good in 30 years)

Rudy Ray Moore has been called the father of rap and more certainly a force in the blaxploitation movement several decades ago. "Dolemite is My Name" is an entertaining depiction of his rise ( see the above quote at a low moment in his career) to stardom as a recording star and movie actor, but more as a force in the movie enthusiasm for sexy, violent, funny films starring blacks in stories about their own imaginative lives, not those seen through the white lens.

Nothing new is added to the docudrama recipe here, although it would seem to call for creativity itself given Rudy's imaginative genius. Yet, a fine performance by Murphy, who captures Rudy's charming enthusiasm and at times naivete (think Ed Wood), anchors the film in Rudy's genial turn of phrases and gentle put downs, an Oscar nomination for Murphy possible.

The ensemble cast deserves a nod for supporting Murphy's performance, that allows them all to be the stars they wish to be, given that his dominance as star and producer could have eclipsed their performances. The almost whimsical way everyone participates in Rudy's dream creates a warm, energetic, smooth production.

Although the bio could be accused of hitting the "follow-your-dream" theme too heavily, the story of this sometimes down-and -out record clerk is an inspiration for those who love the history of entertainment and may themselves dream of stardom. BTW: The period detail is worth seeing for itself.

Dolemite Is My Name is a production of Netflix, which has become a major studio in a few years. Although the film will be seen streaming for a longtime, this short theatrical run offers the audience a chance to see spectacular costuming and big performances on the big screen. Do it now.

gortx 9 October 2019

Rudy Ray Moore (Eddie Murphy) was a true from the streets success. And, a late bloomer, as it were. After years of trying to breakthrough as an entertainer in L.A., the 40-something Moore took some stories he heard around his neighborhood and created the stand up comedian character of the cocky Dolemite. That act lead to underground success with self-released record albums and touring. With the Blacksploitation film genre exploding, it was only a matter of time until Dolemite hit the big screen. Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski's script traces those crucial years in Moore's life in the early 70s. A raw, rude and raucous screenplay it is. Director Craig Brewer mostly keeps to the spirit of the writing and lets the dialogue and the acting take center stage. And, with Eddie Murphy delivering a strong energetic performance, it's best to stand back and let him fly. And, soar he does. With the makeup, hair and some extra pounds, Murphy takes on the dynamo persona of Moore/Dolemite. Occasionally, Murphy is "too good" an actor to totally capture the rough hewn Moore, who was more a force of nature than a smooth performer -- but, it's hard to fault him for giving "too good" a performance! Wesley Snipes is almost unrecognizable as D'urville Martin, a "name" actor who Moore lures by letting him Direct. Kodi Smit-McPhee plays Nicholas Von Sternberg* Dolemite's cinematographer straight out of film school who leads a band of young white behind the scenes crew members. The real scene stealer is Da'Vine Joy Randolph as Lady Reed, a small town girl who Moore discovers on tour. The entire cast throws themselves into this with a verge and enthusiasm that is palpable. The movie is a bit too long, with padded exposition and too close a fealty to the bio-pic template, but, as Dolemite himself might say: Who gives a $^@# about that!? You want action? You want laughs? You want some nasty?! We got it all! Listen to Dolemite.

* Note: I've worked closely with Nick Von Sternberg, so yes, it's based on a true person. Very kind gentleman. Indeed, he is the son of master filmmaker Josef Von Sternberg (although he passed when Nick was still a teen). Nick worked for over two decades as a cinematographer before leaving the business.

ierenz 22 September 2019

"Dolemite Is My Name" is a typical biopic bolstered by its implacable hilarity, its affection for its subject and its commitment to the time and place it is set. And yet, I'm still being nagged by something about his lead performance. Don't get me wrong, Murphy is very, very good, and I'd love to see him tackle Pryor next because of that. Just like Rudy Ray Moore, I buy him more than I do like Dolemite.That's probably the intention here, as Moore repeatedly says in the movie that the role is a put-on. That I keep rolling around in my head this performance says something about its staying power.Murphy isn't exactly the most charitable actor when he's the lead, a by-product of his star power, but he's here at its best when he's slyly letting the scene be stolen from below him.

ferguson-6 7 October 2019

Greetings again from the darkness. The old flea market adage is "one person's trash is another's treasure", and the same can be said for comedy. What you find obtuse and humorless may be the funniest thing your neighbor has ever seen or heard. No scientist can explain this phenomenon, and it's never been better exemplified than with a scene in director Craig Brewer's (BLACK SNAKE MOAN, HUSTLE & FLOW) latest film. Rudy Ray Moore and his group of friends are in a theatre watching Billy Wilder's comedy THE FRONT PAGE (1974), starring Walther Matthau and Jack Lemmon. The befuddled looks on the faces of Moore and his cohorts can't mask their confusion over the raucous laughter in the theatre and what they are viewing on screen. It's a turning point for Rudy Ray Moore and his next career step.

Eddie Murphy stars as Rudy Ray Moore, and though it's not necessary, having some knowledge of the career of the real Mr. Moore will likely enhance your viewing experience during this exceedingly entertaining, and sometimes riotous biopic. Ruby Ray Moore was a hustler who dreamed of making it big in show business - first as a singer, then as a stand-up comedian, and finally as movie star. His ambition and dreams kept him going, even after others wrote him off. We first meet Rudy as an assistant manager at Dolphin's of Hollywood record store. He's trying to smooth-talk the store DJ (Snoop Dogg) into playing Rudy's R&B records ... one of which is "The Ring-A-Ling-Dong" song. The DJ tells him the time for that music has passed, but the next light bulb soon goes off Rudy. A local panhandler (a terrific Ron Cephus Jones cameo) regales those in the store with tall tales from the 'hood. Rudy decides to fine-tune those tales and turn it into a comedy act.

Add some clothes and attitude and that's how Dolemite was born ... Rudy Ray Moore's onstage alter ego - part pimp, part rapping philosopher. His memorable catchphrase is repeated a few times throughout the film, and I'll do my best to present a PG version: "Dolemite is my name, and 'effing' up mother-'effers' is my game." Yep, now you have a better feel for Rudy and Dolemite. However, co-writers Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewsi (also co-writers on Tim Burton's ED WOOD, 1994), and especially Eddie Murphy, dig much deeper and provide a look at the man, his friends, and his career pursuits.

It's pretty interesting to see a guy, without much going for him, figure out a strategy that ends up working. Part of his wisdom was in 'knowing his audience'. His own preferences, and those of his friends, played right into what went on stage, on vinyl, and on screen. When a producer tells him his act will only be funny to the 5 blocks in Rudy's neighborhood, Rudy brilliantly responds, "Yeah, but every city in America has these same 5 blocks." It's that kind of instinct, along with his generosity, and understanding his own shortcomings, that allowed him to reach a level of success. The scene where he cuts a deal with uppity actor D'Urville Martin (a superbly funny Wesley Snipes) portrays Rudy's keen sense of persuasion ... he played to the ego.

Eddie Murphy reminds us of his immense comedic talents and how he became such a mega-superstar in the first place. Here, he's not really impersonating or mimicking Moore, but rather capturing his spirit and paying tribute to a man he so clearly respects. The supporting cast is also outsta

dionfonteijn-24054 27 October 2019

I have seen many and many Murphy movies to date and this one is no exception with the typical Eddie Murphy feeling. Literally everything this man touches turns into gold, it's a true legend!

northsidebill 25 October 2019

Some people are saying this this movie is a comeback for Eddie Murphy. Some are saying that Murphy never went anywhere. All I can tell you is that whether or not Murphy went anywhere, he is back. This movie is some of Murphy's best work since he did standup comedy. He has matured amazingly well into a great actor and screen personality.

His supporting cast here is amazing too. Its like he called up all of his friends and said "Hey, lets make a movie". Just like Rudy Ray Moore did in 1975 with the movie this movie is about. And it works very well.

Comeback or not, this movie will mark the beginning of a new career for Eddie Murphy. And he deserves it.

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