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Dolittle (2020)

Adventure | Family 
Rayting:   5.6/10
Country: USA | China
Language: English

A physician who can talk to animals embarks on an adventure to find a legendary island with a young apprentice and a crew of strange pets.

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mj-27179 1 June 2020

You get what you expect with this film - easy to watch and a good laugh from start to finish. As family friendly as a film gets. The cast (both in person and voice over) are of the highest calibre and this only adds to the quality.

A note on Downey Jr's Doctors accent - it is a South Wales accent. Not only did I pick up on this immediately, but I would know... being Welsh and having the very accent myself. He pulls it off with a more than decent attempt.

To summarise - very good viewing.

mark-513-19320 12 April 2020

Had to write a brief review as the level of ignorance regarding RDJ's accent is astounding.

As a Welshman I can say his attempt at a Welsh accent is not a bad effort at all. Like many places around the UK we have regional variaions but RDJ does a passable version of a South Wales Valleys accent and that is no mean feat.

As far as the plot is concerned you have to remember this is a family film that's full of CGI animals. Was it great? Not quite - but there was enough fun to enjoy if you could get past the the initial shock that Dolittle wasn't from England.

Sadly it seems this was too far out of some peoples comfort zones and because of that they missed the hidden meanings of the film which circled around friends and friendship.

arthursheds 18 January 2020

No, this is not an Oscar contender.

But all the negative reviews are completely unwarranted.

This movie is cheesy and fun. It has talking animals. Good guys and bad guys. A love story. Comic relief.

It's meant for kids, people. And mine loved it.

stanluvr_lexx 18 January 2020

I was worried going into this that it would be awful based on early reviews. It turned out to be a delightful, humorous family movie with CGI that would put most films to shame. Yes, there are cheesy over-the-top jokes. Yes, a lot of it is silly. Yes, the plot is simple. It's a movie for children! Robert Downey Jr was charming, Michael Sheen was every bit that classic mustache-twirling villain, and Antonio Banderas surprised me with his performance! The child actors were impressive and believable, and the voice acting was cute and probably the funniest part of the movie. Again, let me say- this is a movie intended for children that can be enjoyed by adults who aren't expecting a drama of the year. Let your inner kid out and see a movie for fun. I thoroughly enjoyed this one!

AZFamilytime 16 January 2020

If you in for a movie that is just fun and relaxing with a good message about families and helping people out while laughing at silly jokes, this movie is for you. The animals were quite fun with their little jokes and silly comments. My kids really enjoyed it and we thought it was a good family film with a good message. Sit back and enjoy the ride. It's a fun film that everyone can enjoy. Suitable for ages 1 to 101.

rsna_mille 18 January 2020

If you think this movie was boring or terrible you have no imagination and your inner child is dead old and grumpy. It was delightful, imaginative and enjoyable to watch. I don't understand all the hate for it. Go see it and imagine!

Qui108 18 January 2020

The negative reviews here are lacking consideration of the viewer such a movie intends to alight and invite in: not film or literature aficionados; children. This movie is perfect for elementary school age kids, entering the genre of film and unawares or wary of the mature themes, titles and classics that flit by in their budding lives. Don't review or see this movie as a critic. Consider it as a parent and carrier of culture, and see it as an amuse bouche for the little blossoming beloved in your life. This film is great.

thatgirlmyra-9946 31 May 2020

This movie is a great, feel-good movie. Why is it so unpopular? The characters are loveable and endearing, the plot easy to follow, and the message sweet and warm. This is definitely the movie to watch if you're feeling down. Dont listen to the haters. Go watch it!

cazabrakids 21 January 2020

Critics were already chomping on their pens to ostracize this movie and singularly RDJ. Not playing Tony Stark/Iron Man. Let's just tear him up. Well....I'm no critic. I found Dolittle to be enjoyable,adventurous and entertaining. Big step out of the SUIT of ARMOR and into a raggedy-clothed character who talks to animals. But it's meant to be just that-ENJOYED. Not Oscar,Golden Globe or whatever other award there is.....just enjoyed and entertaining. No crime in that is there?

mariamelkott 16 January 2020

If you want something meaningful and deep watch a Tarantino or Nolan movies. This movie is meant to be for family and fun . And exceeded my expectations.

dhole-shubham 17 January 2020

Great Entertainment , VfX are amazing. And you will laugh Every 10 mins. RDJ Is Heart Of This Movie. You Will Miss Iron Man In Him But You Will Be Satisfied By His Role in this Movie. Must Watch . Kids Will Love It And Adults Will Enjoy It .

Don't Go With Critics . Anyone can sit and review movie . Must watch movie 8.5-10

mmtraven 18 September 2020

Stop the haters! Am giving the movie 10 stars to try to get it up to the 6ish it deserves. The movie was funny, well-cast, and an enjoyable story worth the time. I almost didn't watch it thanks to the haters, Dolittle was one of my favorites as a child, so I'm glad I gave it a try. RDJ's accent and characterization were excellent. Banderas and Thompson? Brilliant! The flatulence and poop jokes? Have any of the haters spent time with children lately? Such jokes will never grow old, is our very human way of coping with our very animalistic nature. Everybody poops, y'all. And everybody feels pain and loss yet survives in community and friendship and love. We're all in this together.

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