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Doom: Annihilation (2019)

Action | Horror  | Thriller
IMDB Rayting:   3.5/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Follows a group of UAC Marines as they respond to a distress call from a top secret scientific base on Phobos, a Martian moon, only to discover it's been overrun by demons who threaten to create Hell on Earth.

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jamiedee-45573 1 October 2019

Makes the rock doom look like a masterpiece.

All copies of this film need collected up and buried at sea in a locked vault..

That's all I need to say. 👍

TwistedContent 1 October 2019

I think we all knew this was going to proper bad - low budget, cheap actors, mediocre director & no involvement from the authors of the original concept and all the games. Bad it was.

The very start states quickly what kind of thing will follow, the first shot is full of grade b cgi and even the opening titles were zero-budget style. We get introduced to a bunch of painfully clicheic characters (carried out by stiff acting) and plotline, surrounded by plasticky looking props and sets, effortless cinematography, boring color grading and so on and so forth. The special FX is mix of cheap cgi and practical fx that don't impress much. References to the contents of the games are there, a few, but to no satisfaction. So it continues for 90 minutes, from time to time entertaining us with emotionless and uninspiring action sequences. Oh, and the original score can be described the same way. There is some amount of much needed gore, but not creative enough or just simply not enough of it to compensate for anything. As the movie passes by, You find yourself predicting events and not caring for any of the characters - most you're going to feel is cringe or anger, if you're a "Doom" game franchise fan. You're also going to be very bored.

I loved "Doom 3", have played it through for three times & if there's anything good "Doom: Annihilation" did is inspiring me to play one of the games again. I'm recommending a hard pass on this absolutely lame and disappointing game adaptation. My rating: 2/10.

Darkfyre_rn 3 October 2019

Good: Lots of attention to the set designs, very Doomy, even though it didn't always look great. Some practical FX were decent. Some external CGI shots of the base and ship were pretty ok. Um... There were two, maybe three, capable actors that did a 'decent' job.

Bad: Literally everything else. This a groan-inducing train wreck of a movie that spits in the face of any Doom fan. The easter eggs were terrible. The lead actress was abysmal. The script and story were Sharknado worthy.

Avoid unless you're looking for a laughable film to heckle with friends

backup-50362 1 October 2019

"That's enough to get us good reviews in 2019, right?"

Well, wrong. You need good acting, good CGI, good story, some relation to the game you're naming your film after... And you ain't got any of this.

Nice one, Universal. You've managed to disappoint both gamers and movie watchers.

I'll show you just how stupid and uninspired this movie is with some quick trivia - the "Doomguy" - which as we pointed out already is of course a Doomwhaman - her name is Joan Dark. Get it? Mad original and clever, right? It's only the 9000th movie that made a "Joan of Arc" female character because she's so strong and independent and don't need no man, only Tumblr and Twitter. Oh and some random dead guy is called Blaskowitz. Clever, right? What, you said "no?" You're saying that's dumb and makes no sense? How could that be! Well, friendo, there's so much more cringe in there...

I know people don't consider the 2005 Doom movie great but I always liked it, and now compared to this, it's the greatest masterpiece ever.

And don't tell me "ooh the budget was $12 and a pack of wet wipes, what do you expect?" - countless fantastic movies were made on a shoestring budget over the years. That's no excuse, this just generally sucks.

Terminator5454 2 October 2019

When I first heard that another DOOM movie was being worked on I was baffled. I assumed that after the terrible reception that the first film received we would never see another attempt at making a DOOM movie (something that I was perfectly fine with, mind you). However, I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, perhaps this time they would try to remain faithful to the source material and present us with a gloriously over the top action film reminiscent of the fantastic CGI trailer for DOOM (2016). After learning that it was going to be a direct to dvd film with a low budget, all my good will for the film dried up. The dreadful trailer and the absence of DOOMGUY failed to win back any enthusiasm.

The premise involves a group of UAC marines being dispatched to a station on the planet phobos for security duty. On this station, a group of scientists, engineers, and researchers are experimenting with teleportation and, of course, everything goes horribly wrong. After having one of their scientists test out the teleporter and returning deformed, Dr. Betruger, the one overseeing the operation, decides that it would be a brilliant idea to send himself in next. This causes the station to experience a power surge and demons begin to invade the station. The marines arrive and must now attempt to bring the station back online and figure out what exactly happened here.

This sets up a rather dull film. A good portion of it is spent with the marines moving through brightly lit corridors halfheartedly pointing their guns at every corner and exchanging dreadful dialogue. None of the marines are interesting or memorable, they're all just a bunch of walking military cliches that we've seen countless times in other sci-fi horror films.

The dialogue consists mostly of cheesy action movie phrases and painfully awkward references to the games (Example: a character refers to himself as an "ultra nightmare", a difficulty setting in the game series). For people that are unfamiliar with the source material, these constant references will leave them scratching their heads and wondering why the dialogue is so unnatural. Fans of the games will find themselves rolling their eyes at these forced references.

The acting is stiff and lifeless, with the only exceptions being Dominic Mafham, who plays Dr Betruger, and Clayton Adams, who plays a marine named Winslow. Everyone else looked bored.

I honestly couldn't tell what tone this movie was trying to go for. It fails to evoke any feelings of dread or horror because the entire station is lit up like a christmas tree and there isn't any ambiance. If it was trying to be a horror film, why not make it like DOOM 3? A game that featured a dark and rich atmosphere filled with gory visuals and accompanied by some truly fantastic sound design that succeeded in immersing you into its world. Whatever, after meandering around for a about an hour, the film shifts gears and turns into a lame action movie.

The choreography for the action scenes was clumsy and disjointed and I found myself dozing off during most of them. The outfits for the marines were unconvincing and cheap, they looked like they were wearing airsoft gear. The CGI for the demons looked like something out of an amateur youtube video.

If you're as big of a fan of the DOOM series as I am, do yourself a favor and skip this movie. You won't lose sleep over missing out on this. If you're not familiar with the series, this film will be a waste of time for you.

rarepeperonis 2 October 2019

No enemies that comes up from the DOOM game No Doom Guy Bad sets and CGI Ridiculous story stolen straight from other movies This movie left me speechless what a garbage movie

Syboat 3 November 2019

I know we would want to see millions spent on a Doom movie but you know, hats off to the guy that made this, he had passion and a limited budget. If you go into this expecting the earth you will be disappointed, but I was pleasantly surprised. It had a lot more than the original Doom movie I mean this had references to the game and the hell sequence was pretty impressive. So don't listen to the haters but enjoy it for what it is but don't expect big budget Doom mayhem.

mosnorrebo 9 November 2019

I will first say that I would rather have seen doom guy and not doom girl. The movie industry seems to like their feminism. But luckily it didn't destroy the experience even if it was a disappointment.

With that said so is it still a great and entertaining movie. But it would have settled better if they not have switched the out doom guy for a girl. It should have been longer as well.

How disappointed I even am for the casting choice so can't I help that I really enjoyed this movie and would like to see a sequel.

As a last word.

Please Hollywood. Don't change sex of the characters just because you can. I don't think you would do a movie about Martin Luther King Jr and cast a white woman for the roll so stop this BS. It only makes people angry, leave bad reviews and won't watch the movies.

ybbobb 2 October 2019

Seriously worst film i have watched all year please save yourself the trouble by not wasting money on this movie and if you can watch it for free just stab your eyes with a fork you will feel much better than wasting your time with the horrible story line and even worse acting

ptjvandijk 2 October 2019

Take everything you love about the Doom franchise and forget it. This movie lacks the basic things that make Doom great. The directing was weak, acting was horrible, vfx sub-par and no Doom guy.

This movie makes me think it was a cheap way to hold on to the movie rights. Just avoid this and save yourself some time

zedraider-49779 2 October 2019

Disgusting movie, women like Mary Sue and stupid spineless men. Spit in the face of a fan. I don't understand, the creators understood who would watch their film? obviously not feminists. what the heck?

mattbtownsend 2 October 2019

The director tried so hard to fill the first 20 mins with as many Easter eggs and nods to the game as possible to try to fool us that this was a Doom movie. Unfortunately he forgot about the actual story and demons. Very bad acting, very bad story and not worth watching even if you're a die hard Doom fan.

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