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Earth and Blood (2020)

Action | Thriller 
Rayting:   4.9/10
Country: France | Belgium
Language: English

Saïd owns a sawmill deep in the woods, which he decides to sell. Little does he know that one of his apprentices was cornered by his brother and forced to hide a large amount of cocaine inside the factory.

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danielcereto 20 April 2020

A watchable French drug thriller with the same old script than other B-movies. The acting is correct but not remarkable. Also, there are a lot of plot holes and weird decisions by the characters. Why? To add, I'm not sure why this kind of action B-movies are not more risky, and add at least an original ending or some interesting scripts. So, overall watchable B-movie but really far from great. I recommend to go for Lion the Professional to watch a good French action movie.

MikeWindgren 17 April 2020

This a very good movie, with it's tense moments and some bloody scenes.

Acting is good, setting in the old sawmill is perfect for the story and is used very well.

Relax and see it on Netflix when you are into thriller, action movies.

gorbos-47730 17 April 2020

Is it worth a ten? Nope, but not far from it either. The ten is to counter the few dozen illiterates before me. What Hollywood used to do in the seventies has apparently been picked up by the french. What might that be, you wonder? Well, how about strong genre flicks also known as B-movies. Good acting mixed with lesser, bombastic score and blood splatter. And most importantly, the strong silent lead character who saves the day. Not many of those around any more, are there? Once again France has proven that feature films are not dead. Vive la France! Watch and enjoy.

redrobin62-321-207311 29 May 2020

I don't know why the rating (5) is so low. And I'm not sure why people complain it's dark. Maybe the dubbed Netflix version is, but I saw the original French-language one so maybe something was lost in the dubbing? To me, the weakest part was the acting, or should I say, over-acting of the daughter. Then again, she is deaf and all that crazy nonsense was going on around her. I suppose if I was deaf I'd be a freaked out mess, too. Yeah, there were some implausible decisions made, but the film wasn't slow-paced like others have stated. In fact, it moved along at a nice brisk pace. Recommended.

kosmasp 29 April 2020

No pun intended. And maybe if the lead character wasn't so charismatic, the movie would not have struck as much with me as it did. So I see everyone voting lower and I understand. This is not a great thriller, it is more than decent though and even if there are cliches being served, we get suspense and edge of the seat entertainment.

It does what it says on the box and the last third of the movie is quite the payout for what we saw before that and all the silence or rather slow moving story for the most part. Violence is not always the solution, but this is a movie and it does what it has to - or rather our main man does. Is it enough though?

bcoburn83 21 April 2020

Too damn dark, felt like I was watching a movie through a dirty periscope or apartment peephole. I understand what the director was trying to do but it was horribly executed.

kupcr 18 May 2020

French actress Sofia LaSaffre plays a deaf character named Sarah and plays one well, although she isn't in real life which makes her an amazing actress. In this movie, Sarah's father, Saïd, owns a sawmill deep in the woods and he decides to sell it, but little does he know that one of his apprentices, Yanis, played by the wonderful Samy Seghir, had been forced by his brother to hide a large amount of cocaine inside the factory. French actor Eriq Ebouney plays a rough and tough drug dealer. This film is in French with English subtitles and is a well-worth edge of your seat watching. Such a great French action film.

dwp1948 18 April 2020

04/17/2020 - This was a pretty decent drugs/killers/victims action/suspense movie. Overall it was moderately tense at times but never scary. It will definitely hold the viewer. Suggestion: Try to overlook some of the unrealistic things that you'll notice as you watch. The main character (sawmill owner) is played by Sami Bouajila (a really great French actor). His best movie is "The Crew 2015" and is still on Netflix (just checked). Bon Appetit'

Prashast_Singh 28 April 2020

While browsing the action section on Netflix, I came across this new French action thriller. And also, given its not-so-long duration, I decided to stream it last night. It was an entertaining watch, although there's nothing groundbreaking or much memorable about it, to be honest. The action scenes are the best thing about this film and possibly the only reason I found it entertaining.

If you're looking for a masterpiece, it's not that. But if all you want is a decent action film with enough guns, blood, traps, chases and explosions: check this one out for sure. Performance wise, I found Sami Bouajila impressive, given this is his first film I've watched. I hope to check out more of his work. Technical aspects are neat and the tension built during the action is excellent. But the buildup to the nonstop action is somewhat tiring to an extent. Not boring at all, but just something that could've been done at a better pace. That's really a flaw given how it's already just an 80 minute film!

Nevertheless, Earth and Blood is a watchable action thriller with enough action and suspense to keep you hooked. The film certainly has its moments and mostly engages. Worth a one-time watch for sure.

searchanddestroy-1 18 April 2020

This feature is in the tradition of French crime westerns taking place outside the suburbs or cities at night. You can think about: CANICULE, LA HORSE, TOTAL WESTERN, LES GRANDES GUEULES....; Maybe a little more about LA HORSE, the scheme of drug gangsters who want to get their stuff back from a farm or another place in the deep France. Yes, we can watch it as a western with Sami Bouajila in a character very close to the one he already had in BRAQUEURS, a poignant role, a man lost in advance. The supporting characters are not the best I have ever seen, and that's a shame. But that remains a gritty, bloody and brutal French crime flick. I enjoyed the body count game...And one more thing, this movie came out thanks to Netflix, with whom directors have total freedom, no matter R rating or under 16 bull sh....they have to suffer for theaters release. Julien Leclercq said in an interview that the found a golden vein with Netflix, and many more French genre movies directors too.

nanhemail 18 April 2020

One of the worse movie ever, very bad story very bad acting, practically nothing in the movie. What a waste of time. To add to this very bad acting.

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