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Eli (2019)

IMDB Rayting:   5.8/10
Country: USA
Language: English

A boy receiving treatment for his auto immune disorder discovers that the house he's living in isn't as safe as he thought.

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mmundoiii 19 October 2019

This was not a bad movie at all and some of the negative reviews on here are way off mark. It's not a scary movie, in my opinion, (unless you scare easily) but it is interetsting and entertaining. I like twists and this one had a decent one. If you like TV Shows like Supernatural or others like it then you will probably enjoy this movie.

Eiriksterminator 20 October 2019

First things first: it's not a very scary movie at all. It does have a few horror moments for a while, but they're nothing special. So if you want to be scared, this is probably not the best bet. However, the plot and the mystery is quite interesting. It's a decent supernatul mystery thriller, I'd say. The major twist at the end will most likely either have you hating or liking the movie as whole, as you can see from all the very mixed and polarized reviews here. Whether you like it or hate it, the good thing is that it is not at all predictable. Personally I kind of liked it.

kimcarlberg 18 October 2019

Sometimes you come across a movie that sticks out. The acting is excellent, the story and characters are well written and the ending comes out of nowhere. I was pleasantly surprised by this movie.

RedLion2074 19 October 2019

I was really hooked by the Eli's trailer and I was waiting for this one. And it wasn't a disappointment.

Firstly, the plot is great ! It really leaves you to want more, trying to decode the mystery revolving around Eli, his illness, and the "clinic" where he is treated. And more importantly, it surprisingly manages to let you still wonder what the heck is going on until the ending twist, even when some keys elements are unveiled. Nicely done !

Secondly, the actors are OK in their roles. No outstanding performance, but there is no disturbing false note either. It's still a bit pity you won't feel that empathetic for Eli and/or his parents. Also, for the role she plays, you can feel it was a cakewalk for Sadie Sink coming from "Stranger Things". On this part, it could have been a little better.

The ambiance mixes supernatural and thriller with a bit of horror elements. And for once, some supernatural elements can be explained "logically" ! Kudos for that ! However, the movie is a bit slow paced and you'll have sometimes the feeling they tried to make it artificially longer.

To summarize, "Eli" is entertaining enough to enjoy the ride and has even enough material for a sequel. Give it a chance ! It deserves it.

soneyeac 18 October 2019

Nice twist at the end. It's not your typical everyday movie but it's worth watching. I hope there'll be a part 2.

bebins 18 October 2019

I personally enjoyed Eli, At first I thought it was a supernatural thriller, Then I thought it was a ghost story, I didn't see the twist coming, Well acted, Great effects, Give it a go...

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