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Eltilerin Savasi (2020)

IMDB Rayting:   5.7/10
Country: Turkey
Language: English

Known for their devotion to social media, Gizem and Sultan's understanding of marriage is different. Two women enter into an endless competition with each other.

Director: Onur Bilgetay Writer:

Stars: Gupse Ozay, Merve Dizdar and Ferit Aktug

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User Reviews

frbesong 2 April 2020

Terrible comedy with terrible acting. I was very into turkish films and music but comedies are really bad. The main actress is just not good at all

onenzulay 18 July 2020

There are a lot of comments that saying this movie was not funny but as a Turkish person at the beginning I wasn't really into foreign comedies too because when you don't really know enough things about someone's culture you don't get the jokes. I think it's a great movie and it represents many Turkish families so for me it is so relatable and movie had really good jokes as well.

ozkanakman 3 August 2020

I watched about 100 to 200 seconds in total. Even listening to it for 5 minutes was bad. You can tell just by listening that it's not a good movie. One of the worst examples of quote and quote Turkish humor. Which was great in the past with names such as Kemal Sunal. But it was ruined by people like these. It all started with Recep Ivedik.

It promotes a toxic way enjoying media. For example everything you see on the screen must be an exaggeration of everyday life. I hope we see less stuff like this in the future.

And one last thing to whoever worked on this; just don't. Just leave it.

eminkoruk 6 July 2020

I hope this is the last of the serie Gupse Özay"s relatives' movies. Because they are getting worse with each movie.

SPARIKAN 4 July 2020

No jokes, so boring, bad acting. Gupse Ozay is trying to do her best, although this movie is not her first movie, that one is so amateur and low quality.

mayis_sikintisi 16 February 2020

It was like the continuation of Gupse Özay's Görümce movie. Gupse Özay suits this film-style roles. "yalan dünya", he played a role of a similar contentious woman.But I didn't really enjoy the movie.

emretonga 29 August 2020

This is the worst script I've ever seen, recently. If they had worked on the script concentratedly, they would have released a nice movie. Although, It has a few funny scenes, it isn't enough. Making comedy is the most difficult thing for the producers or scriptwriters. Unfortunately, there aren't any talented comedy producers/scriptwriters in our country. They never will be like Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld, Aamir Khan.

blackbnt 19 October 2020

As it close to my culture (arabian culture) it really touches the reality in funny way.. totally would recommend it for a friend.

ilke_aydogmus 17 July 2020

Movie was about awful including all dialogues and far away behind the scenes was pretty funny over the movie! Sorry not sorry 😐

abdullahyagmur 16 July 2020

When watching hate it.If were you i would stay away.

Orhan_Akdeniz 10 July 2020

They also tried the tactic in the film Görümce here. Guspe Özay plays a character similar to the that movie. I was not regret watching it. Nobody has any great expectations of this movie anyway. So you will not be disappointed either.

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