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Enemy (2021)

Action | Drama | Thriller
Rayting:   6.8/10 3.9K votes
Country: India
Language: Tamil | Hindi
Release date: November 4, 2021

It's the story of two childhood friends and their escalating competitive nature. To what extent are they ready to go?

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thewizardwithin 5 November 2021

The story was really good for this genre. All the major characters have a motivation for their actions.

The cinematography was good.

There were a couple of songs which I assume were added for commercial reasons.

There were lots of scenes which required suspension of disbelief, which I gladly obliged because of mindblowing editing. This is the best editing I have seen in a long time.

I liked the end which was kind of non clichéd.

That's not to say there were no flaws: The twist was not believable. Even Magnus Carlsen will not be THAT engrossed in his chess game.

Yet I am thankful to the director for an honest effort to give a quality product.

rush8080 20 November 2021

I like this film.its a different type of movie. Performance is good all around.as i said its a good entertaining movie.

Thamans music is pleasant and the DOP has done a great job.

A movie by Vishal and Arya you can watch with the family, now thats something.

PANDIAN120621 3 December 2021

Anand Shankar's tricky and intelligent screenplay keeps u glued until the end,Bgm and camera work are the positives ....Arya and Vishal play safe overall it's a typical director's that deserves clean through entertainer.

EvanoOruvan 14 December 2021

With an wonderful cast, the movie is okayish in many places and awesome in some places. Romantic portions seems forced. It wouldn't have made a difference without the love portions (except for the reason behind the "tum tum" song and engagement).

The concept behind the movie is interesting (though it has already been tried in different tamil movies in different forms, ex: Ullasam, En Swasa Kaatrae). If properly executed, this could have been a racy thriller but we were left with a mildly entertaining Enemy.

shaeshatriashwin 5 November 2021

Same Revenge Thriller with Great Action Packed Quality Visuals. To be Honest ARYA Nailed it. Great Villainism. Fast Pace 1st half and actionpacked Climax. Childhood portions Worked Really Very Well. VISHAL Inteligent Heroism. Ignore Some Unwanted Lagging Scenes. Definite Prefer Only Theatrical experience for this Film.

shaeshatriashwin 4 November 2021

A Usual Revenge thriller with High Quality Synopsis. To be Honest ARYA Steals the show great Villainism potraited by him. Nice and Fast Screenplay and Direction. Childhood Characters worked fanstatically. Intelligent Vishal !. Hollywood Range Visuals VFX Cinematography. Nice Bgm. An Impactful and Must Watch film !

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