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Escape from Pretoria (2020)

Rayting:   6.8/10 23952 votes
Country: UK | Australia
Language: English

Based on the real life prison break of two political captives, Escape From Pretoria is a race against time thriller set in the tumultuous apartheid days of South Africa.

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cinemapaperroast 18 July 2020

Story is interesting and (for me at least) sheds light on a lesser known part of the Apartheid movement. Movie utilized beautiful noir style lighting and interesting shot choices. The pacing was great and the tension build up kept me on the edge of my seat.

No long dialogues, no over acting, but a simple plain witty prison break film.

Watch the trailer and learn nothing more before watching, enjoy the film for what it is and not what you presume it should be.

MR_Heraclius 21 March 2020

Basically, some of these critics haven't a clue. This movie is a must-see; it dramatically illustrates the physical and psychological cruelty orchestrated by the Apartheid regime. Some aspects are subtle and horrifying. My only complaint is we didn't get the backgrounds of several fascinating characters. Of course, in many movies there's simply not enough time. And finally, Daniel Radcliffe and Mark Leonard Winter were mesmerizing expressing the horror of being incarcerated. Go see the film.

chethanibalasuriya 2 April 2020

Outstanding performance by Our boy Daniel Radcliff. I truly enjoyed the movie. Sometimes i felt myself also a living being there. It's delightful to hear that this movie Based on the real-life prison break. Thriller ! Thriller ! Thriller !

Fella_shibby 8 March 2020

The movie is about anti apartheid prisoners who hatch a plot to break out of a prison during the apartheid era in South Africa. It is heavily influenced by A Man Escaped n Le Trou, especially in terms of sheer minimalism. The acting is good but the lack of stereotyped sadist wardens n cops is missing. As a fan of prison escape films n especially the ones mentioned above, I liked this film.

downingpatrick 6 March 2020

Had I seen the IMDB rating I might not have watched it but am pleased I did. This production kept me engaged throughout bringing dramatic tension even to bubblegum on the ens of a stick! Particularly if you knew the consequences awaiting the protagonists if they failed. Perhaps the appalling situation could have been more graphically set up but as a prison break movie it works well but not if you want the graphic violence that so many filmmakers resort to for tension. Ignore the negatives & watch it

dylanbishop-13099 3 April 2020

Really really good film.....amazing story line great acting. Really tense throughout the film MUST WHATCH!!!

ops-52535 5 March 2020

Its a dramathriller from true life, the apharteid era of south africa, anc and white political supporters, going to prison for equal rights. while there theyre fed up with the prison system and tries to make a way to escape. how and when its done i shall not spoil.

but if your in for a session of silverscreen watching, accompanied with a lot of stretching, hyperventilating, stress and a whole lot of sweat then youre in for it in this flick. the acting are good, the filmographic efforts combined with excellent light and soundwork, together with a serious set of score make it all even better.

why not 10, well i think the makers portrays the prisoners environment a bit smoother and humane than it was in the true life, and i think the introduction to the maincast is a bit slow and weak. so its not a perfect film, even though the grumpy old man had a good time.a recommend.

TwistedContent 7 March 2020

Not two weeks after "Guns Akimbo" Daniel Radcliffe rewards us with yet another great performance, this time in a tightly made, old-school B-like jailbreak thriller set against a historically true background. Francis Annan's "Escape from Pretoria", while flawed in some areas, gives legitimate thrills and keeps you excited all throughout, as you follow the trio of men on the quest of freedom.

"Escape from Pretoria" is based on the prison escape of two political captives from Pretoria Central Prison in South Africa in 1979. The movie starts with an introduction of the political events taking place in South Africa during that time, more precisely the Apartheid. Soon after Tim Jenkin (Daniel Radcliffe) and Stephen Lee (Daniel Webber) get arrested and sent to prison for 8 or more years, there they meet politically related Denis Goldberg (Ian Hart) and their third accomplice Leonard Fontaine (Mark Leonard Winter). Most of the time we spent inside the prison, following the routine and efforts of our three main heroes - the story focuses a lot on creating suspense and in doing so has it has created many good and very enjoyable sequences. It's all about the thrill of finding the means to reach freedom. "Escape from Pretoria" is a neat and successful exercise in a familiar formula, utilized since way back when, Clint Eastwood's "Escape from Alcatraz" has the same qualities. Includes also great attention to detail. The pacing's nice and even, with some great pick-ups here and there. With the focus being on atmosphere, excitement and genre mechanics, the script is lacking in the area of depth, more precisely the characters, there's not a lot of set-up or backstory for them. However, the performances make up for that. Visually, the movie excels as well, using various cool camera tricks and touching up the suspense with technical means, the cinematic language is on point all throughout.

"Escape from Pretoria" is a great procedural thriller, a successful execution of genre mechanics, a carefully planned movie about planning. If it lacks depth, it definitely possesses a good entertainment value, further fulfilled with great acting work. Good prison-set movies don't come out all that often. My rating: 7/10.

afataev 7 March 2020

Why people are giving low rate to all the latest films that Daniel Radcliffe have been shot. I like this movie, its not boring at all. The plot is very interesting, the soundtrack chosen very good. actors played their role perfectly. I don't know what else people want from the movie !!!

mickeygreyeyes 6 March 2020

Well as the title of my review says, this was a very enjoyable prison movie. I'm not a Daniel Radcliffe fan, I cannot stand " Harry Potter ", however I really enjoyed his performance in this movie. Very tense at times, the 100 minutes or so run time of this movie passed quickly and my wife and I were very entertained. Reviews of this movie complaining of being an Australian movie are unjustified. This is very much a South African story that just happened to be filmed in Australia. It's a PRISON movie, it could have been filmed on the moon, who cares where it was filmed?. Daniel Webber was also a great co star and I think he is improving in each performance he gives. Heartily recommended.

deloudelouvain 14 July 2020

I'm really surprised by the relatively low ratings this movie gets on IMDb. I wonder what people expect nowadays from movies like this one? A movie based on a true story, but most of all an incredible story, very well written and directed by Francis Annan, clearly someone who knows how to build a tension with just minimalistic elements in the plot. I sat at the edge of my seat for some parts of this very enjoyable movie. The cast was also great, with a Daniel Radcliffe that proves again that he evolved from Harry Potter to an all round actor. He can play about anything and he did a great job again. To me Escape From Pretoria is definitely going to end in my top ten movies of this year. If you're a fan of escape movies then you surely won't be disappointed by this one. It belongs in the list of great prison escape movies, and it's based on true events what makes it always better. The negative critics on here have no clue about good movies, just ignore them and give this one a shot, you won't regret it.

adamrosolowski 6 July 2020

I place this title right next to my favourite Shawshank Redemption. Radcliff and the two other escapees show so much intensity I was worried that the actors will get a heart attack. Either them or me. Photography is also top notch. The story also largely reflects what is said to have actually happened. Radcliff consulted the real life Jenkins. I was shocked to realise that Apartheid only ended in the 1990s. I have noticed that some critics actually give one star to this movie arguing that it misrepresents facts (as if apartheid wasn't actually so bad?). Well, why not give it a try and have your own opinion?

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