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Every Breath You Take (2021)

Drama | Thriller 
Rayting:   5.2/10 1207 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A psychiatrist, whose client commits suicide, finds his family life disrupted after introducing her surviving brother to his wife and daughter.

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whitemanfromtowne 3 April 2021

In this day and age of social media, high tech, and mental health awareness, there were just way too many nonsensicals in this one film. Famly grief, unwarranted infidelity, bad parenting, silly crushes and a English accent does not make a movie great. The audience needs a solid story to follow and a decent build up to a climax to relate and enjoy. What a load gibberish nonsense for the 2021 viewing audience. You will know the whole premise of the story after watching only 10 mins of it. Thats how predictable and nonsensical the plot is. Watch it once and forget about it. A storyline that has been done over way too many times.

atractiveeyes 4 April 2021

I accidentally came across this film and decided to see it for its interesting cast. But those great actors unfortunately couldn't save it from its dull story. I wouldn't lie I did enjoy it and was involved in it but all in all it's just rubbish nonsense. It's stupid and easily predictable. Cinematography and the whole gloomy atmosphere of the film are beautiful though.

sergnd 3 April 2021

Bunch of good actors were dragging weak and pointless storyline.

ks-60500 16 April 2021

I would say it's a typical Casey movie. Almost all the movies I watched is the same style, sad and depressing always, this one as well. And surprising he keep having production that's unusual for a oscar winner. For the story, I would say it's damn bad, long and probably the worst for Casey movie. Rate it 4 just for giving the leading roles performance. If you want to watch, search the actor and lookup his movie to watch instead but not this one.

DallahOG 4 April 2021

Casey Affleck needs new roles he was great in manchester by the see but playing almost the same role of a depressed man who lost his boy again in this one wasn't that great.

varun-25071997 4 April 2021

A nice story executed in the worst possible way. Two talented lead actors completely wasted and the casting of Sam Claffin was so bad on many levels. It starts like your usual revenge story but the "twist" in the end which is theoretically good falls so flat because of the pace of the film. The film felt 3 hours long for its 105 minute runtime. This is a story that deserves to be a gripping thriller but it was shot like some tragedy. Sam Claffin's performance as the antagonist is one of the worst you will ever see this year.

aslanatik 18 April 2021

Nothing new, predictable, a lot of logical mistakes such as an anonymous letter is due to job loss, a cheap classic of the arrival of police when the bad guy is dead. We are bored of these cheap cliches. A lot of nonsense.

Dash99 3 April 2021

First of all I really want to know why they named this "Every Breath You Take"? It has nothing to do with the plot or any of it's themes so the title of this film is just bizarre.

Just went you think this is a different kind of "obsession thriller" it decides nope lets just go back to the tropes and genericness of the sub-genre. First of all the twist is incredibly obvious, as soon as the antagonist appears and the information we're given up until then it is the only conclusion and surprise surprise it turns out to be true.

Characters make decisions that make no sense besides to forward plot and the conclusion is as predictable as any other thriller.

Some good actors and a very beautiful setting of I assume British Columbia but that's about it from this very generic thriller.

smoesman 2 April 2021

Ultra slow, boring and way too predictable. Waste of time..

al_tirador 21 April 2021

Wow! Affleck must have really needed money to star in this trash. Not worth watching a very stupid slow moving plot which really does not make sense.

HereGoHellCome 3 April 2021

The movie started off as interesting, but evolved into a predictable train wreck. It's like the writers got lazy and just decided to copy plot twists from several previously successful movies.

BlobbyLight 4 April 2021

Totally implausible scenarios one after the next coupled with a lame "twist" that even a child could see coming from jump of the film. SKIP IT!

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