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F9 (2021)

Action | Adventure | Crime
Rayting:   5.2/10 92K votes
Country: USA | Thailand
Language: English
Release date: July 8, 2021

Dom and the crew must take on an international terrorist who turns out to be Dom and Mia's estranged brother.

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penetrate-her 25 July 2021

They have the same haircut as Charlize Theron... but no worries, they have Helen Mirren in there in case Theron's weird short hair doesn't 'cut' it for you.


The film is slow and the director started thinking he is on the set of the faux Star Trek they handed him.

danmelder 30 July 2021

I admit, I've been a fast fan all the way. Decent stories, ridiculous action scenes. Love them.

Watching this was just awful. There are a couple of decent action sequences, but you need more than that to make up a movie.

Also...Charlize Theron and her stupid haircut were totally irrelevant.


I'd be very surprised if they even bother to make an F10.

bobjane-1 31 July 2021

Watch enthralled as Jordana Brewster encounters her prop noodles and ponders its calorie count.

Will Jordana eat the noodles? Or will she fumble it into her hair? You'll have to watch F9 to find out!

Seriously though, just watch the first chase then turn it off.

d-shilling-1 1 July 2021

Just utter garbage. To say this movie was written and made by a 12 year old is an insult to a 12 year old. This franchise needs to end now.

hans-kai 1 August 2021

Like any franchise they will keep producing films until it descends into quicksand and mud and only then will they stop. They will run it into the ground, forgive the metaphor, before they stop.

We can help rescue the older films by not watching of course. But somehow people are bored enough to watch anything.

Anyway, it is not awful. There is some action and someone who will remain unnamed thought he is still wrecking Star Trek!

The biggest problem is that the scenes and the plot seem random. A bunch of scenes (here and in space) and then they said 'OK ship it out.'

Bottom line: there is no reason to watch this movie other than to satisfy an addiction to franchises or the F&F franchise or to help the studio's cash position and stock price. If those are good enough reasons then go for it. The film is not a 1/10 and in fact is more believable than a high school in Tokyo Japan where every student is American for some reason rapping and talking smack (OK fine we did see a Japanese girl walk past I think once).

They do not have girls being lesbonymphomaniacs either, Charlize is either having a mid-life crisis or lost a bet with her repulsive hair do and ... well, I cannot find any reason other than the above to watch this.

zaman-78778 22 July 2021

This franchise was about street racing and now all of a sudden after 8 installments its about the same crew of below average actors trying to save the world from evil. If you want to see a bunch of people saving the world with their anti-physics and doent-make-any-sense sort of stunts, i'd recommend you put your 30 dollars on something like Batman or Superman because this film is wrong in so many ways that i dont even know from where to start.

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