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Fantasy Island (2020)

Action | Fantasy | Mystery
Rayting:   4.9/10
Country: USA
Language: English

When the owner and operator of a luxurious island invites a collection of guests to live out their most elaborate fantasies in relative seclusion, chaos quickly descends.

Director: Jeff Wadlow Writer:

Stars: Michael Peña, Maggie Q and Lucy Hale

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geislekm 22 February 2020

I almost didn't go see this movie after reading the reviews, but I had two hours to kill, so I did. All the people who gave terrible reviews are crazy. People were claiming they couldn't follow the plot, but I didn't have any problem at all. In fact, I rather enjoyed myself. Now this movie will not win any Oscars, but neither will it be listed among the worst of all time either. Watch the movie with the notion that you will not see a cinematic masterpiece, but instead will be able to spend two hours where magical islands exist. The TV show Lost had a similar plot, and it was one of the most successful shows of all time. Watch this movie with the same mindset.

rcnaylor 16 February 2020

Oscar worthy? No. But, if you're in the mood for a nice, fun comedy, action, thriller... it is A-OK. Has a couple of twists. Keeps you wondering where its going. If the plot gets a little sketchy here and there, have some more popcorn and give it a bit!

I enjoyed it more than many higher rated, more pumped movies I've seen lately! Grab ya a bucket, a nice beverage and have a little fun with this one!

jaskell 17 February 2020

What the hell do people expect? Watch it with popcorn, booze, and a few buddies.

Abbas1988 24 October 2020

It was a great movie with suspense and exciting adventure. I recommend this to anybody who wants to kick back and enjoy their time. I don't think anybody will regret watching it. 8/10

CiNEMAN_ 19 February 2020

I was hoping not to be bored with this movie, looking at the score of 4.6/10 but I was amazed. Mystery must be the genre, not horror. There is almost no horror inside but so many unexpected things. I believe that the idea is great and the hidden idea even better. This move deserve at least 7/10. Go watch it by yourself.

Aggiemba95 17 February 2020

If you go to this expecting to see the original you will be disappointed. If you go expecting a Blum House Film you will love it. The plot twist is perfectly done. The villain is kept secret. Yes, it is formulaic but they aren't chasing oscars here. They are creating a BLUM HOUSE film, and they did a good job. The film is fun to watch and entertaining.

sparkerd 28 May 2020

I grew up in the age of Fantasy Island, Gilligan's Island, Love Boat era. While I'll admit I was partial to the latter two, I remembered, the plane boss the plane, and the immaculate gentleman in white welcoming guests to fantasy island. That out if the way, this was a fun movie, we enjoyed it from beginning to end. The negative reviews sound like want to be film critics. There is no deeper meaning or philosophy to take away from this movie, it's just fun. It's meant to be entertainment and it is. What would you say about Top Gun, Footloose, Legend, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Heavy Metal and Gremlins if they came out today? Those movies were not to convey a message but to entertain which they did. Not everything has to be an Oscar or teach you a life lesson. Rant over, I recommend this movie for no cussing, nudity, crudity, or senseless stupidity. So get your ice man to break the rules help a unicorn break the glass ceiling restore the balance beat the oppressors and don't eat after midnight.

thegarlicconnection 20 October 2020

I didn't watch this because I'd heard so much hate. I don't get it. Good production, cinematography, acting, and a solid plot line. Also, loved the very end.

I don't understand what people are expecting, but reviews for a lot of films seem to be taking a hit. The 1, 2, and 3 stars are from trolls who have nothing better to do.

arpinnock 18 October 2020

I loved the tv show but knew this was a horror so knew it wouldn't bethe same. There was always the possibility of the fantasy not playing out as planned and being killed in the tv show, but obviously that was never the case for a family show back then. So, to show the dark side interested me. I thought the fantasies worked well and actually enjoyed how they come together. Rourke was very like the original. Yes, there are sime holes in the story and the last line is so corny but I now have it in my collection to watch again.

gustavo_de_leon 12 October 2020

Despite the low rating, I saw this movie. Although it is not a masterpiece, it greatly respects the theme of the tv series. I liked it a lot!!

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