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Fatman (2020)

Action | Fantasy 
IMDB Rayting:   6.0/10
Country: UK | Canada
Language: English

A rowdy, unorthodox Santa Claus is fighting to save his declining business. Meanwhile, Billy, a neglected and precocious 12 year old, hires a hit man to kill Santa after receiving a lump of coal in his stocking.

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klaraephiles 21 November 2020

I can't believe this movie exists. It's high production, actors are good. Many may say the story is stupid and too straight forwards...but this is a movie, that could've been made in the 80's. People who grew up with movies which don't take themself too serious like "Commando" for example really miss such movies. And i'am not talking about cheaply made C-movies. In the 80's there was an audience for this kind of movies and that's why they were highly quality produced. It's about the fun. And i had fun watching this movie. It's just this kind of flick you tell your friends about "Hey have you seen this crazy movie where Mel Gibson as Santa Clause saves christmas with guns?" And of course they answer with no. And then you tell them: "Well, buckle up, kiddo. You're in for a good time, get the whiskey!".

Nothing more to add. We need more films like that,

ravencorinncarluk 20 November 2020

Just funny enough not to be too grim or dark, but just straight enough to be tense, and ever so slightly surreal. Acting is pretty good, and the story is a darker version of the normal holiday fare. I found it thoroughly watchable, and really enjoyed the ending.

TheDestroia 19 November 2020

Before I read the synopsis & watched the trailer, I thought this was another low budget "bad santa" story. I was wrong.

An interesting take on the "Chris Cringle" story with a great message from the most bad-ass Santa I've seen.

A great cast, a few comedic pops, short Christmas vibes, cussing & bloodshed.

Not action packed. More storytelling based. Good on a lazy boy in Gold Class.

Athanatos173 20 November 2020

I had put this on my watchlist the moment I saw the trailer. Although it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, it is a fairly decent movie and did make me laugh out loud a few times.

Mel Gibson does a great job as Santa, as does Walter Goggins as the hitman with a personal vendetta, and Chance Hurstfield plays his role well enough that you despise his character. The acting overall was pretty good.

If I have any complaints is that there were certain parts of the storyline that made no sense other than to prolong the action. I mean Santa getting subsidized by the US government? And surely Santa had more powers than he used. And by no means do I want to come across as racist, but come on, a black actress playing Mrs. Kringle? If it changed the story in any way I could overlook it, but they just race swapped her to dot some I's and cross some T's on an equality form.

All in all the movie could have been better, but I still enjoyed it, though it ended quite abruptly.

Recommended for a few chuckles.

kramercosmo 8 November 2020

FATMAN is the third movie I watched from the Nelms brothers, it is their best one yet.

The first one - LOST ON PURPOSE - was a beautiful love letter to the area and to the times they grew up in. A little film with a fantastic cast - a pure work of passion.

The second one - SMALL TOWN CRIME - is a superb genre mix: Thriller, action, drama, Film Noir - STC has it all.

And now there is FATMAN. The plot sounds so crazy, totally out of the box. It is an artistic miracle what Eshom and Ian Nelms did with this weird but great idea.

First and foremost, the cast is just amazing. It seems Mel Gibson was born for this part, there could not have been a better choice for Santa. At least not for this Santa. Walton Goggins is a great actor for sure, I like him since The Shield. But he surely surpassed my high expectation in Fatman. His performance is pure gold. Marianne Jean-Baptiste has a great chemistry with Mel Gibson, another ideal casting choice. Last but not least, Chance Hurstfield plays the nasty kid, and he surely does a great job since I disliked this little devil soon after some minutes.

The setting (the film was shot in Canada) also fits perfectly into the winter / christmas scenario. It creates the fitting atmosphere for this wild ride.

FATMAN delivers the perfect mixture of humor, drama, action and violence. Thanks to the great job of the Nelms brothers and the perfect cast, FATMAN is likely to become another 'christmas classic' like Die Hard.

A masterpiece and a must-see.

spyroschas 26 November 2020

Best christmas movie since Die Hard. Dont listen to those cry babies who make like someone stole their candy. If you are one of them,go see disney's bambie and whip for a cartoon's mom. P.S> Mel is still one of the Greats.

oboyle22 28 November 2020

This was a fun twist on Santa for those who like dark comedic humor. It was on point and the fact that Mel Gibson plays cranky Santa makes this movie solid. All in. Enjoy.

joshn-12512 8 November 2020

Die hard is a Christmas movie and so is this. Go watch this in theatres and have a great time. The movie is funny action packed and treats it's self way to seriously...in a good way action and Christmas makes for a really fun cinema movie

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