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Ferry (2021)

Action | Crime | Drama
Rayting:   7.0/10 8.7K votes
Country: Belgium | Netherlands
Language: Flemish | Dutch
Release date: May 14, 2021

A ruthless Ferry Bouman is sent to his native region of Brabant by his boss Brink to avenge an attack on their gang. When he meets the lovely Danielle and old family feuds resurface, Brabant starts to pierce his steel armour.

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mikko-kurppa 17 May 2021

Didn't have high expectations and perhaps due to that I really enjoyed this movie. Was not predictable but of course if you have seen the series "undercover" you already will know partly what is going to take place.

Frank Lammers is an excellent actor that reminds me of James Gandolfini. Elise Schaap plays her role really well too.

jga999 15 May 2021

It is a story about a criminal who meets a girl. This leads to trouble. Frank Lammers plays his character well and his acting lifts up the whole movie. Elise Schaap is less convincing, just smiles naive into the camera too often. Her script is very cliché. The overall storyline is thin and predictable, halfway I guessed already what the catch was and what will happen next. Some call it a thriller on this platform but there is little suspense and no action.

Having said that it is a good film for a casual Friday evening entertainment but do not expect too much. This is a prequel to the series "Undercover" which is a very good and entertaining series to watch. So if this is your intro into the Undercover series than this movie is definately worth it.

alfieosullivan 17 May 2021

Ferry is my favourite character in Undercover & was delighted there was a film. I wasn't disappointed. Its not set that long ago so very plausible to be played by same actor. His (&dannis) story could easily have its own series.

gingerglamerlas 16 May 2021

Excellent film, good acting, suspense, violence, justice, love, humor, everything. The interaction between the Ferry and the girl is superb, is like the beauty and the beast, she has the power to send the beast to a heavenly a state and is hilarious. So recommended.

dmr140 15 May 2021

Great cast, score and writing. Grabbed me from the start and it has everything I hoped for after watching season 1 of Undercover. Finally, after seeing Undercover season 2, this made up for it big time. I hope that they do a follow up of this movie.

halcyonbear 15 May 2021

Admittedly this film is probably very much one for the fans of Undercover. If you aren't already familiar with Ferry from that series, you might not be as excited about this film, but if you enjoyed the series you won't feel let down by this movie prequel.

Yes, some major characters from Undercover are missing, but given that this is a prequel set a good few years before season one, it wouldn't make sense for them to be present. Instead Ferry is placed front and centre and we get a great backstory to the events that ultimately led to him being investigated in Undercover.

Chronologically you could watch this before watching Undercover, but I liked the fact that I already knew aspects of Ferry and Dani prior to watching this and Filip's cameo is definitely funnier.

It's brutal in places, as we've come to expect from Undercover, but there are also touching moments and humour too. Frank Lammers imbues a character that could very easily have been a two dimensional monster with a degree of sympathy. If Undercover continues (and I hope it will), we don't know if Ferry will make another appearance, so this is potentially us saying goodbye to him. I'll definitely watch this again.

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