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Finding 'Ohana (2021)

Action | Comedy 
Rayting:   6.2/10 5992 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A summer in rural O‘ahu takes an exciting turn for two Brooklyn raised siblings when a journal pointing to long lost treasure sets them on an epic adventure with new friends, and leads them to reconnect with their Hawaiian heritage.

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sandydee-44404 30 January 2021

My daughter and I watched this movie tonight and absolutely loved it. Being from Hawaii and now living in the mainland it was fun to watch this movie... yes it's very much like goonies but the infusion of the Hawaii culture, language and folk lore made it all the more special. The night marchers story was very similar to what we were taught growing up as was the pidgin and infusion of Hawaiian words. Loved that their home was authentic with glass jalousie windows and tons of wood paneling. The filming of most of the film appears to be in Hawaii and they even have Halona beach from " from here to eternity" in it. The cast looks like the majority of them are from Hawaii which is refreshing considering the majority of the tv shows filmed in Hawaii have lead characters who are not from Hawaii and butcher the Hawaiian Pidgin and culture. The family relationship is realistic and my kids could identify with the siblings. It was.clean and light hearted. I would recommend to anyone, but if your not from Hawaii put the closed captioning on for the Hawaiian words. 💛💛

lingeringdreamer 1 February 2021

As someone born and raised on Maui I tend to be a bit critical of films set in Hawaii, since they tend to be made with a weird tourist POV. Finding Ohana is a great alternative that people from Hawaii and people not from Hawaii can enjoy. It was good for my soul to watch and made me feel homesick.

reichert-medien 31 January 2021

It looks like a cheap TV movie. The directing is uninspired. Also it is at least 30 minutes too long. Cut this down to 90 minutes and it would be a lot better. It also needs more humor.

REXNE 31 January 2021

Children may like it, but not so much for adults. The speeches and some scenes were so poor that they wouldn't be in a movie. However, it also had a nice atmosphere.

pattonroxanne 30 January 2021

Enjoyable family flick that's a little muddled and disjointed at first but picks up and turns very Goonie'st.

The storytelling at the end wraps things up nicely.

aquamoon1 30 January 2021

I enjoyed this movie very much. It's not something to get Oscar nods, but it is a fun adventure movie suitable for family watching. It's a movie you can watch to escape for awhile and end with a smile and feeling a little bit lighter. It's very reminiscent of Goonies, but that's okay. Why not have a modern, treasure hunt, feel-good movie like Goodies? We could all use a feel-good adventure movie these days, especially one the whole family can watch together. I would definitely watch this again.

leerevell-69549 31 January 2021

Good Sunday afternoon film for the family but the Goonies influence is there from the start with one of the Goonie characters in this movie

Still well produced and a fun watch

danceloverhimanshu 1 February 2021

It's Great Family Fun Movie . Best & Adventurous . Specially I'd Been Fan of Alex as he is awesome singer and watching him doing so awesome performance as an actor is great and this ohana cast plus screenplay and editing and direction everything is perfect. Must come with next part so we enjoy intelligence with fun .

lakings97 31 January 2021

Finding 'Ohana is a Netflix movie about a Hawaiian family uprooted from their family home in Brooklyn and move in with their aging grandfather in Oahu to help him with his health. Along the way the siblings find a journal pointing to a long lost treasure that sets them on an epic adventure around the island. The adventure leads them with new friends to reconnect with their Hawaiian heritage. The cast includes the beautiful Kelly Hu as the single mother raising to her two kids and Branscombe Richmond as Kimo the grandfather who had not paid his property taxes in over five years. The kids hope finding the treasure would help save the property. The back story of the pirates were portrayed by SNL alumni Chris Parnnell as well as Marc Evan Jackson, they made the story more entertaining. The movie was very family oriented but I didn't care about the adventure but the ending was very heartwarming and the meaning of 'Ohana brought a positive overall vibe to the entire flick. Definitely it was fun to watch to watch with the family.

IonicBreezeMachine 30 January 2021

Pili (Kea Peahu) has her sights set on attending a Geocaching camp, but after her grandfather (Branscombe Richmond) has a heart attack, Pili must forfeit her prize and go to Hawaii with her mother Leilani (Kelly Hu) and brother Ioane (Alex Aiono). Once there Pili finds a journal among her grandfather's possessions that tells of a group of privateers who hid a cache of gold on the island and sets off to find the treasure unaware of the dangers surrounding it.

Directed by TV sitcom staple Jude Weng and written by comic book/screenwriter Christina Strain whose work can be seen in cult favorite TV show The Magicians and Netflix's upcoming series Shadow and Bone, Finding 'Ohana marks another original by Netflix. Finding 'Ohana feels like a mixture of Lilo & Stitch by way of National Treasure, and while there are good elements on display, the movie is a little clumsy out of the gate.

Kea Peahu makes her debut here as our protagonist Pili and brings a natural energy to her performance that is engaging. She does a good job conveying the drive, stubbornness, and arrogance of her character and has some nice moments of vulnerability and pathos throughout the film. YouTube personality/singer Alex Aiono makes his film debut here and for the most part does reasonably well, but sometimes the clunky material especially early on doesn't allow him to make the best impressions, but despite this he does feel engaging and falls comfortably into his role as the older brother dealing with an overly energized mischief prone sister. The supporting cast is also quite good. Kelly Hu despite a somewhat limited role plays her role as a struggling single parent trying to juggle multiple crises at once quite well and Branscombe Richmond plays the curmudgeonly grandfather character quite well and has some very sweet moments with Kea Peahu as Pili where they convey a genuine sense of family. But easily the best performance is Owen Vaccaro as Casper a nerdy overly cautious neighbor who Pili (kind of) befirends who gets some very funny scenes and lines in the movie. Vaccaro was previously seen in The House with a Clock in its Walls playing a lead and its nice to see him here again giving another good performance.

The movie itself is very hit and miss, the opening is very clumsily handled with characters often telling us about situations rather than showing us them, and while the characters feel like there's a richness to be explored for engagement and pathos, it often feels like those take a backseat to shenanigans and very on the nose humor. There's also not much in the way of drive at the beginning of the treasure hunt as the movie just kind of ambles along from one marker to the next. The flashback sequences are also rather underwhelming as they're subject to a running gag where the characters in the flashbacks will speak anachronistic dialogue as dubbed by Pili's Kea Peahu that is somewhat chuckle worthy upon first impression but becomes kind of grating upon repeated use. By the half way point I was ready to label this a very "meh" movie, but then it kept going.

After a flabby first half that's haphazardly delivered the movie course corrects and makes its stakes more dire and adds some tension and drive that's been missing from the movie up to that point. Without giving too much away there's some scenes of visual wonder and danger that all tie into the themes of family and Hawaiian mythology quite well and actually make the movie feel more engaging as it goes on.

lynndlee 3 February 2021

The story line was okay, a little out there in a few areas, but the acting was AWFUL. I do not recommend wasting your time watching this film. You will never get those 2 hours back!

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