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Firehouse Dog (2007)

Action | Family   
IMDB Rayting:   5.6/10
Country: USA | Canada
Language: English

Rexxx, Hollywood's top canine star, gets lost and is adopted into a shabby firehouse. He teams up with a young kid to get the station back on its feet.

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cosmorados 8 March 2008

4 out of 10? What? Who the hell is voting on this, people who enjoyed "Dude, where's my car?" or Canadian's who want to have a chip on their shoulder about film-making in their own country, if other comments on this site are to be believed. Well, personally I don't care where the film was made, I watched it with my family and I enjoyed it. Yes, it's Disney style corny, but the funny bits are funny, the touching bits are touching and ultimately you're routing for the dog and the fire crew.

Starring the underrated Bruce Greenwood and a decent supporting crew the film is fun for the family as the story of a pampered Hollywood pooch who learns what being a dog is really all about moves at a decent pace with gags that children will enjoy with a few extra bizarre touches for adults as well.

and for those people who give it 4, have you people seen Batman and Robin, Cool as Ice, of the abysmal Legends of the fall. Personally I suggest you watch these first before slating this.

6 out of 10.

woohooo 6 April 2007

I used this comment on a thread somewhere in here, and just thought I'd add my two cents on a quick review:

I went to the theater with the intention of seeing "Meet the Robinsons" but it was sold out, so with a choice of "Blades of Glory" and "Firehouse Dog", I opted for the dog flick.

I wasn't disappointed. It is a cute film, sure there are the boring and not-so-brilliant crude fart jokes, but the film is not so much about the dog, but about the relationship between a father and son, as they both work through a serious life altering event that they both experienced in the recent past.

In the story there is a bit a mystery and sleuthing involved, drama, humor and some silliness with the dog that I didn't find it too over-the-top. The relationships of those who live and work at the firehouse are also part of the story and the fires add some excitement and adventure.

I enjoyed the film, but wouldn't call it a blockbuster or anything. The kids in the theater were attentive throughout and everyone there seemed to enjoy it also.

christiec64 14 April 2007

I gave it such a high rating not b/c I think it's such a great movie, but b/c it did what a family/kid movie is supposed to do - make you laugh, keep the kids' (and my) attention, and not make you fall asleep.

It did all of those things. Based on some of these reviews here, I expected it to absolutely stink. But my kids who are 4 and 6, and I thought maybe too young for this type of movie, were riveted. They liked the silly humor, and when the father and son had their screen time together my son cuddled with me and was obviously moved. And I didn't feel like pulling my hair out and I never checked my watch.

All of this made for a fun, worth-the-matinée-price, movie experience. On top of it, my husband took the kids to see this movie last week; so this was my first time, and their second - and they sat still through it the whole way.

Funny, sweet, enjoyable movie.

zombiez67 14 April 2007

This is a movie the kids are sure to enjoy, yea it has the same plot most movies of this genera have, bad guy, good guy, and a animal hero, with a couple added new things in it. Over all its worth a rental if nothing else. The best actor is the "Dog" , not to say the human actors were that bad but the movie focuses on the mutt and that's what you should get out of it. It will probably be a rental fairly quickly and that is what i would recommend for those not willing to fork out 60$ bucks to take the family. As an adult i thought it was a half way decent film, not boring even if it is a bit predictable. If you like animal acting type films , you should like this one.

rkyracer 9 April 2007

I was surprised when I saw the rating and thought about not going and seeing this movie. But, my wife and I were looking for a movie to take the children to see - difficult to find these days. We went and were pleasantly surprised by the total movie experience. Laughter throughout the theater during many parts of this film. Sure, some plot scenarios were far fetched but for a family movie, a comedy and a dog star type movie this movie was excellent. I have learned that the dog is an Irish Terrier - what a fantastic personality this animal has. I sincerely encourage everyone of all ages to see this movie. Look at it as a fun family film - not as an Oscar winning drama of great significance but certainly much better than the rating indicates.

hskerfan 6 April 2007

Funny, Suspenseful and with a message. I attended Firehouse Dog, not really knowing much about what it was about, and expected to see a cheesy kids movie. Boy, was I wrong. Blown away is more like it. Firehouse Dog pulls you in from the beginning, introduces it's characters, and tugs at your emotions. There are all kinds of emotions you feel in this movie. I laughed so hard my sides hurt, I got choked up and my heart swelled with emotion. If you want to entertain the whole family, and provide a positive message, definitely see this movie. One of the best movies of the year! It's too bad that movies like this don't receive an Oscar, because a lot of thought got put into the story given in the movie.

inkblot11 27 April 2007

Shane has some problems. As a middle schooler, he has been doing poorly on exams. This is because his single parent father, Marc (Bruce Greenwood) is a captain in the fire department and is one the job a great deal of the time. In addition, Shane's uncle died in a fire about a year ago and his father is still mourning the loss of his brother. No wonder Shane is suffering from lack of parental attention and direction. But, one day, a dog is rescued by the fire department on top of a burning building. Shane and his father take the dog home. Unknown to them, this is no ordinary mutt but a movie star canine who was lost during a parachuting screen shoot. Although Shane does not like the dog at first, the little furry one is talented and wins over the boy's heart. And, he also becomes a great fire dog, leading to the rescue of another fire captain. But, will the real owner of the dog come back to claim him? And, just who is setting all of these fires in an already decaying neighborhood? This is a terrific family movie. Yes, it is implausible, at times, but it does not matter in the least. The adorable dog of the film is smart, talented, and will melt hearts. The cast, although mostly unknown actors, is also just right for the film. The costumes, sets and movie production values are fine, too. Then again, many children and adults are interested in fire fighting and this flick has plenty of minutes devoted to battling blazes. In short, if you want to get a new and worthy film for your family's enjoyment, this is a terrific choice. It will have everyone cheering and clapping for the brave little canine and his taller companions.

mattkratz 15 April 2008

This was not a bad film. It features the typical pampered character finds himself in a slightly reduced setting, except in this case the character is a dog. The Hollywood pooch finds himself in a firehouse about to be torn down after an aerial stunt goes wrong, and they adopt him, and he saves the day in more ways than one. I loved all the stunts involving the dog, and the rescue scenes were well-executed, as was most of the film. Of course, the kids grows throughout the movie, as when he first meets the dog he hates it but grows to love it, and develops from rebellious to responsible. I think I studied this theme in college literature classes. This was overall a good movie, and I recommend it.

*** out of ****

mjrt 20 April 2007

I couldn't believe how bad this movie was! The underlying arson plot was not developed fully, the dog's skills were not believable (how does a dog learn agility training in or learn to be a rescue dog in a day?), and the poor editing with the boom all over the film and over actor's heads and the top visor on the camera showing were all it took to make the film a waste of time and money for the whole family. Even the kids that were in the audience thought it was a corny and boring movie. And I totally agree with Bobdepyro, the boom should have been given credit as the main actor in the film (yes, everyone else in the theater noticed it too)!

sazzwho 6 April 2007

This movie is a cross between Herbie the Love Bug remake and the Shaggy D.A. remake.....It tries to be serious then it gets to be surreal. The script was awful and the flashback sequences made it hard for young children to watch and follow. Even though the narration of the film is from the boy, there are flashbacks from everyone including the dog. For most young ones it is impossible to see movies that are not linear. Everyone in the film has a flashback or a "vision". Add on top of it the need to show the dogs bodily functions. Why the film has to have a dog crapping scene? Plus the dog had as much gas as anyone in any National Lampoon movie. I don't know if this was meant to be a child's movie, but it wasn't. In the final scheme, a children's film that tried to be adult but wasn't and wasn't children enough to be a children's film.....

Buddy-51 18 October 2007

In the utterly unremarkable "Firehouse Dog," a pampered movie star pooch named Rexxx falls out of an airplane and into the lap of a second-rate fire station where he is immediately adopted as the department's mascot. With his natural talent for search-and-rescue missions, Rexxx soon insinuates his way into the hearts and affections of all, including the young, slightly troubled son (Josh Hutcherson) of the station's chief (Bruce Greenwood).

Despite all its obvious good intentions, I can scarcely imagine anyone but the tiniest tots in the audience being either intrigued or inspired by this film. Apart from the slight difference that the Timmy-fallen-down-a-well predicament has been replaced by a Shane-trapped-in-a-burning-firehouse sequence, this is a thoroughly conventional "a boy and his dog" tale in which neither the boy nor the dog is really all that appealing. In fact, Rexxx is so un-cute and so un-cuddly that it's hard to believe that he could ever be a true canine superstar sensation in the real world.

As for the script, it consists mainly of feeble jokes, broad slapstick and obvious sentimentality ladled out in roughly equal measure. There are a few touching father-and-son moments along the way, but this is otherwise a very long, very uninspired "kid flick." There's nothing overtly wrong with either the values or the morals conveyed by the movie - unless, that is, one considers subjecting innocent and unsuspecting children to bad film-making to be, in and of itself, immoral.

emdiva11 5 May 2007

I though this movie was very good. The stunts were a little cheap and at some points you could see that they did use a noter dog ( as of what I read they used 4 dogs ). Now knowing Josh Hutcherson was playing the lead role I immediately wanted to see it do to his outstanding proformacen in " Bridge To Teribethia ".

The movie isn't so much about ther dog it is more about the realtionship between a son and a father. And they do have there moment on the big screen.

This movie is emotional,Funny,enjoyable and one of the best movies of the year.

It is a family movie and a great script,casting,acting.etc.

This isn't a Oscar winning movie. But a good a enough movie to keep awake and istresed.

You see it !!!!!

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