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First Kill (2017)

Action | Drama   
IMDB Rayting:   4.9/10
Country: Canada | USA
Language: English

A Wall Street broker is forced to evade a police chief investigating a bank robbery as he attempts to recover the stolen money in exchange for his son's life.

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michellepugh-964-461455 14 March 2019

Wow, three are some harsh critics out there. It wasn't one I would watch again, but it was enjoyable enough.

mk57 4 September 2017

Apologies, but 32 minutes was about all I could manage and even then, that was almost 30 minutes too much. Hayden was wooden from the off and every additional character only added to this wood-fest. The dialogue is truly awful and the non-connection between the family makes it impossible to believe they have ever spent more than a couple of minutes together. Willis must've done this for the money only. His Donald Trump way of speaking, that is making your mouth like a tiny butthole, just looks silly and was neither brooding or menacing. The music is very intrusive and does nothing to help out the obvious plot. Boy, does the whole thing drag! This is a movie worth crossing the road away from the Cinema for. Mind you, if you want unreal dialogue and acting this is for you.

histree69 9 August 2017

Absolutely one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Can't believe Bruce Willis is in it, and even his acting is horrible. The Dad character is just a punk kid trying to say all of the right things to his son who's acting ability is just as bad as everyone else.s. The Mom character couldn't get an audition in a middle school play. To top it all off is the never ceasing awful music that is constantly playing in the background. Could not watch the whole thing. I just walked out.

euandaley 8 October 2018

The film crafts a brilliant atmosphere and tension, Hayden is usually stamped all over by critics for his acting but here it feels genuine and real. He has a believable relationship with his child and while not he greatest film in the world it provides some brilliant entertainment and deserved better than it was given.

topsail33-1 21 September 2017

The ONLY redeeming thing about this movie was, that I didn't pay to see it. I got it from the library. But, it is 2 hours I will never get back. Willis is horrible in this. To be fair though, his lines are meager and of few syllables. The casting of this film is abysmal. However, what's worse, is the cinematography: the whole jiggle the camera and shoot only close-ups style is so yesterday. It's nothing but a distraction. The only bigger distraction might be the so-called "music". It's that new-age mood garbage and it plays throughout the entire film like tinnitus. I will echo the sentiments of other posters: this is THE worst film of the last 10 years, by far ! It should be seriously considered for MSTK3 fodder in the future.

TheTopDawgCritic 23 July 2017

This movie had decent cinematography, and the directing was a mish mash in various aspects (worked well with visuals but poorly with the actors).

The writing/screenplay was very bad and had too many plot holes and was predictable. The story/concept in itself was not bad and somewhat entertaining, but was executed poorly from a bad screenplay and sub- par directing.

The score was either absent when needed, or atrocious when present. Was it some high school students on strings the entire time?

Finally there's the terrible acting for 2 of the main characters - the little boy (excusable as a young amateur actor but should have been cast or directed better) and Bruce Willis. Seriously Bruce, put some effort into your acting, you used to be convincing. That straight- faced smug look and monotonic voice is passé. Bruce needed part of William DeMeo's over-acting, of which made him unconvincing as well.

Gethin Anthony as Levi had the best performance, and the only character that was convincing. Hayden Christensen was OK, but not even close to convincing in his character. Also poorly cast or directed.

Considering all the "In Association With.." production companies shown at the start that were involved in this movie, I expected much better.

It's only a 6/10 from me.

alex-115-401856 16 September 2019

The kid is being bullied. Logically, his dad takes him on a hunting trip, spinning the various virtues of killing animals. It takes courage to hunt, the dad says, and what could be more courageous than shooting a deer from a distance with the telescopic rifle? He needs to learn to stand up to himself, the dad says, and apparently shooting animals is the best way to learn that, and to avoid being bullied.

The action sequences are OK. The movies does not suffer from excessive logic.

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