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Forensic (2020)

Crime | Thriller 
Rayting:   6.6/10
Country: India
Language: English

Samuel uses his forensic skills and discovers breakthroughs in a serial killing case as further victims are added to the list. Shikha teams up with Samuel and uncovers evidence that might lead to the killer's identity.

Director: Anas Khan Writer:

Stars: Tovino Thomas, Mamta Mohandas and Saiju Kurup

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arungeorge13 7 May 2020

Forensic arrives post the success of another serial killer flick Anjaam Paathira (henceforth referred to as AP), albeit with a 'scientific' twist. The film, similar to AP, opens with an intriguing prologue. It serves the purpose of a mood-setter. While AP was slightly subtler in its approach, Forensic really gets in your face. You ought to know that grisly murders are on the way.

The writer-director duo Akhil Paul and Anas Khan concoct a serial killer plot with an interesting first half, briefly touching upon the possibilities of a child killer, the application of forensics to deconstruct crimes, and most importantly, a ravishing Tovino Thomas (playing Sam Kattookaran, a medico-legal advisor to the State Police). Sam is assisting Rithika Xavier IPS (an efficient Mamta Mohandas) in tracing the killer, but the writers make it clear from the start that Sam always gets the upper hand in unlocking clues.

It was indeed fun to see minor forensic flourishes in the film. These include Sam suggesting a lie detector test for a heart-patient suspect, the segment involving the inner (golden) foil of a Dairy Milk chocolate bar, the part where Sam deduces the killer's age and height using basic logic and by studying the crime scene, and an unnecessary but fun stretch where he explains acid-base reaction. Reba Monica John plays Shikha, the pretty and resourceful intern, who thankfully doesn't fall for Sam's crime-lab heroics.

There's a solid interval twist too, something you really wouldn't expect. I thought it was a lot better than the big reveal itself; one that's replete with a poorly acted, unconvincing back-story. We also get a subplot regarding Sam and Rithika's strange family history. It's easy for thriller buffs to conclude that this will have some connection to the present-day crimes. The final half-hour really blew it for me - it's a talkathon that tries to pack in the killer's reasoning, followed by a tacky action scene. In sharp contrast to this, there's a nicer action set-piece earlier on in the film involving Sam and a perpetrator.

In AP too, the origin story of the killer was one of its weaker elements. Why do the big reveals always seem okayish? We need more exciting core criminals for investigation thrillers like these. Jakes Bejoy's background score is jarring at certain points but effective otherwise. Sharper writing in the latter half (with a reduced focus on decoying twists) could really have changed the course of the film. The packaging falls short in Forensic and it ends up being just a middle-of-the-road effort.

mariamaryjoseph 7 March 2020

From the beginning till the interval, it contains intriguing elements. The second half was quite outstretched with too many loopholes in the plot. One big plus point is its background score- amazing amazing amazing..

bwstr 8 May 2020

Had potential, but the writer didn't know when to stop with the twists. In the end it just turned out to be a groan worthy movie where you give up following the story and just wait for the final reveal.

alphadude007 7 May 2020

Another serial killer movie which falls flat on its face due to the over the top story and premise. The actors were decent enough, but the premise is too complicated for it's own good and absolutely hard to digest. It's an okay one time watch, but Anjaam Paathira was way better. So the wait for a good serial killer movie from malayalam is still ongoing.

Azanspy 10 May 2020

Forensic makes us really scared and the movie is creepy. But the plot doesn't make any sense and is badly made. The movie should have made in atleast a decent way and they should've closed all loopholes and simple mistakes. Overall, a forgettable watch.

sujith789_reviews 8 May 2020

  • This is a whodunnit movie, so won't be able to write much as it might be spoilers.
  • I have seen a lot of whodunnit movies, so felt this one as just an average movie. The direction and bgm is good and film kept engaging till first half. Second half isn't that great.
  • Final Verdict: One time watchable whodunnit

dailytrolls 1 March 2020

This is a crime thriller movie about a serial killer that targets little kids. The premise is not so new so they didn't have alot to begin with anyways. Yet the movie tries hard to be a good detective movie but things that ruined it for me were 1)Overglorification of the protagonist in his introduction . 2) Story gets waay too convoluted after a point I didn't really feel engaged anymore. 3) Some lines which I felt were rather overused in movies that I found funny. 4) Main background score isn't that creepy or good as a matter of fact.

That was a list of all the things I liked about the movie, it is still a good movie. I wouldn't call it or great or new that's it. Ciao

kiranajith002 11 June 2020

It has a great potential to be psychotic thriller ..And as always Tovino is just amazing to watch him - Mamtha Mohandas role is so crisp & The girl who acted as Tovino's neice acted so full of suspicion and increased the curiosity to find out the real motive behind this murder (like it's always been that serial killers don't have any particular motive )

Bgm is haunting & thrilled at the right moments ( but still at many points reminded of Ratchasan 😬 only those keyboard pattern sounds ) But still it repeats in ur mind even after watching the movie ..

They had all the possibility to make it a top notch flawless psycho thriller movie but still a Little disappointed a many points ..But all its WORTH a watch & to be fair learned a lot of forensic science and the methods they use (Really like mind blogging )

DennisBergkamp10 7 May 2020

There is a show called Homeland that wound up recently after many many excruciating seasons. I have watched the first two seasons and the first season is nothing short of absolutely brilliant. A strong plotline would develop and you would assume that they would drag on that plot till the very end. But they would conclude that plot in the very next episode and another bigger and better plotline would develop and they would conclude that as well and so on and so forth. The first season of Homeland is as good as anything ever made for television. Watching Forensic, when they make the big reveal midway through, for a moment I was reminded of Homeland. Even Anjaam Pathiraa did not reveal the killer till the every end. You are thinking that for Forensic to come up with something so conclusive so early on surely they would have a seriously solid script. And when the movie ends you are thinking......Aiyee.

Forensic is like a C+ movie if Anjaam Pathiraa was a B+ movie. Anjaam Pathiraa itself was quite overrated but this one takes it to just another level altogether. I had recently mentioned in one of my reviews that Tovino is generally the best thing about movies featuring him. Unfortunately that is not the case with this movie. Literally everything about the movie is bang average. Bang average acting, bang average script, bang average directing. The only good thing about the movie is that its quite short so the torture of watching it is also quite short.

I think they should have some sort of an institute where they take all potential scriptwriters. So they take the guy who wrote this movie to the institute and they test him and tell him....Naah bro....You really should not be a script writer.....your IQ is really low. Is it not wrong at a certain level that this bloke identifies as a scriptwriter and the guy who wrote Kumbalangi Nights also identifies as one?

Last year a Korean movie movie titled 'Forgotten" had come out. I doubt a lot of people watched it though its available on Amazon Prime.I remember watching the movie and does somebody come up with these sort of twists? I am thinking the same about deluded would somebody have to be to come up with a script like this. CSI has made episodes better than this and that is largely a laughably bad show.

Tovino has done a decent enough job though he is only ever required to chew something when he inadvertently remembers that his character is supposed to do that. The lady who plays the leading cop is irritating. Saiju Kurup just picks up every nonsense that comes his way. Renji Panicker also picks up every nonsense that comes his way. The villains are all the same quality that they had in Chandrakanta.

Good thing I didnt spend money and watch it in the theatre. I remember that it was either this or Trance and though Trance was no less of an abomination, atleast it had Fahadh being the brilliant actor that he is in the early bits.

What a waste of time. I was flipping through channels yesterday and the climax of some movie named Chanakya Tantram was on. There were people on Doordarshan directing serials in the early 90's better than the guy behind the camera of Chanakya Tantram. Its scary that someone actually got financing for making that. So on the bright side its not as bad as Chanakya Tantram.

sowmya-geet 15 June 2020

If you are looking for some investigation movie. Go for it. Unrealistic motive of a serial killer makes you question a bit. Acting and the plot twists are good.

aeyjey 8 May 2020

The start of the movie was so epic it even looked on par or better than Anjaam Pathira but very disappointed after first 40 mins. The concept and theme was very interesting and had a good base story but I looked the writer/director ran out of ideas or tried too much after the start. Very disappointed how the 2nd half was done. Just feel like a typical Tovino movie where there is so much Potential but just doesn't live up to expectation through out the entire movie.

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