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Freaks: You're One of Us (2020)

Action | Fantasy 
Rayting:   5.3/10
Country: Germany
Language: English

Tipped by a mysterious tramp, a meek fry cook discovers she has superpowers and uncovers an unsavory, vast conspiracy.

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Quigonjay 3 September 2020

Quite enjoyed it but could have been better. Solid performances form most of the cast. Sort of a lower budget German version of Heroes or similar shows.

editingchandru 5 September 2020

The movie opens very well. It felt like an underdog super hero film with adults which is cool but and then the bad writing started to act up. It lacks originality and strong motive. The movie dragged till the end and died with out creating any emotional connection. If you have free time watch this film but I wouldn't recommend it. Thanks.

gregorydewaegheneire 19 September 2020

Marvel movies bore the crap out of me. I watch them with the kids but half of the time I'm falling asleep. This movie is a really nice take on the super hero movie. I assume that the general low score is given by the Marvel audience. There are some flaws in the movie, but overall it's a really good movie that might have been better served in a tv series. In short, if you're not a real fan of the Marvel crap then give this one a chance... you might be pleasantly surprised.

pr_squared 6 September 2020

Not great art but a solidly good 90 minutes. Well acted. Made me smile. Made me sad. Created a sense of jeopardy. Well made plot. Perhaps formula is not all bad when done well

tnhand1022-430-255547 9 September 2020

Any time a flick had a female lead & ridiculously low ratings, chances are I'll enjoy it. Fanboys with nothing better to do than review-bomb movies have given me a whole new rating system!

This is an interesting take on the superhero genre. It's a smaller, more personal story, as opposed to the same old storyline we see recycled in every giant blockbuster blowout. I recommend this to anyone who's rolled their eyes at the arrogant, dillhole, womanizer superhero we see over & over on screen. This is entirely different. Refreshing.

rapman_de 2 September 2020

This movie is not really good nor really bad. It marinades in its own mediocrity. The story is just a run of the mill superhero tale and the pace is quite off with a lot of filler and could have been for a 1h pilot to a much stronger show. The acting is also very stilted and soapy. The character introductions are so rudimentary you can't even relate to any of them. You can also feel the low budget, since a lot of the effects that could have looked great are happening off screen. And the majority of effects on screen look very poor. The icing on top is the as it seems to be permanently drunken camera operator. Even in the calmest scenes he is shaking like Jell-O on a roller coaster, quite a pain to watch since there wasn't a real reason to go full on steady cam besides the rare action sequences.

GazWatson 5 September 2020

For the first half of this movie I was really enjoying it. But then it just got progressively worse and worse, by then end it was horrifically bad.

dwp1948 11 September 2020

09/11/2020 It was an OK movie that kept me watching right up until the end. Nothing earth shattering, just a decent movie. Bon Appetit'

RosanaBotafogo 4 October 2020

Lovely, I am delighted when I watch a well-produced and charming film that is not on the Hollywodian route, and here everything has become captivating, characters with dubious characters, ambiguous personalities, I have a thing for mutant films, it is not innovative, but it is very good .. .

DarkVulcan29 14 September 2020

A happily married woman, discovers her ordinary life is not what she thinks, when she quits taking her medication, and discovers her superhuman abilities, and soon tries others like her, and who has something to hide?

The actress playing the superpowered cook is pretty enjoyable, you really feel for her through out, the rest of the cast are also pretty good. If you are in the mood for a superhero premise not based on Marvel or DC, the give Freaks a look.

tejaskasalkar 3 September 2020

Was expecting some superhero fights in the end...but felt like the movie ended abruptly without a proper climax

mwen001-2 3 September 2020

Too conventional! Mediocre script and a director who is way over his head are not helping! Actors have potential! If you care for the genre watch BOYS!

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