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Free Guy (2021)

Action | Adventure | Comedy
Rayting:   7.5/10 73K votes
Country: USA | Canada
Language: English | Japanese
Release date: August 11, 2021

A bank teller discovers that he's actually an NPC inside a brutal, open world video game.

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rocktoxinnn 21 September 2021

The writers of the script already knew Ryan Reynolds can make anything funny, plus he has already made a name for himself. So they put very little thought to the script. I would certainly enjoy this more if I was a little kid, a lot of dumb harmless fun. If you care about the narrative of the story you will be disappointed.

backup-50362 24 September 2021

And on top of following a stolen idea, it follows a pretty typical Hollywood "comedy" recipe - a guy who's a goofball, a woman who's a bAdAsS aNd ToUGh, a whole lot of action that's not always complimented by the best CGI...

Oh and all the "gamers" in this movie are women and little girls, because that's definitely the majority who plays online shooters.

Of course, when it's time to insult the players, they're conveniently called "sociopathic MANchilds" though. The previously-shown sociopathic women and girls were conveniently forgotten in order to insult only the men and boys. :)

Also there's a female NPC prostitute who says: "I don't have to be with any guy, most of them are awful, exactly right!"

Also some girl of course coded some amazing AI and is the "brains" behind everything, and the most upstanding person in the movie, while her boyfriend acts and is treated like a doormat "in her shadow".

Also "white privilege", "patriarchy" and "male virginity" were some of the generic out-of-touch corporate pandering buzzwords randomly thrown in for good (pandering) measure.

Because you know, again, this movie knows how to pander at all costs, and insulting men and shoving in corporate faux feminism is top-tier Hollywood pandering.

And there's a bunch of real-world kid-popular YouTubers and e-thots in this movie, despite the fact that it's a movie with heavy swearing and clearly not for kids, because Disney / 20th Century Studios know children will see it anyways (and the studios want that, the movie was designed to attract children). Yes, Disney is at the core of this movie, so you shouldn't be at all surprised at how plagiarized and toxic it really is.

But yeah keep eating it up, over and over again. Keep being oblivious like the NPCs in this movie. Consume, be stupid, gullible, susceptible to pandering like Disney and Hollywood wants you to be. Don't ever stand up and clap back. Dislike everyone who does. Keep encouraging with your money the worst possible future for yourself and your kids.

butler-josh 20 August 2021

I found this film to be a mix of films such as Ready Player One, Groundhog Day and The Truman show but not as good as any of these films. The story is a bit bland and apart from the main character some of the others aren't written that well especially the films antangonist who just comes off as cringey.

There's also constant references that are thrown at the audience which become too on the nose at times and the inclusion of well known streamers and you tubers got old quick. However, if you can switch your mind off for the run time there are some good jokes in the film and some fun scenes and it can be a somewhat enjoyable watch despite its flaws.

misangrelatina 12 August 2021

Omg what an amazing movie , so funny , such a great way to send a message to us, We can be whatever we want. Amazing cameos , so crazy cool!

nataliedeakin-00136 11 August 2021

Think the Truman show if it was set in a video game. The self aware comedy and cameos were amazing. A great cast and wonderful writing/directing. Definitely worth the watch.

dor-rokah 13 August 2021

I just managed to watch free guy in IMAX.

As a hardcore marvel fan it really felt like the same excitement levels as a marvel movie.

And in this COVID times a movie like this is a must watch experince.

It's reminder why some movies needed to be watched only on the big screen.

I recommend everyone watching this movie ASAP.

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