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Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home (1995)

Adventure | Family   
IMDB Rayting:   5.0/10
Country: France | USA
Language: English | Malay

Teenager Jesse becomes reunited with Willy two years after the whale's jump to freedom as the teenager tries to rescue the killer whale and other orcas from an oil spill.

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Juni78ukr 9 May 2004

First of all, I have to say what I liked original Free Willy movie. In fact, I fall in love with it. I suppose it is one of the best family movie and best animal movie so far. For some reasons Simon Wincer, who directed the first movie didn't return for making this sequel, though we can see again all major characters from Free Willy. Our main hero, Jesse is now fourteen years old and he finds out that his mother passed away and he has a stepbrother named Elvis. Elvis hasn't got any relatives except Jesse and he arrives to Greenwood's home. The whole family goes to the holiday trip in a camping near an ocean's cove where Jesse again meets his friend Randolph and Willy. Willy found his family and all seems perfect for the friends but suddenly another danger threatens their friendship. But now it's even more serious. The movie was released in 1995, eight years before notorious tanker "Prestege" shipwrecked near Spanish coast and ruined hundred of miles of coastline, not to mention that millions living creatures got killed in the result. It was a real message and it passed absolutely unnoticed because for many people these movies are just cheesy movies for kids only. And in the real life the main reasons of the monstrous disaster was absolutely same – money. The other problem point of the movie is rather difficult and complicated relation between Jesse and his much younger stepbrother, Elvis (played by Francis Capra). Elvis, who has lost his mother, also feel himself very uneasy about the situation and now both boys have to decide how to deal with this difficult situation. The story is basically good written and leaves some place for action and excellent scenes in the cove, including underwater shots. This time we can see whales in their natural habitat, not in the small pool. Whole movie is well shot and locations for shootings are very suitable and good selected. Jason James Richter is as good as in original movie and Francis Capra also did a very good job as rather annoying Jesse's half-brother. The soundtrack (again written by Basil Poleydoris) is worth mentioning alone because of its rather good musical themes and songs. A very good movie for whole family and not a brainless laughable family entertainment that very often bring to us Hollywood studios. A nice message for young audience that you must always think about defending the wild nature and what in real life there are more important things than money.

My vote 8,2 out of 10 or between B+ and A-.

twisterchaser3 3 June 2005

This movie is just as good as the original. It presents a more complex theme, and one that is a common problem with all marine animals. It was funny seeing Jesse impress Nadine by showing off his relationship with Willy. Plus, I think that Nadine, aka, Mary Kate, is a cutie! I want to marry her! The problem with the oil spill isn't original, but it reminds us to always keep a look out for the orcas' safety. This movie differs from the first movie in the fact that it shows willy with his family, it shows orcas in a pod, and it shows their relationship as a family. How sweet! Willy is a very sociable whale. If you want the excitement and thrilling adventure that you got in the first movie, check this one out asap. Safe for the entire family!

vip_ebriega 29 October 2008

My Take: Preachy, eco-friendly sequel, but has its moments.

Let go of your "Save The Whales" placards, allow FREE WILLY 2: THE ADVENTURE HOME do the job for you. If you thought the original FREE WILLY had enough "Free the Whales" slogans to match a 3-ton Orca's weight, FREE WILLY 2 is even bigger, with its environmentalist propaganda that is! In its story and characters, it lacks that certain oomph of the original, which elevated it from its predictable genre origins. FREE WILLY 2 is much more predictable, with a by-th-numbers storyline that might just entertain the kids and give adults a toothache from all its sweetness. Still, for what its worth, FREE WILLY 2 is enjoyable family affair. I say it's at least worth a rental. For the record, at least its a better bargain than FLIPPER or even, not that it has any connection, JAWS: THE REVENGE.

The storyline is more filled of "Save the Whales" slogans than ever before. After leaving Willy (Keiko, assisted by an animatronic and CG double) from his leap of faith in the original's finale, Willy faces a new threat, this time outside the confines of a small tank. Jessie (Jason James Richter), now grown-up, is out to save the day again. The story also provides him a sort-of-girlfriend (Mary Kate Schellhardt) with a deep concern for the environment (Couldn't this movie ever be more nature-friendly?) and even a little brother named Elvis (Francis Capra), who is just so... annoying. Not that the film is crowded with good guys, bad guys and beleaguered whales, but why did they actually think that this kid, annoying and a bit spoiled at some point, would deepen the film's emotional level? Why they think a kid as nearly annoying as Elvis (who's simply annoying quips are more than enough to drive you to the breaking point) would be a good way to stretch Jessie's character, I really don't know.

Still, as family entertainment, FREE WILLY 2 does just about enough for a mild recommendation. The photography is adequate, capturing on film a lively shot of its environments and, of course the whales. I've read a trivia about the film that it uses much more animatronic whales than the first film, yet it's really hard to spot in most scenes due to the rather seamless effect. The story is shallow, predictable, but actually quite believable, although the Jessie-Elvis brotherhood is something that can easily be removed without doing any harm to the story. As family entertainment, I at least give it a fair and easy recommendation.

Rating: *** out of 5.

rossrobinson 3 July 2004

free willy 2: the adventure home i think is a good movie, but i still prefer the first free willy movie. This movie was made in 1995. The movie starts with Willy with his family, Randolph (Now a best friend to Jesse) hears willy's whale voice, he records the voice and is chuffed to show it to Jesse when ie sees him. Jesse is know grown up by 4 and a half inches. Randolph sets out to collect Jesse to take him to the sea and to see Willy again, Jesse can't believe his eyes when he sees willy and is amazed to see him as a bigger whale. Jesse meets Randolph's god daughter Nadean. They both become friendly to each other and get along together very well. Things become worse for the whales as oil is spreaded all over the sea, Luna (Willy's sister) is in danger as the oil gets into her lungs, Jesse starts to panic and calls Randolph, Jesse alos has a half brother called Elvis who is an 8 year old kid, He always wanted to help the whale but jesse's foster parent say that he is too young, he then runs away and then comes back. Things become eveen worse when fire spreads with the oil still, in the sea, nadean and elvis are rescued but jesse loses grip of holding onto the ladders, Willy saves him by going under the flames and bringing him to safety. I give this movie 10 out of 10.

powermandan 19 September 2014

Keiko, Richter, Schellenberg, Madsen, Atkinson, and Williamson all return for a new adventure about friendship and family. Two years after setting Willy free, Jesse is still rebellious, but nothing very bad. He enjoys girls and time with his adoptive parents. Things get shaken up when he finds out his mother died and he has a half-brother named Elvis that will be staying with him for a while. They go on a camping trip and contend with sibling rivalry. Not far into the vacation, Jesse is thrilled to see Willy again. But everything is put in danger when an oil spill traps Willy and his family and endangers their habitat. Jesse leads a group to put out crooked businessmen and save his best friend. Many people did not like this one. Many people found it better than the first. The first is a typical lonely kid that becomes best friends with a non-human and saves him. This is similar, but there is more danger that adds excitement and entertainment. And the subplot with Jesse and Elvis is great too. Regardless, all Free Willy movies are great for nostalgia sake, whether you originally liked them or not. Screw those dog and chimp family movies.


jess-30 7 January 1999

Plot close to unbelievable but absolutely stunning photography. Plus relatively fast-paced action still make superior family viewing for those with kids 10-14 range.

TheLittleSongbird 15 June 2010

I really enjoyed the first film, it was sweet and cute, and elevated to a greater level by that wonderful killer whale Keiko who played Willy. This sequel is not as good, but it is decent. I do agree the story isn't as good or as believable this time around, the script lacks sparkle and the direction isn't as clever. But it is beautifully filmed, with lovely cinematography and scenery, and the score is really pleasant. Free Willy 2 mayn't be the most fast-paced movie ever made, but it moves briskly, and the message is admirable. What makes the movie charming though is the cast, Jason James Richter is still very likable and Francis Capra is funny and natural here. Mary Kate Schellhart and Michael Madson also do nice work, however it is the orcas that steal the show, every scene with them in is utterly riveting. Overall, inferior but nice and pleasant. 7/10 Bethany Cox

aji_gps 27 November 2015

I catched this on satellite before trying to watch a video from my watchlist collection.

Because of it's charm I couldn't get my self to stop watching it. Aware and knowing that it has a sequel-B movie vibe on it.

That being said I think this movie is pretty decent for it's level. Though not being the ambitious "I want to be a big franchise" type of movie. It still has a well thought plot. And I think those are enough for a good family moment.

For size, you can see how the camera works to find the emotion of Willy the whale. Making it live enough to enjoy.

fatelovesthefearless 28 October 2018

I love the original free Willy of course but for some reason I always liked this one more. Great for the whole family, the scenery is beautiful and a nice storyline. It's great for what it is and is simply a nice movie for the whole family. Still enjoy it now that I'm 30.

goya-4 23 September 2000

A sequel to the money making blockbuster original about a runaway who befriends a killer whale and the adventures they face. While the original had some resemblance of a story and pacing, this one has none of the freshness and originality. The kids might like it but it is a disappointment..on a scale of one to ten...3

Electrified_Voltage 5 July 2009

If you've seen my comment on the original "Free Willy", which is not a positive one, you might be wondering why I'm reviewing this sequel, why I would have bothered watching it. Well, the only explanation I can give is that I saw it at school back in 1996, on my last day of Grade 3. While I couldn't seem to remember that much of it from that first viewing, I clearly remember that the climax had my heart pounding, and it was a memorable way to mark the end of my years as a primary student. So, it's another film from my childhood which I decided to revisit, and probably wouldn't have ever ended up seeing at all had I not seen it before. Since I didn't like the original 1993 film when I watched it recently, it's no surprise I'm not too impressed with this 1995 sequel, either.

It has been two years since Jesse brought Willy, the orca whale, back to his natural habitat. The two haven't seen each other since then, but Jesse is happy living with his foster parents, Glen and Annie Greenwood. However, the teenager is not happy when he is informed that his birth mother has just died, and his younger half-brother, Elvis, is coming to live with them. Jesse and Elvis do not get along, and their conflict continues on a camping trip with their foster parents, on which they have to share a tent. On this trip, Jesse finally sees Willy again, and also reunites with his friend, Randolph. Randolph introduces his goddaughter, Nadine, whom Jesse quickly falls in love with. Trouble comes when an oil tanker crashes and spills its contents into the water, threatening the lives of the whales! While Jesse and others attempt to save these whales, Elvis has problems of his own.

I didn't care much for many of the characters in the original film, but this sequel introduces Elvis, played by Francis Capra, and he might be slightly worse than any character featured in the 1993 smash hit family movie. It seems Capra was given some poor lines in this role, such as what his character says when he realizes his foster parents aren't rich. Of course, not all cheesy lines in the movie come from him. Basically, most aspects of this movie weren't done so well, including the conflict between Jesse and Elvis, which may be a little extreme at times, and the teen romance between Jesse and Nadine. Like the original, there is some tension, and also maybe a few poignant moments, but at times, it may try too hard, or not hard enough. I have to admit, I actually found it mildly amusing when Glen and Annie go out looking for Elvis and Michael Jackson's song, "Childhood" suddenly begins. I'm sorry, I know it's a deeply personal song of Jackson's, about his tragic upbringing, and I know he is now dead, but in this movie, the song seemed to be thrown in, as a poor attempt to push the right buttons on the audience. I didn't even know the artist was Michael Jackson when I watched the film.

It seems "Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home" is less popular than the original "Free Willy", even though some critics considered it superior. Personally, I'm pretty much indifferent to both of them. I've explained why I decided to watch and review this sequel, but since I've never seen the final installment in the trilogy, 1997's "Free Willy 3: The Rescue" (which appears to be even less popular), to this day, I don't intend to watch it. I don't like what I've seen in the first two so much, so I obviously don't want to sit through ano

disdressed12 16 November 2007

the best thing about this movie is that there are more scenes with the whales.other than that,i can't say i liked it very is shorter than the first one,but feels a lot longer.this movie felt too much like an ecology lesson to me,and it wasn't subtle either.i just found the whole thing overwrought,and i though there was a bit of overacting going on.they had a subplot going on,which i didn't think was necessary,but that's just me.there were some emotional scenes,but i felt like i was being manipulated.towards the end,there are a few tense moments,but overall,the movie is disappointing.if it weren't for the scenes with the whales,this would be a 1 or 2 star movie.i guess for me,Free Willy 2 is a 4/10

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