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Free Willy 3: The Rescue (1997)

Adventure | Family   
IMDB Rayting:   4.7/10
Country: USA
Language: English

16 year old Jesse and old friend Randolph try to foil an illegal whaler threatening Willy and his pregnant mate.

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riverblu 28 February 2001

Free Willy 3 is primarily about Max, an intelligent, inquisitive ten-year-old who accompanies his father on a whaling expedition. His conscience bothers him about his father's career, but instead of taking the usual route of performing a string of silly pranks (like you would see in a lot of children's shows), he tries reasoning with his dad. He also asks question after question -- not just about the technical aspects of whaling, but he also delves deeper into the more important questions of life ("Do you always have to do the right thing, even if it hurts?").

One of the things I liked best about Free Willy 3 was the realistic and sympathetic portrayal of the father, even though he was the "villain" of the story. He was a man doing a job that has been in his family for years, and without it he wasn't sure who he was. Despite having a career others disagreed with, he was a caring, compassionate person who loved his son. Other characters are drawn out nicely as well -- Jesse and Randolph, from the first two films, and their new co-workers on the sea -- showing their tempers as well as their more positive sides.

Couple all these features with stunning cinematography and a beautiful score, and you have one fine film!

hhallmark 7 September 2006

Okay guys, the fact that this movie got such a low rating really makes my blood boil! If you can't appreciate such a touching film as Free Willy 3: The Rescue, I'd like to see what you guys watch. This movie really touched me, so did the other two movies in the trilogy. I'll admit, this movie may not have been as good as the other two, which is why I'm only giving it a 9 out of 10, but it still is quite the masterpiece. It's better than any of those other bullshit movies about animals, like air bud or MVP! Those movies were garbage and have absolutely nothing on free Willy. Free Willy 3: The Rescue, has, and always will have, a special place in my heart. I grew up with this trilogy and I hold it very dear to my heart. If you're a parent and you want your child to see some quality film making, I advise you to rent Free Willy 3. This movie doesn't have any violence or anything that'll warp your child's mind into growing up to be some crack-head, animal beating criminal, which is what most movies tend to be doing these days. No, this movie will inspire your kid to do good with his life, it'll make your child appreciate the beauty of animal life. If you haven't seen this movie, I recommend you watch it asap. It will appeal to people of all ages.

ChuDog 31 December 1998

In comparison with the first film or even the second, Free Willy 3 seems dark and lackluster. But for some reason, I liked it as much, if not more, than its prequels. The film had a purpose and it accomplished the purpose. Some people who have seen the film are annoyed with Jesse's sudden seriousness. Here's a hint: He grew up, as most people usually do over the course of four years. Why do you think that there was a new discontented kid? I enjoyed how the movie stands for change and reformation, and how it states that even as old stories are lost, new ones begin.

Juni78ukr 13 May 2004

I liked two previous Free Willy movies when original was completely a perfect masterpiece while the first sequel was also pretty good. . Now, I watched the third movie and I found it excellent, almost as great as the original, though the first Free Willy movie is without a doubt the best in the trilogy. In this movie our main hero Jesse is now 16 and he begins to work with his old friend Randolph on a scientific researching ship. This summer new danger threatens his relations with giant whale Willy - illegal whalers. Jesse meets young boy, who is son of the captain of whaler's ship and he tries to convince him that whales are living creatures and not just a food for expensive restaurants. The relations and dialogs between captain of whaler's ship and his son Max (played by two newcomers Patrick Kilpatrick and Vincent Berry) and dialogs between them are the strongest parts of the movie. Acting is still pretty good and young Vincent Berry who was much better than slightly annoying Fransis Capra is the second movie created an excellent and memorable performance as Max, young and innocent kid, who learns that his father is involved in illegal fishing. Jason James Richter one more time (to my great sadness the last time) showed his acting abilities with strong performance as almost grown-up Jesse. Free Willy 3 is beautifully shot movie with gorgeous cinematography which is as good as in first movie but here we can entire ocean instead of small pool. With such a good cinematography, great scenery, well written and poignant story and good soundtrack the last Free Willy 3 is an excellent example how good can be a family movie. Sweet and innocent, bright and entertained and that's the most important to me without any sign of vulgarity and typical rude humor it easily became to all-time family classic. Anyone must realize that whales (and others animals) can be more human than people.

My rating 9,5 out of 10. The movie is dedicated to memory of Keith A.Walker (the man who brought two great characters Willy and Jesse into our life). IMDb is a great source for any movie lover but some ratings can be exceptionally misleading.

rossrobinson 3 July 2004

free willy 3: the rescue is a good movie, i first watched this when the movie came out in 1997, Jesse is back, now older (16 years old) Old enough to drive and is now working for Randolph. Jesse meets willy yet again and is shocked to find out that he now has a girlfriend called Nicki, Jesse also is shocked to know that Willy is to become a father. A young boy named Max is going fish hunted with his dad, he meets Jesse and Jesse tells him that Willy is no harm to anyone, Max tells his father at the end not to kill willy as he is to a friend to the while, Max's father doesn't listen to Max and then admits that willy is just a friendly whale. I give this movie 10 out of 10. I hope there will be a Free Willy 4.

TheLittleSongbird 17 August 2010

I am going to start off by saying I really like the first two Free Willy movies. I would hardly call them the best movies ever, but they are very nice movies and I think underrated. This sequel is a worthy one. While there is a predictable story, some weak spots in the script and a lacklustre ending Free Willy 3:The Rescue is a nice and worthy sequel, that could have been so much worse.

Flaws aside, Free Willy 3 does have some stunning cinematography, and I loved the scene when Randolph throws the oranges in the water. I also loved the scenes between Nikki and Willy, and the one when Nikki gives birth which was brilliantly done. The score is absolutely beautiful, the pacing is brisk and the direction is amiable. And the characters are appealing especially Willy and Nikki, while Jesse and Max are great characters and the father is a sympathetic figure even for the villain of the piece, except I don't see him as a proper villain, just someone who means well but doesn't know exactly what he wants. The acting is good too, Jason James Richter and Vincent Berry are very likable, August Schellenberg makes a welcome return as Randolph and Patrick Kalpatrick does a great job with his character.

All in all, a pleasant family film. 7/10 Bethany Cox

jeff-8 14 March 1999

FREE WILLY was one of the best "Feel-good" movies ever made! It isn't often that a movie makes you both Sad and happy at the same time and makes you want to stand up and cheer at the ending, but FREE WILLY was one of the few movies that did it. Willy and Jesse met again in FREE WILLY 2 and it was great to see them together again, but unfortunately the enterprising premise (involving an oil spill in the ocean endangering Willy and his Family) turned out to be a bit too slow-paced and in some cases too hokey (like the scene where Jesse and Willy re-unite again after the first time Jesse plays the could have been thought out better). Also the film spent too much time dealing with the issues of Jesse's new Step-brother, Elvis. However, the suspenseful last half-hour of the movie was great. Which brings us to Part 3 which is actually almost as good as the first film and a lot better than part 2. The storyline (involving the wrongful and illegal hunting of Whales and Jesse & Randolph's quest to stop a crew of nasty hunters) is very well written and emotionally charged like the first movie. I wish this film was marketed and advertised better because it really deserves to be seen! It is emotional and heartfelt like the magic of the first FREE WILLY and in the end you will stand up and cheer. It's cool to see what has become of Jesse and how he has grown up and it is good to know that Jesse and Randolph will always stick together to do what is right! If you passed on this because you were afraid that it was more of the same, guess again! It is another wonderful story that deserves to be enjoyed again and again! Check it out!!!

ejlorge 25 October 2009

This was a VERY entertaining family film. I had not seen either previous Willy flics, yet I was into it from beginning to end (along with my 4 year old daughter).

So why the low rating?

My hunch is people judge family films by adult criteria. Which is totally absurd, since we all know children's movies today are far superior than 95% of the so called, adult films coming out (which ironically enough, seem made for audiences with a teenager's intelligence).

In short: ignore the low rating.

emm 26 November 1998

The first FREE WILLY was very good. The second was not as good. The third, however, just plain bores. Expect nothing new and spectacular here because it's the same as the other two, with the exception of the weak dialogue and Jesse becoming more intelligent. The producers seemed to have been stuck with the same old ideas from the first film only to make another sequel. Nothing is more fun in the world than saving endangered species from sudden harm, which has always been the environmental message in FREE WILLY, but still, this series is in drastic need of a tune-up, FAST! Too many of you have given this lackluster sequel a big "10"! Wise up, folks! Nothing is THAT perfect in the real world!

Intermopper 14 August 2001

Finally, a movie that conveys a fresh, new message: hunting whales to extinction is wrong. Now, I heard there was some movie made a few years ago with these same characters and a duplicate message, but that's all a blur because it was made so many years ago. In 1993, the first Free Willy was in theaters, but in movie years, 1993 is as far away as the Stone Age. Therefore, this movie's theme remains original, enlightening, and inspiring. In 1986, a Star Trek movie may have also revolved around a "save the whales" proclamation; again, that was eons ago, so who remembers?

Well, anyone with enough self-pity to admit that he/she is part of the fan base for these movies either chooses not to remember or does not care how many times this theme has been over-used. Ofcourse, they could also be big, fat idiots who honestly don't remember. That's likely the case.

The ten year-old in this movie is a real role model; he's afraid to stand up to his mom, and he still needs her to dress him, undress him, and tie his shoes. He can't even take his shoes off by himself! Does he have some learning disability that we don't know about?

If you're the type who likes to experience pain, then this movie ought to be on your hot list.

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