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Gabriel's Inferno: Part 1 (2020)

Rayting:   6.1/10
Country: USA
Language: English

An intriguing exploration of seduction, forbidden love, and redemption, a captivating and passionate tale of one man's escape from his own personal hell as he tries to earn the impossible: forgiveness and love.

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renatasbarboza 30 May 2020

When I heard that the trio of Gabriel's Inferno (by Sylvain Reynard) was going to be adapted for the screens by Passionflix, I was worried. I had never heard of the platform and was afraid that the production was not on the same level as the big studios. The reality proved to be totally different and the luxury production did not owe anything to the great Hollywood artists. The production, casting, direction, script, photography, soundtrack, everything was perfect in this film, with a big difference from most adaptations: respect for the book and the readers because it was the most perfect adaptation of a book I have ever seen. Wonderful, wonderful work, congratulations to all involved. I will stop writing this review because I already want to watch the movie again.

vlholden52 24 November 2020

Poorly paced, scripted and directed in each segment. I have to admit even in the book I laughed at some the "trauma" Julia faced. It was bad but not so bad as what many women face. Acting was mediocre at best. I loved looking at Giulio Berutti but that can't carry 5 hours Very little chemistry between the leads. Nothing magical with directing at all. Ambitious for the streaming service; just fine more talented people to put these projects together.

aros-00338 29 May 2020

Passionflix did a great job casting and adapting the book. If you've read the series many times like I have, you will notice the adjustments/creative licenses, but overall it's a very good movie. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the story come to life in the subsequent parts.

lf-49200 1 June 2020

When you are a reader and you're told your favorite book is optioned for a movie adpatation all you can ask for is for the movie to be as faithful to the book as posible and for the adaptation to include your favorite part from the book. Well, with Gabriel's Inferno Movie you don't have to cross fingers, the movie includes ebery single detail you would hope were included, it almost feels as reading a book with images. The scenohgraphy, clothes, dialogues, everything is so perfect. But what I believe makes this movie even better is the perfect chemestry between Giulio Berruti and Melanie Zanetti, they are Julia and Gabriel in real life and no one can denied it. Passionflix has done an excellent work from the cast selection, to the screenplay and the set design. If you haven't read the books before you can understand the story without them. Bravo to Tosca Musk for this amazing movie. Congratulations to Giulio and Melanie for such a marvelous performance. And last but not least, congratulations to SR for having the opportunity to bring to life this wonderful story in the best way it could've be done! Can't wait to see Part 2 and 3!!!!

simonatoderoiu 30 May 2020

I loved very much the movie. You can see the hard work. The play is amazing. Congratulations! Can't wait to seeing the next movies.

ellireid 30 May 2020

I've been waiting 10 years for this! 10 years! And it was so exciting to see my favorite book reflected on screen. Tosca has taken SR's book and included every important detail from this first part! The intro was beautiful with the perfectly matched music and art from the book paired. The sets matched perfectly, and Julia and Gabriel were represented so well by the Actors. I want to keep this review spoiler free, but I can tell you as a long time reader and fan of SR's writing, they all did a wonderful job working with the budget they had. I was pleasantly surprised and this has been the best Passionflix release I have seen thus far! Thank You all! Iris-Elli Muse, fan, Slore, Argyle Empire, elliedgasmswoon. Edited post Part 2! Love the continuation if the story, her pajamas, the music including another Matthew Barber song, the chemistry between Guilio and Melanie, and All the "Kiss me A lot!" Moments! Sales of Pj's and purple towels rise everywhere. ;-) The seminar, the lecture, the dinner and the Museum, all done to perfection! Looking forward to the 3rd and final part of GI and then on to Gabriel's Rapture! Praying filming can safely resume in this Covid-19 era.

andreyahs 30 May 2020

I read the books for the first time many years ago, when i read that they would do a movie i only thought "maybe i won't see it, it's always a dissapointment when books turn to film, but this one!!! Just the part one was perfect!!! Great actor!! It respect so much of the book!!! They always should do that when it comes to films!! July is so far away!! Can't wait, great job! Thank you so much.

From Portugal Xx

tawarboys 1 June 2020

Amazing, incredible and everything you would want to see in a book to film adaptation. The chemistry between Gabriel and Julia was intense, passionate and exactly how I imagined it was when reading the book, but seeing it on screen brought it to a whole new level, you could see every facial expression, feel every bit of the emotion between them, it was as if I was in the room with them! Cried ,laughed and got annoyed, great signs of a good film! Fantastic part one, can't wait to see part two. X

SusieSteinle 29 May 2020

Passionflix's best production to date! Gabriel's Inferno is one of my absolute favourite novels by Canadian author Sylvain Reynard, and Tosca Musk and her team at Passionflix have without a doubt done this epic and most beautifully written love story justice in adapting it for the screen. With an incredible and exceptionally talented cast led by Italian actor Giulio Berruti and Australian actress Melanie Zanetti, and with excellent direction by Tosca Musk, this first instalment of the movie just blew me away. Berruti and Zanetti embody the characters of Gabriel and Julia perfectly. It's as if they walked right out of the pages of the book. They are really that good!! Every glance, every frown, every twitch of the jaw, bite of the lip, a single teardrop, was done with perfection. An emotional and stunningly beautiful movie, which you'll want to watch more than once. Looking forward to Parts 2 and 3!

FSMeurinne 29 May 2020

Having read the books and being a fan of them for years, I really wanted the movie to be like the book, as every reader expects every adaptation to be, fortunately this movie was produced by Passionflix with the author Sylvain Reynard completely involved in each step of the project, making this adaptation simply perfect. Every detail in the book is on screen, each phrase is spoken, each song heard and every emotion felt. Simply a great romance story brought to life with each actor portraying their character and nailing it to perfection. Giulio Berruti and Melanie Zanetti did a terrific job, words can't never express how thankful we all are with the whole cast, crew and production, their committed showed and their hard work is reflected on screen. Simply a movie everyone needs to watch and books that will become a classic that every reader should experience.

aayushma-14925 30 May 2020

It was an awesome book and so is the movie. Everybody should watch it and read it as well. All the characters and their acting are so beautiful and it makes the movie more exquisite.

Waiting for Part two😊

monicasofia_dart 30 May 2020

Part 1

The set, the music, the chemistry... the importance and respect in details... Wow the intro is perfect! The film is very true to the book <3 A work of Art transported to film.

Julia and Gabriel were really well represented.

It's romance, it's love, it's friendship, forgiveness, redemption and beauty. Everything really, was like I've pictured. It scared me a bit, it was exactly like that, in my mind...

Thank you Sylvain Reynard and Thank you Passionflix for making these characters come to life!

Part 2

Once again, attention to detail, moments, spaces, the environment, respect for the words, the emotions! The way to get the image, the message to the viewers ✨ My congratulations to the actors, the director and all the staff that left us with a full heart!

Thank you so much #GiulioBerruti #MelanieZanetti #Sylvain Reynard #Tosca Musk and #Passionflix

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