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Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana (2021)

Crime | Drama | Thriller
Rayting:   8.6/10 4K votes
Country: India
Language: Kannada
Release date: November 19, 2021

Set in the backdrop of the coastal and cultural city of modern day Mangaluru, Hari and his soulmate Shiva rise together to great heights only to face off as bitter enemies resulting to their own downfall and destruction.

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udayshetty-87800 13 January 2022

Watchable crime thriller.. Making,camera work,cinematography,(slow motion),bgm, acting,direction,story all major things are top in the movie... a successful,new type of trending,different crime thriller... 8.5/10.

kharisha 9 December 2021

A wonderful cinema. With Brilliant actors like Rishab & Raj. The movies is full paisa vasool with brilliant acting, Real to life story, one of the best Music in recent years, Good backdrop of Mangalore as location & culture, totally a treat to thriller movie watchers. Go for it.

navendu_krishnan 21 November 2021

Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana

A precious take ! First of all Kudos to Raj B Shetty for directing, writing and acting in this. Its not a normal gang war crime movie, it flows into Friendship, Betrayal, Characters of the 2 Main protagonists - Shiva and Hari.

Music and BGM is awesome and thrilling It doesnt glorify the 2 main leads as Hero's but portray them as villains. We dont feel sympathy to their actions but we feel for their bond & history.

Well acted, written, directed movie.

Parmvah Studios is a science lab which makes explosive flicks like these. Hope to see more thrilling films.

nallaiah 26 January 2022

Didn't expect the story to be this much thrilled and drastic screenplay and cinematography.. i haven't watched the trailer and just bcz of the different name i started to watch and the initial 5 minutes has given the experience and expectations to watch with a thrilled and seat edge feel... A classic Revenge with bloo ld bath vengeance..a pakka cop gangster story..though the cop after some time the entire story turns only with his desperation..can't even imagine a better gangster story with a anti hero role and director had nailed it to the core's a gem to him crown .

sumanth-05484 24 November 2021

Raj B Shetty had Refined meaning of Mass in Sandalwood. Watch it with Zero expectations then you can Surely Enjoy the movie. I have many peoples disheartened after watching it with lot of expectations. I will not say this is best From the director , Characterization and Plot could have been better if Raj B Shetty Spend more time for it.

Amazing Acting by all Especially Raj B Shetty , Rishabh Shetty and Junior Shiva.

Brahmayya Characterization could have done better.

BGM is really Superb.

Nice experimental Movie in KFI.

Waiting for more movies like this In Kannada Film Industry.

TreeFiddy53 16 January 2022

This is one of the most 'well-made' movies of 2021, IMO. The Kannada film industry gets a bad rap but content like this goes a long way in showing why you need to 'put some respeck on it'.

The director (who's also written and acted in this movie) is apparently a Martin Scorsese fan and boy has he made a film Scorsese might enjoy from a filmmaking standpoint.

While this is a regular gangster story that doesn't have anything mind-blowing story-wise, the writing, sound design, editing, the several layers, acting & cinematography are amazing. They elevate this gangster-take on Brahma-Vishnu-Shiv to a totally different level.

That 'tiger-dance' sequence in the rain - *slow claps*

While this isn't a movie for everyone, if you enjoy stuff like The Godfather or Scorsese-que content, this might be worth a shot. Also, I lowkey like how easy to understand and follow Kannada is. Hoping to watch more Sandalwood movies.

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