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Getting Even with Dad (1994)

Comedy | Family   
IMDB Rayting:   4.7/10
Country: USA
Language: English

A thief's son cons his father into spending more time with him.

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Emerenciano 25 November 2002

I've always thought Macaulay Culkin's performance in `Getting Even With Dad' is his best one together with `Home Alone'. It's a shame he's been out of scene in the last years, what forces us to go for his old films.

Culkin's partner in the movie is Ted Danson, who again shows he can do his part in comedies, like he did in `Three Men and a Baby'. Danson's a thief who now has to deal with an unexpected problem: his ex-wife leaves their son (Culkin) with him once he hasn't looked after him for years. The boy wants some attention from his dad, so he hides the coins his father has stolen before he could use it. If the thief wants his coins back, he must give the boy some good time.

My Rate 7/10

matthew87 13 March 2003

I loved this movie,I thought ted danson was excellent playing that self centered father,and culkin once again does a great job with playing a smarty.I also loved the fact that it was filmed on location in san francisco at places such as embarcadero bart station,chinatown,the aquarium,and golden gate park.

blitzingau 10 December 2001

The movie starts in pretty interesting fashion when Macauley Culkin is deposited on the doorstep of his father, Ted Danson, just as he and his mates are preparing for a heist. However, the movie soon degenerates into "Home Alone" style antics as the young son brilliantly outsmarts his father time and time again. This all seems very familiar. Eventually the movie ends after nearly 2 1/2 hours of capers and disbelief. I wish they had of keeped the son out of it- police trying to 'get even' with the crooks sounds like a much better movie.

MovieAddict2016 12 February 2004

Getting Even with Dad

Awful story about a smart-a$$ed kid (Macaulay Culkin) who goes to live with his crook of a father (Ted Danson) and ends up stealing his father's (and accomplices') stash of money they've stolen from a bank. He promises to give it back if his dad hangs out with him and treats him like most sons.

There's a lot of feuding between father and son in this dismal and unfortunate tale that tries to prove kids are smarter than their parents and can control them with a bit of blackmail. If this movie had been released thirty years ago...I can only imagine what parents would have done to the copies.

Besides, apart from the stupid message of the film, it's just a bad movie. Macaulay Culkin has finally outgrown his childhood and for once the critics started to notice he couldn't act (like he ever could! He got lucky with "Home Alone"--it was good because of Pesci and the rest of the cast, not him). Danson is equally annoying in the role of his father, who seems to have been born without a personality. Yes, Danson is very watered down in this movie. To be honest, I don't blame him--this is the type of stuff that belongs on made-for-TV movies. You know your career has hit rock-bottom when you're in something like this.

And just think, this was made somewhere around ten years ago.

What a disaster.

* / *****

michaelRokeefe 7 June 2003

An estranged son(Macaulay Culkin) tries to blackmail his ex-con father(Ted Danson) into spending time with him. Danson and two cronies pull of a rare coin heist and then Culkin arrives wanting to share father and son time. The coins are used to blackmail the ponytailed Danson into pleasing the obnoxious Culkin. HOME ALONE(1990) and MY GIRL(1991)were at least worth watching. This is neither funny or interesting. Danson fares well in his arrogant way. Gleene Headly is not believable as a detective. Also in the cast are:Gailard Sartain, Saul Rubinek and Hector Elizondo. Geared for the grammar school set.

chloeibbetson1 31 August 2014

This film was brilliant it had me laughing the whole way through from beginning to end it was hilarious! Macaulay Culkin was fantastic as Timmy I really liked his character! Ted Danson played a great character too there both really brilliant actors!

I gave this film a 10/10 because of how funny and entertaining it was it had me laughing for aged even after the film had ended I was still laughing at certain bits. This film is a great family comedy I totally recommend it to anyone who loves comedy films.

I'm not sure what else to say so if you have not seen this film yet it's definitely a film you have to see it will have you in stitches.

TheLittleSongbird 4 March 2011

I like Macaulay Culkin and his films like the first two Home Alones, Uncle Buck, My Girl and The Pagemaster, and after seeing some tepid reviews and a very low IMDb rating I was expecting not to like Getting Even with Dad. But I actually did. It isn't perfect, it is overlong with an obvious and predictable story and the pace slackens at times, but this is a much better film than I was led to believe.

It does look very nice, with good photography and scenery, and the soundtrack was mellow and engaging enough too. Getting Even with Dad does have some funny parts at the expense of Danson's inept sidekicks, and some poignant moments without being too mawkish. Howard Deutch is a talented director, and he proves it I think here, and I really enjoyed the performances of Macaulay Culkin and Ted Danson both of whom carry the movie with ease.

All in all, far from perfect but there are much worse out there. 7/10 Bethany Cox

Pat-88 30 July 1999

This movie was so boring. This movie is meant for people who probably have a IQ below zero. This movie is garbage. Little kids might liked this movie, if they're fans of the Home Alone movies. But Adults BEWARE!!!


kevdoggy 4 August 2001

I saw this movie on an Amtrak train, and I almost jumped off! I had a 48 hour trip, and I was sick of reading, so I went to see the nightly entertainment, which was this steaming lump of doggie poop. Oh man, was this movie bad.

I like Ted Danson, and MacCauley Culkin is O.K. and all, but there's absolutely nothing remotely interesting going on in this movie. Rent this for the 10 and under set, or better yet, hand them a book.

This is one dumb movie.

willowjv 6 February 2019

I watched this again recently and this movie since I haven't seen it since I was a kid (movie premiered the year I was born) and doesn't get the props it should. Its a basicly slap-stick style comedy and the whole cast worked well. I always loved McCauley Culken movies. He was a pretty good actor as a kid and a real cutey, (I had a bit of a crush on him when I was 7 or 8 yrs old. Other than the long hair Ted was great too. Don't know why people down it so much. Its not suppose to be some drama or thriller, just a comedy. Well I enjoyed it! :)

jackcwelch23 13 October 2017

I don't know why Macaulay Culkin made this movie. I mean, I do know his dad forced him to, but I don't know why he didn't run away from home in protest. Even he must have been dismayed making something that was just a cheap rip off of his most famous movie role. Ted Danson is an unlikable jerk, his two moron loser friends make Marv and Harry look like road scholars and the music is fingernails on a chalkboard obnoxious. It also contains maybe the most unromantic romance in movie history with him and Mrs. Rent a cop. Vomit. Not a single moment of genuine heart is here. It is by the numbers in every respect. If you took out the dumb slapstick all this would be is a cringe worthy father son after school special. After a lot of stinkers, this was obviously the straw that broke Macaulay's back. I can imagine him jumping up in happiness when that's a wrap was finally uttered. I can also imagine Ted Danson wandering back to TV grateful to still be alive.

Maybe the reason this movie annoys the hell out of me was it was that we watched the VHS copy of it about 200 times at our holiday house as it was one of the few kids movies on the shelf. For some reason, Home alone 1 and 2 were nowhere to be seen. Man I would have even taken Richie Rich over this pile of garbage.

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