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Ghosts of War (2020)

Horror | War 
IMDB Rayting:   5.5/10
Country: UK
Language: English

Five American soldiers assigned to hold a French Chateau near the end of World War II. This unexpected respite quickly descends into madness when they encounter a supernatural enemy more terrifying than anything seen on the battlefield.

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jez-17594 20 July 2020

I really don't know what people think they're entitled to see every time they choose a movie. Whoever was responsible for this movie gave it their best shot. Great care was clearly taken in the photography and set design. A story that's a little different with actors who give it their all. Give it a break.

TheUrbanIntrovert 29 July 2020

As I started watching I just kept thinking why all the negative reviews, this is one of the best war/horror movies. Interesting premise, good acting, chilling atmosphere. I just loved it; but as the movie got to the end, it turned complete 180 & made a fool out of it's audience,the twist was just out of nowhere & completely ridiculous. It's as if the writer hated writing this movie & wanted it to fail. It would've been a fine supernatural horror movie if it stickied to what it started out with; but no, the writer had to subvert the audience expectation. He must've been thinking he was so brilliant to come up with this lame ending. God, what a disappointment, an hour and half down the toilet all because of the ending. A perfectly fine horror movie ruined because the writer had to write this stupid nonsensical ending. What a waste of time & talent.

mugwamp-983 19 July 2020

If you like war horrors such as The Objective, Trench 11, or The Bunker you will be OK with this. Its competently acted. Actually Kyle Gallner the lead from the mini-series "Interrogation" has a major supporting role in this movie. He is a good fit as the enigmatic squad sniper and its worth watching just for him. The horror effects seem a little cheesed but there is a reason for that. The movie has a decent twist to the plot, and for that reason I urge you to stop reading the reviews and watch the movie, as people are saying too much around here.

pjlfn 18 July 2020

This movie started ok. Good acting, good plot, good decor, even the storyline was unusual and a great new idea for a ghost movie. However, I only have one thing to say about the ending...W...T...F...!!!. Maybe I missed something, but if that ending would have been different, I would have given 9/10. Too bad !!!

Xavier_Stone 17 July 2020

The first half of this movie is actually interesting and this movie blends a WWII theme with a paranormal theme quite well. However after the initial setup has passed this movie stalls and can't seem to find out how to best continue the action or wrap up an ending. Some jump scares and a few creepy scenes but nothing overly engaging or worth noting.

Then it's almost like the director had to wrap up shooting or ran out of money as the ending is rushed and is over in maybe 5-8 mins. Eric Bress writes and directs this and is most noted for the Final Destination series and the Butterfly Effect, 10-15 years ago. Sadly he hasn't created nothing in between now and then and hasn't learned how to create a good ending yet.

ReliableReview 8 August 2020

I have absolutely no idea why people are complaining about the ending. I absolutely thought it was brilliant. In fact I liked the ending so much I'm giving it a 9. Without the twist ending I would have scored it a 7. I like a movie that subverts genre so you can't predict where it's going. To tell more would spoil the fun. I enjoyed it so much I went back and re-watched it multiple times. That's how good it is!!!!

This is not an action war movie and more a mix of war, mystery, drama, supernatural and even Sci-Fi. The character development is well done and the story just pulled me in. I could not predict where the story was going which is why it's so enjoyable. And the ending is bonkers but beautifully ties everything together. Simply brilliant. I was about to pass on this because of the lame title and cover art plus I'm not into ghost and horror movies. The poor reviews didn't help either but I'm glad I took a chance. This is one of the best original movies I've seen. It's right up there with Get Out.

Looking at the reviews I am not sure why people are complaining about the ending. I really liked the ending as it breaks horror conventions and it even fits in with the clues dropped in the first and second act. Maybe viewers were looking for more horror type fare which this is but is more than that. The story also nicely wraps around itself from beginning to end and maybe that's why viewers were disappointed as there were still loose ends and unanswered questions. I definitely enjoyed it and IMO it's worth a watch.

MinistryofDoom 29 July 2020

Ghosts of War started out great. It felt like it could be the prefect combination of Band of Brothers and House on Haunted Hill. The premise is simple: U.S. World War 2 soldiers ordered to hold down a strategic location in France, which happens to be a haunted chateau where Nazi soldiers previously committed horrible crimes. I really had high hopes for this film but as it progressed those hopes diminished. The setting is great and the film relies on appropriately creepy atmospheric tension. I mean they're in a really big creepy castle full of strange occurrences. Whats not to like about that? On top of that, the main cast of soldiers were likable. I enjoyed seeing Theo Rossi, who you might recognize as Shades from Marvel Studios/Netflix' Luke Cage series. Alan Ritchson, Brenton Thwaites, and Kyle Gallner, my favorite of the group who played U.S. army sniper Tappert, where all very good.

Unfortunately....and this is a big huge deal-breaker for me, the ending did not live up to the rest of the film. This is me being nice about it. To be honest it infuriated me. It made me feel like I wasted 1hr and 34 minutes getting invested in this story which suddenly transformed into something that I was not expecting nor wanted. All they had to do is stick with the theme of WW2 soldiers stuck in a haunted house during war. That's it. How they managed to ruin the last part of this film defies logic. Someone should be fired over this horrendous decision. I want to recommend it based on how good most of the film was, but the ending completely destroyed my recommendation. Yes, it's THAT BAD.

travispetrillo 5 August 2020

So much promise in this film. Good acting, great setting and location, pretty much everything a quality film needs, just to fall off at the end.

Everything was looking good, the final "twist" was a little outrageous, though they lead up to it pretty well, littering little clues here and there, letting the audience know things weren't quite what they appeared. It just fell off short of any real resolution though, leaving the story open-ended.

Would have been a 8/10, but had to dock points for not properly finishing an otherwise good film.

TopDawgCritic 19 July 2020

Beautifully shot with great cinematography, but the story gradually disappoints because its thematic ambitions add more clutter than depth to a story that's most effective at its simplest. The convoluted "twist" either needed to be omitted, or expanded upon with another 15+ minutes. It's as if the budget ran out and everyone just wrapped it up as fast as they could with no regard for a cohesive storyline. It's a shame, because it had potential. It's a generous 6/10 from me.

bryanmartin1 6 September 2020

The wife and I watched this on Amazon Prime. While the ending could have been played out a little better, I felt like we enjoyed the movie.

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