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Girl in the Basement (2021)

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Country: USA
Language: English

Sara is a teen girl who is looking forward to her 18th birthday to move away from her controlling father Don. But before she could even blow out the candles, Don imprisons her in the basement of their home.

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Foutainoflife 2 March 2021

This film is inspired by the life of Elisabeth Fritzl and the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father, Josef.

I knew going into this that it is not a big budget movie. This is a lifetime movie. I know that people like to hate on these simplistic made for TV films but I happen to enjoy them regardless. As long as the acting is tolerable and the storyline is decently put together. This film met my requirements.

No. It doesn't have the greatest actors but considering the subject matter they were portraying, I thought they were fairly good. The subject matter is awful but there is no need to feel as though you will be watching horror level violence or sexual assaults of an overly graphic nature. This is tame in those regards.

I personally liked the film. I found it to be a decent watch. If you like Lifetime movies, this is going to be right up your alley. If you don't care for those types of films, don't watch it.

damyanov-37795 4 March 2021

This movie is a must watch, so that people can finally wake up and see that life is not only sunshine and rainbows.

This movie tells the story in a very good way, that keeps your attention throuout the very end.

I live in Austria, so this hits even harder. If this movie/story taught me anything ... it is to not trust anyone, even your closest ones.

Always question everything.

conoreid 5 March 2021

I watched this film with little idea about the story line, the characters performances are very compelling and to think this actually happened to someone makes it even disturbing. A must see

jennfinn 4 March 2021

Girl in the Basement is loosely based on Josef Fritzl of Austria who imprisoned his 18 year old daughter Elisabeth in a basement prison for 24 years during which time she gave birth to SEVEN of his children. Three kids were raised in the basement with Elisabeth, three were raised upstairs by Josef & his wife, and one was killed by Josef a few days after his birth. I'm stating all this information because reviewer DEEDRALA said it wasn't based on a true story when in fact it most certainly is. Judd Nelson gave a chilling performance as Don, the psycho father who locks his daughter, Sara in the basement for twenty years. The movie starts with Sara sneaking out to a party with her boyfriend, her dad catches her and she's grounded for one week. Don overhears Sara telling her mom & sister that she's leaving as soon as she turns 18 so she can travel the world. We are told Don is controlling and crazy but how does he go from grounding her for sneaking out to locking her in the basement for 20 years ? The man goes from concerned dad to full on sociopath in minutes and I'm not buying it. Josef the actual monster who did this in real life showed signs long before he locked up his daughter. He served time for rape while he was married, he started raping Elisabeth when she was eleven years old, and he started building her prison three years before he locked her in there. Also in the movie Sara looks exactly the same when she leaves the bunker twenty years later, they could've at least aged her a bit. Once again LMN wanted to cash in on a tragedy but they didn't want to actually research anything.

mja58 1 March 2021

This did not come off like the usual Lifetime movie - my comments:

1. Nice to see Judd Nelson working, though the part of the dad is light years away from the Breakfast Club. 2. Though there was not a lot of it, the violence was shocking. 3. The dad character was completely unsympathetic. 4. The ending was satisfying, yet left a lot of questions.

svader 13 March 2021

What is this supposed to be?

Terrible acting by father, daughter and the main character . . .by everyone in fact.

Typical Lifetime movie. Easy watching whilst taking a Mensa test or doing something else less boring.

How stupid . . Mum to daughter " what do you think dad does in the basement all the while"? . .Daughter . . .no idea . .Mum "well I'm not going down there as I hate rats". Just dumb. How would you possibly not know your husband has built a full on bomb shelter under the house.

Apparently this is based on Fritzl. The only comparison is the daughters age and her being locked in. Other than that the horror of Fritzl is not shown here and is just bad. Sorry reviewers who have given this 7/8/9 or 10 must have spent their time watching cartoons all of their lives.

Also 17/18 years in the basement and emerges the same age . . . .

pmtelefon 28 February 2021

I've seen a bunch of Lifetime movies. I tend to have a problem with the ones that based on a true story. I don't mind spending my Saturday night with an obsessed ex-boyfriend or roommate or whatever. But when it has to do with a real person's sufferings, I get uncomfortable. That is what happened as I watched "Girl in the Basement". The movie is well made with very good performances across the board. It's just that I have a hard time trying to relax while real victims scream. Honorable mention: an apparently ageless Judd Nelson.

mja58 1 March 2021

My comments on this movie:

1. This was not the typical LMN or Lifetime movie - good performances by all. 2. Shocking violence, though there was not very much. 3. Disturbing implication of incest between the father and daughter. 4. Judd Nelson's portrayal of the father seemed disturbingly real. 5. The ending took some of the edge off the movie, but left some questions.

Do not watch this if you are in a depressed mood.

chrisquirk-09004 24 March 2021

Bad acting with annoying music which i suppose is tp add a tense fee, but it seems out of place and cheap. Don't waste your time!

hansbuiskool 1 March 2021

Terrible acting (especially by the dad) TV drama of extremely mediocre quality standards. Only just bearable in under half an hour, with the fast forward button at hand.

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