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Go Karts (2020)

Rayting:   5.9/10
Country: Australia
Language: English

A thrilling family film about a boy who must overcome tremendous odds and his own recklessness to achieve his dream of winning the National Go Kart Championship.

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ian-39125 24 January 2020

It's a little formulaic and Pc even but it gets the job done and is a nice break from doom and gloom and constant super hero and fantasy movies. There's not many surprises in store but the story is told with good talent and I never got bored. I had difficulty settling on whether this movie was set in the present or in the past. I lived in Busselton WA for a while in the eighties and the cars and homes used in the movie would have been old back then even. Even the computer games shown seem from way back. But smartphones and the 'net seem to exist so I guess it's just a grungy version of the present we're being thrown into. I liked the two young leads a lot and I reckon we can expect to see more of them. It's like old school Disney family entertainment. And it unashamedly owes a lot to 'karate kid', not that the kids this was made for would even know what that was anymore?

matteolauritano 18 March 2020

It's a cool movie, even if this story has been repeated in other movies... This movie Is well made, from the cinematic part of the races to how the actors acted...

lincman-73857 19 January 2020

I really enjoyed GO! as did my two daughters 15 and 9. Easy viewing, great cinematography, strong acting from the cast includung the younger ones. View it for what it is - fun clean family movie (that is predictable) but has good messages throughout. Great that it was filmed in West Australia - showed off the beautiful South West

TheDestroia 28 January 2020

An entertaining family movie full of Oz humour from a great cast which had the cinema in fits of laughter and giggles.

Relationships between family and friends were very relatable with a few situations tugging at the heartstrings more than others.

Lots of go-karting action with some neat retro Oz tunes to piece it altogether.

darrell-23715 27 March 2020

Just watched this and I must say that I didn't like the outside spin outs all the time, so predictable but overall a very good film.

art-31439 10 April 2020

Sweet fun movie for all ages. Interesting setting, nice WAustralian old school scenes. Light entertainment. Don't expect to be gripped or surprised

mrozman-1 3 April 2020

The family watched this movie and we had fun! I recommend this movie if you're like cars, driving and or you just want to watch a nice heart warming tale. Good clean fun for all. Acting, story, characters directing ...all very well done for this IFC sort of flick.

hsvrss 7 April 2020

I've never written a review before. And the only reason I am watching this is because my step daughter is an extra in a few scenes. Turns out the movie is pretty good, I love Aussie movies with authentic Aussie accents and slang and the CARS! Love the HQ pano! Pretty good movie, better than 5.9.

bjelleybean-364-553679 21 March 2020

This film has heart and humor and is very entertaining. Feel free to ignore the negative reviews from the people who actually didn't watch it. Give this a chance.

marmar-69780 23 March 2020

Go karts was a very weak film for me in almost every aspect of film,our lead was completly uninteresting and completly boring and without personality,his realtionship with mom was just to forced to me and to much on the nose,his rivality with his competitor was just so cliched and seen milion times that i become bored most of time when they were together on screen,sideline characters were also just miserable and waste of screentime,expecely that one guy with such annoying laugh that i wanted to punch him,go karts was a lame made film with weak storytelling and plot,and i found this movie to be a wasted time for me

miffymeerkat 28 January 2020

I took my teenage daughter to see Go and we both really enjoyed it. Great family entertainment and good to see Busselton being featured. Great cast and storyline. Very disappointing that this movie didn't have much publicity and in our area was only being shown in early morning sessions. This is a great film for teenagers to see and not too many teenagers want to be going to the movies early in the morning.

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